Roy Exum: The CBS - YouGov Poll

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - by Roy Exum
Roy Exum
Roy Exum

What you are about to read will make some of my friends mad and others who I have never met angry. At the same time, it will make a lot of my friends happy but – wait – you’ll see. I want to say from the very start that is not my intent at all to make anyone mad or glad.  Rather, this is information I didn’t see anywhere during my daily readings last week and I would have totally missed it if one of those who I love had not shared it.

It was widely reported last week, just before President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union Address last Tuesday, that after his first year in office he has the lowest approval rating of any president in recent memory. A CBS News poll rated him at 37 percent versus Barack Obama at 50 percent in his first year. The last president with a negative first year was Ronald Reagan at 49 percent (1981).

Of those who believe the American economy is good, or fairly good, there were 32 percent who gave Trump credit, another 39 percent who gave him partial credit, and 27 percent who said Trump had nothing to do with it. Again, this was flashed across the TV screen by CBS after the network conducted a poll.

What you probably don’t know is that minutes following Trump’s address, the same CBS network teamed with YouGov and conducted another poll. This one I didn’t see anywhere on the news sites I normally read but I feel it is important for the American people – liberal and conservative alike – to compare the “before” and “after.” With today’s overwhelmingly liberal media, I fear and suspect the news balance is sometimes askew.

This story was written by Wayne Allyn Root, who is identified by Wikipedia as “a political figure, television and radio personality, author, television producer, and political commentator. He is now a conservative talk radio host, syndicated nationally by USA Radio Network. His show ‘WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show’ is broadcast by Newsmax TV. Root is also a national politics opinion columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”

Right now his ratings are through the roof. He reaches an estimated 50 million people each day and now you are going to see why:

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NOTE: This story appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018.

By Wayne Allyn Root

Before I get to the embarrassment of the nasty, bitter State of the Union display by the Democratic Party, let me lead with great news.

First, the jobs front. Wednesday morning saw the release of ADP/Moody’s Analytics private payrolls report. New job creation exploded once again under President Trump. Businesses added 234,000 jobs in January versus an expected 185,000. Manufacturing added 12,000 jobs and construction 9,000 new jobs -- in a traditionally slow month. WOW.

Secondly, the numbers from Trump’s State of the Union:

* -- Fox News had the biggest audience for a State of the Union in the history of cable news.

* -- The old record of 6.5 million viewers was smashed by smithereens by Trump with an astonishing 11.7 million viewers.

* -- It was the highest rated presidential address of any kind in the history of cable news.

Now to the reaction from viewers. CBS took an instant YouGov poll. Here are the amazing results:

* -- 97 percent of Republican viewers liked Trump’s speech.

* -- 72 percent of independents liked it.

* -- Amazingly, 43 percent of Democrats liked it.

* -- Overall 75 percent of Americans approved of the speech.

* -- A shocking 8 out of 10 felt President Trump was trying to unite the nation, rather than divide it.

* -- Two-thirds reported the speech made them feel proud.

Which means anyone who isn’t a bitter, nasty, arrogant, hateful, Kool-Aid drinking socialist loved what they saw. Unfortunately, that leaves the entire Democrat Congress.

That’s why I report the Democratic Party committed political suicide on Tuesday night. Their response to Trump’s speech was out of bounds. It wasn’t normal. It was hateful. It was bizarre. Actually, in a word, it was “foreign.” The Democratic Party is now a foreign party in their own country. They no longer have any understanding of what people born in America think or feel.

It's perfectly fine to be respectfully opposed to the politics of one party or president. That's acceptable. That’s as American as apple pie. But that’s not what happened (last) Tuesday night.

Democrats were outed as the party that is rooting for America's failure. Rooting against a booming economy. Rooting for misery, instead of prosperity. Rooting against job creation. Rooting against a booming stock market. Rooting against employee bonuses. Angry about the lowest black unemployment ever. Angry about the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever. Angry at the lowest female unemployment in 18 years.

They openly frowned, grimaced, groaned and looked sick to their stomachs when President Trump celebrated the American flag…the national anthem… American freedom… and American opportunity. Bizarre. Self-destructive behavior.

But wait -- it gets worse. Democrats appeared to be on the side of murderous MS-13 gangs. When Trump touted legislation to help stop gang violence, drug dealing and murder by vicious MS-13 gangs … and when Trump introduced the parents of two young girls murdered by MS-13 killers … Democrats booed and groaned.

Democrats clearly believe discussing murders by illegal aliens is “racist.” Democrats clearly believe Trump has to be Hitler or KKK to publicly admit there are people of color (gasp) murdering innocent Americans. This was the second worst moment of disconnect in American political history.

Now to the single worst disconnect ever. Amnesty-loving Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez WALKED OUT upon hearing chants of “USA, USA!” It was too much for him. He appeared to be on the verge of tears. Democrats consoled him. To Democrats, it’s now “racist” to love your country.

The Democrats’ performance at the SOTU was shocking. Because if they had an ounce of common sense they could at least act like they love America, act like patriots, act respectful to parents of kids murdered by illegal alien gangs. Any sane politician would have acted civil - just to fool enough voters to win elections. Not these Democrats. They suffer from TID - “Trump Insanity Disorder.” They are on tilt. Trump triggers them to acts of self-destruction. They’ve lost their minds.

Turn out the lights. There is no one left to support the Democratic Party we saw on Tuesday night, except for illegal aliens, radicals, Marxists, felons and welfare addicts.

A booming economy is a step backwards to this group. The American flag is something to be ashamed of. God is a curse. And job creation is a sin. It's clear they are the party that wants to “MAKE AMERICA MISERABLE AGAIN.”

This was the night the Democratic Party committed political suicide.

* * *

President Trump said yesterday that the Democrats at the State of the Union address were “very selfish” in not clapping for him. “They would rather see Trump do badly, OK, than our country do well,” he said. Sadly, I agree. If this country doesn’t stand together despite our political beliefs, we are not a country.

After this picture was widely circulated following Donald Trump's State of the Union address last week, House Minority leader Nancy Pilosi (D-Ca.), said she wasn't reacting but having denture issues.
After this picture was widely circulated following Donald Trump's State of the Union address last week, House Minority leader Nancy Pilosi (D-Ca.), said she wasn't reacting but having denture issues.

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