Synovus Mortgage Arrives In Ooltewah

Monday, February 26, 2018

Synovus Mortgage Corp. Monday opened an office in east Hamilton County at 5975 Elementary Way in Ooltewah. Staffed by three licensed mortgage loan originators, the Ooltewah office offers a complete range of home financing options from "affordable mortgage programs to jumbo mortgages."

“Ooltewah is perfectly positioned between Chattanooga and Cleveland, and we couldn’t be more excited to serve homeowners in two of the most dynamic and fastest growing areas in Tennessee,” said Mike Sarvis, market executive for Synovus Bank.

Industry veterans Sheena Corbett (NMLS 414528), Stacy Woods (NMLS 158878), and Jessica Smith (NMLS 179250) will be located in the new location, and market sales leader Jill McLean (NMLS 415451) is nearby in the downtown Chattanooga branch of Synovus Bank.
Synovus Bank operates two full service banking branches as at 800 Market St. in downtown Chattanooga and at 5613 Hwy. 153 in Hixson. Synovus Mortgage products are also available at both branches.

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Sheriff Hammond Says $4 Million Needed To Put SROs In All Hamilton County Schools

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