Weekend College At Cleveland State Set To Start In The Fall

Friday, February 9, 2018

Cleveland State Community College announced an alternative scheduling option for working adults—weekend college. This new option will start in the fall of 2018 for students who have Monday – Friday work schedules.

Although CSCC has offered weekend classes before, this is the first time the college has scheduled by academic programs. Students will be able to get all of the courses needed for the entire degree program in the Weekend College.

The Weekend College at Cleveland State is just one of the ways we support the educational and career goals of our community,” stated Dr. Denise King, vice president for Academic Affairs. “We have done an overhaul of how we serve our community. We are scheduling primarily by program so working students can count on a consistent schedule for the duration of their studies.”

With the Weekend College, CSCC has created two-day only schedules for some programs while some meet just one night a week. Others are morning only. In addition, Cleveland State has created over 15 degree programs available fully online.

According to Dr. King, the programs offered in the inaugural Weekend College are drawn from the most sought after career communities of Business, Education, Advanced Technologies and Healthcare. “Our goal is to accommodate busy adults whose traditional Monday through Friday work week makes pursuing higher education and career advancement challenging.”

Business offerings feature a certificate program in Customer Service which helps strengthen students’ skills in customer service and make them more marketable to gain meaningful employment in the service industry.  All the courses meet Saturday mornings beginning Sept. 1.

Currently, CSCC is offering the Mechatronics Certificate and Electro-Mechanical Certificate on Fridays at the Monroe County Center.  Both certificates are embedded in the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree so students who want to continue on for their A.A.S. degree can apply all courses toward that degree.

An Associates of Science (A.S.) degree program in Education will enable graduates to pursue their dream to teach at elementary or secondary schools by preparing them to transfer into a university program after completing at CSCC. This program meets Friday evenings, Saturdays during the day, with one online course.

Preparing for a career in Emergency Services can be done through a Weekend blend program that combines Tuesday and Thursday evening courses with Weekend College labs on select Saturdays.       
For more information on CSCC’s upcoming Weekend College, contact the Academic Affairs Department at (423) 473-2348.

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