Fundraiser Performance Of "Glimpses" Will Be March 21

Thursday, March 1, 2018
"Glimpses" had its world premiere at Dalton Little Theatre in January. Pictured from left, Christopher Cooper, Jessica Keith, Nancy Hammons, Jennifer Bryant, John Hammons, Kimberly Tyner Jones, and Chris M. Cooper.
"Glimpses" had its world premiere at Dalton Little Theatre in January. Pictured from left, Christopher Cooper, Jessica Keith, Nancy Hammons, Jennifer Bryant, John Hammons, Kimberly Tyner Jones, and Chris M. Cooper.

A new original play will be coming to the Ringgold Playhouse stage later this month for a "one night only" fundraising performance to help aid the local troupe's effort of shooting a feature film in the area. 

The one-act play, "Glimpses," was written last fall by TRP Executive Director Adam Cook, and was chosen for a two-weekend run alongside three other original works during Dalton Little Theatre's "Night of One-Acts" back in January. 

Following the play's success in Dalton, Mr. Cook says he's looking bring the story to the TRP audience as a fundraiser for the film project he and several local actors have in the works. 

"This play 'Glimpses' was produced in Dalton and went wonderfully, and I had an almost identical experience in Dalton last year," Mr. Cook said. "Last year, another play of mine, 'Scar'd for Life', was a part of the Dalton festival, and it went so well that the actors involved talked me into trying to adapt the play into a film." 

After its run in Dalton last year, "Scar'd for Life" had a one night only performance at TRP that netted the effort its first $600 for the film project.  

Mr. Cook says the "Scar'd for Life" screenplay was recently completed, which is why the timing is right for another fundraising event. 

"We've kind of been in a holding pattern for the last few months while I was working through trying to finalize the screenplay, but now we're ready for the next step," Mr. Cook explained. "I also have 'Glimpses" that a lot of our TRP folks missed in Dalton, so this gives everyone another chance to see it while also supporting the 'Scar'd' film." 

Review for "Glimpses":

In "Glimpses," a couple’s 50-year relationship is chronicled through milestone vignettes of their courtship that all take place in a small diner revealing their heartwarming trajectory from first date to grandparenthood. 

The play features actors Jennifer Bryant, Jessica Keith, Christopher Cooper, Kimberly Tyner Jones, Chris M. Cooper, and John and Nancy Hammons. 

"It's an endearing little story," said Mr. Cook. "The actors really connected with the characters from the first read through, and they really gave audiences a lot to think about during our run in Dalton." 

Mr. Cook says another neat note about the play is that it's actually the third installment of his collection about life, love, and loss. 

"I wrote a play years ago called 'The Storm', which premiered at TRP in 2016," he explained. "Then we had 'Scar'd for Life' last year and now 'Glimpses,' so it'll give the TRP audience the chance to round out the trilogy. The plays aren't directly connected to one another; none of the characters overlap or anything like that, but all three have similar themes." 

The performance will take place at the Ringgold Playhouse at 7:30 p.m. on March 21, with the house slated to open at 7 p.m.  

Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling 227-9459 or at the door the day of the show. The show will also feature a "talk back" segment following the performance where the cast will discuss the play Q and A style with interested audience members. 

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