2 Animal Shelters Join Forces For Dogs

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Humane Educational Society and McKamey Animal Center staff have been responding to an overwhelming number of dogs arriving daily at their shelters. Normally this is a slow time of year, but not this year said Jamie McAloon the executive director of McKamey. “We’ve already taken in 566 dogs in just the last 56 days. Every kennel is full at McKamey and they’re still coming in.”

And only seven miles away at the Humane Educational Society the situation is very much the same according to Bob Citrullo. "Similar to McKamey Animal Center, we’ve taken in 586 homeless animals since the first of the year. Out of these numbers we’ve also seen an increase in special needs animals for this time of year. It is imperative that we work even harder to prepare for the spring season as we typically see our largest increase in animals coming into the shelter.” 

Between the two shelters there are upwards of over 800 animals housed daily. According to staff members, the larger breed dogs are the hardest to place and comprise the largest portion of the canine population at the shelter.

A number of factors have contributed to the influx and high population at the two shelters. A combination of heavy and continual rainfall deters large dog adoptions and adds to their length of stay at the shelters. Another factor is dogs that have been left outdoors without proper shelter in the rains. The number of neglect complaints increases during extreme weather and there is often a spike in the number of officer-impounds due to poor living conditions, lack of shelter or neglect. In rainy weather these type of complaints can almost double. The number of dogs impounded for being left in poor conditions has added to the overcrowding at both shelters.   

As an incentive to adopt the larger breed dogs the two shelters are combining forces to promote a discounted adoption fee on all dogs over the age of six months and over 25 lbs. This offer does not include ambassador dogs or puppies at McKamey Animal Center. The Humane Educational Society is offering decreased adoption fees of large dogs over the age of six months. 

According to Ms. McAloon, “In just the last week alone we took in over 200 animals and they’re still coming in.” 

Mr. Citrullo added, “We are extremely full with large dogs and are working with McKamey to promote the adoption and fostering of these animals. We are asking for the community’s support.” 

In 2017 McKamey Animal Center took in 6,412 animals and the Humane Educational Society took in 5,036 animals. 

If citizens want to help ease the overcrowding at their local animal shelter they can adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate money or enhancement treats to make life easier for those pets such as chew toys, raw hides, cat treats and toys. Donations of dry and canned dog and cat food as well as kitten formula are very much needed. 

Humane Educational Society and McKamey Animal Center are always looking for potential foster homes for the animals. If interested in being a foster parent for animals awaiting adoption please go to the shelter’s websites at Humane Educational Society at heschatt.org and McKamey Animal Center at www.mckameyanimalcenter.org 

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