Anna Meadors Named Whitfield County’s Employee Of The Month For January

Monday, March 5, 2018 - by Mitch Talley
Anna Meadors
Anna Meadors

The next time you’re in the Whitfield County Courthouse, take a look at how neat and clean the building is.

If you’re lucky, you might run into one of the people responsible for that tidiness: Anna Meadors, who has just been named the county’s Employee of the Month for January.

“Every morning when I come into the courthouse, Anna is always working hard and is always in a pleasant, welcoming mood to each person that walks in the door,” said Karen Weeks, who nominated Ms. Meadors for the monthly  honor.  “I feel that she truly takes pride in her work, and it shows.

Ms. Weeks says having the responsibility of keeping one of the busiest floors of the courthouse clean “is quite a task, and Anna does an excellent job.”

Michelle Garrison also nominated Ms. Meadors as Employee of the Month, noting that “this lady goes above and beyond to keep the courthouse (main floor) clean every single day and with a smile on her face the entire time.”

“She greets me every morning with a smile,” Ms. Garrison says, “while she is mopping the floors, which always smell great because of her. She takes pride in her work.”

To help local residents learn more about her personality and her family background, Ms. Meadors filled out the following fun questionnaire:

Name: Anna Meadors

Job title: Custodian

Time with the county: 14½ months

Where I went to high school: Weld Central High School, Keenesburg, Co.

My role as a county employee: To keep our courthouse clean and beautiful! Run mail.

What keeps my job interesting: Something different every day and my great co-workers!

What gives me a sense of accomplishment on the job: When people compliment how clean our courthouse is.

The most important thing I’ve done on the job: Keep my sense of humor.

Where I grew up: Hudson, Colo.

Family: Husband Charles, daughter Christa and son-in-law Cody, son Charles, mother Christa N., and sister Andrea.

After work, I enjoy: Putting my feet up and watching TV with my hubby.

Community activities: Relay for Life

Favorite TV show: “Blue Bloods”

Favorite sports team: Denver Broncos

Favorite meal: My husband’s chicken

Favorite song: “Runaway” by Del Shannon

Favorite Whitfield County restaurant: Spiced Apple

Favorite Whitfield County event: Strut Your Mutt

You can pick four people to have dinner with (anyone from any time in history) – who are your four people and why? My dad – because I love him and miss him. My mom – because she is awesome! Mamaw – because I miss her smile. Jesus – because I have lots of questions.

I’m most proud of: My children, Christa and Charlie.

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Cake or pie? Cake

Favorite vehicle? 2008 GMC Sierra

Host or be hosted? Host

Early riser or sleep-in? Early riser, only because I have to

Favorite vacation ever: Florida, with my parents and kids

Best teacher you ever had: Mr. Simmons, band director

Pet peeve: Selfish people

If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s: You can’t control other people.

Who has had the most impact on my life: My mom and dad

What’s left on my bucket list: To shoot a Barrett 50 cal, a Tommy Gun, and a Gatling gun

If I could have been in any profession of my choosing, I would have been a: writer.

If I could have two wishes, they would be: To win the lottery and that someone would invent a silent vacuum cleaner!

You’d be surprised to learn that I: was born in Hackensack, N.J.

The best advice I ever got: It’s not rocket science.

Anything else  you’d like to say: Thank you for making Whitfield County a great place to work!

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