TDOT Contractor To Stabilize Slope At 2nd Location On U.S. 127 At Signal Mountain Boulevard

Friday, October 12, 2018

TDOT contract crews from GeoStabilization International, LLC (GSI) have completed a slope stabilization project on a section of U.S. 127 (Signal Mountain Boulevard) in Hamilton County near log mile 15.97.  Permanent repairs have been made to an area of roadway that exhibited signs of instability that were very concerning to TDOT geologists and engineers. Since the repairs began in late July, U.S. 127 has been reduced to one lane and traffic has been controlled with a temporary signal.

While the work was underway and the work zone was in place, TDOT geotechnical engineers assessed the area to see if there are other repairs that could be made while GSI was on site. They found that there are two nearby locations that need some attention. The two additional locations are not nearly as critical as the location that GSI just completed, but because GSI is already in the area and drivers are used to the one-lane traffic pattern, TDOT has asked GSI to make repairs to one of the two nearby locations before they leave the area for the winter.  Only one of the locations is being addressed at this time because TDOT wants to be sure that the work can be completed and the road can be repaved before cold weather sets in. The new location that GSI will be working on is slightly north of the current site. 

On Monday, TDOT maintenance personnel will be paving the area where the repairs were recently made. Additionally, they will be relocating barrier rail and shifting the work zone north of the area so GSI can begin work on the second location. During the day on Monday, flaggers will be used to move traffic through the area until the new work zone is set up and the temporary traffic signals are activated. The work will begin after 8:30 a.m. to avoid morning rush hour.  It may be more congested than normal during the work on Monday, but it should improve once the new work zone is set up and the traffic signals are activated.  As with the first project, U.S. 127 will be reduced to one lane and traffic will be controlled with a temporary signal during the slope stabilization work.

Work on the second location is slated for completion the first week of December 2018.  The same soil-nail repair technique used at the first location will be used on the project.  

Next spring GSI will repair the other location that was targeted by TDOT geotechnical engineers.  In the meantime, TDOT maintenance crews will pave the location to seal any cracks that could cause problems during the winter, and they will continue to regularly monitor the area for any changes.

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