Hiding Behind A Cloak Of Anonymity Invites Abuse

Thursday, February 15, 2018

No one, even 800 operating in groups, should be allowed to hide behind a cloak of anonymity. Especially when it results in entire families, the disabled and sick being made homeless without any advance notice and nowhere to go.  This is what Mr. K, a foreigner new to the city, was attempting to expose only a few years ago before being threatened to the point his wife so feared for their safety that they left Chattanooga. Hidden behind all the good deeds and acts of charity used as a cover, there still remains a level of wickedness that takes place in the city, and shows just how little Chattanooga actually cares for its homeless, even children.  

The last time I spoke with Mr. K, he was studying for his law degree in another state. He should now have that degree. It's easy to imagine him working in the field of justice and human rights for those in the least position to have a voice to protect themselves.  

Those individuals made homeless should be able to face the accusers, and sue for damages, and be able to financially obtain enough that they will never have to suffer the indignities and fear of ever becoming homeless ever again.  

Brenda Washington

Leave Well Enough Alone

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Roy Exum: Are We Like Nazis?

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Chattanooga Teen Charged In 2016 Murder Of Marion County Toddler

An investigation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has resulted in the arrest of a Chattanooga teenager, who is charged with the abuse and murder of a South Pittsburg toddler. At the request of 12th District Attorney General J. Michael Taylor, on September 19, 2016, TBI Special Agents joined investigators with the South Pittsburg Police Department ... (click for more)

Former County Mayor, Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey Dies

Former County Mayor and Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey has died after a recent illness. Mr. Ramsey held a number of top government posts after leaving his strawberry farm at Harrison and going into politics. He was a major factor in the development of the Enterprise South Industrial Park and landing Volkswagen as its main tenant. He served in the state legislature and was ... (click for more)

Ooltewah Swimmers Beat Signal Mountain For First Time

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CFC Wins 2-0 At Inter Nashville FC

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