Planning Staff Recommends Against Mixed-Use Development On Hamilton Avenue Steep Slope

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The staff of the Regional Planning Agency is recommending denial of rezoning for a mixed-use development on a steep slope at Hamilton Avenue in North Chattanooga.

SE First Holding LLC is proposing 23-27 residential units and 4,500 square feet of retail space. There would be 25 parking spaces.

The site at 713 Hamilton Ave. is less than half an acre.

The RPA recommendation was:

"DENY: The rezoning of the property to E-CX-3 could allow a large scale commercial development in the future that would not be in keeping with the more residential neighborhood context of the site.

"Note: Since the proposed development primarily features a residential development with only a small-scale commercial aspect, the proposal could be in keeping with the development form of the area. The FBC could be amended in the future to allow small-scaled commercial use (under 5,000 sq. ft.) in E-RM-3 so that the mix of uses and creation of neighborhood commercial nodes may be possible and as described in adopted plans for the area."

The report also says, "The proposal is a multi-story apartment building with retail on the ground floor. Single family residential uses are to the rear on Hamilton Avenue, with an Upholstery
business to the north, and a one story residential structure to the south. While the use is somewhat compatible with the commercial building to the north, it is not compatible with the residential uses to the east and south.

"The existing development form of the area is an urban neighborhood mix that features a variety of housing types and is predominantly residential. Although, a few commercial uses and office uses exist where a neighborhood mixed-use node is envisioned for this area of N. Market St. The more intense commercial uses are planned for Frazier Ave. and Cherokee Blvd. where E-CX-4 zoning is in place and where taller buildings are more appropriate."

The case goes before the Planning Commission next Monday at 1 p.m. at the County Courthouse. 

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