Dalton Toddler Chosen As 1st Gerber Spokesbaby With Special Needs

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Lucas Warren has an infectious smile and adorable giggle and now, his face will go down in history as the first baby with Down syndrome, or any special need, to represent Gerber, the most well-known brand I newborn products. Officials with the Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society said, "Lucas is rocking that extra chromosome and the Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society is so excited to have one of the children we serve promoting inclusion and acceptance on a national level!"

CDSS president Carmen Penney said, “We are thrilled to hear that Gerber chose one of our own to represent their iconic brand this year! In a conversation with Nestle this week, we were elated to hear Lucas would be treated just like every other spokesbaby that has crawled before him.
This is what we strive for: true acceptance, not just tolerance. We thank the Warren family and Gerber for promoting awareness and inclusion by sharing Lucas with the world!

"Lucas lives with his family in Dalton, and just turned one. The Warren family is a great example of how life on this journey with an extra chromosome is beautiful, rewarding, and inspiring. Their team name for our annual fall Buddy Walk is “Super Lucas” and we couldn’t agree with that description more!"

Lucas will represent the Gerber brand for the entire year of 2018 and will be featured in many of their social media campaigns. His picture was chosen from more than 140,000 entries in Gerber’s photo contest.

The Warren family made the announcement on the Today show this morning where anchor Savannah Guthrie called Lucas the “ideal baby.” Watch the video here

For more information on the CDSS click here.

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