Police Blotter: Man Winds Up Swapping Xbox for Pair Of Boots; Urinating Woman Thanked For Contribution To Police Precinct

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A resident of Douglas Street said he made contact with a white male by the name of Milan Coopler on the app Letgo to sell his Xbox 360. When they met  "Coopler" told him he would take the Xbox up to his apartment and test it to make sure it worked properly. He said  Coopler then took off his boots and left them with him. He said he waited around an hour and Coopler never returned to pay him. He gave a description of a white male around six feet tall wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Police searched the area but were unable to locate anyone fitting that description. 

* * *

A business owner on Gunbarrel Road said someone forced his way inside his truck and stole his tool bags full of hand tools. He showed police the rear window of the vehicle where the suspects entered. Police attempted to lift fingerprints from the window but were unsuccessful. He said about two  weeks earlier someone tried to break inside the vehicle at the same location. 

* * *

A Tomahawk Trail man said when he tried to file his taxes, the system said he had already been claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return. He suspects that someone is using his information fraudulently in order to receive a bigger tax return, and requested police make a fraud report so he can go to the IRS and file his taxes.

* * *

A manager at Target on Gunbarrel Road said a black male had shoplifted approximately $200 worth of CDs. Police were shown security camera footage that showed the suspect exiting the store and the manager attempting to stop him. The suspect fled through the parking lot north toward Igou Gap Road. Police were unable to locate the suspect. Photos of the suspect were obtained from the video. 

* * *

A woman said she was on Perimeter Drive when a man wearing all black, riding a black motorcycle, drove by her and snatched her purse. She said she was walking out of Planet Fitness at the time and was in the parking lot. The purse had her Apple Watch, earrings, and wedding ring in it. There were no witnesses and the theft did not happen within the camera's view. 

* * *

Bryan Laplante said he has received six parking tickets for a car he sold years ago. He said he did not keep a copy of the sale and left the license plate on the vehicle. He said the license plate was expired when he sold it.

* * *

A resident of Williams Street called to report that the Coyote Jack's night club was playing music too loud. The resident had already called the Police earlier that night to report the loud music. He said after he called the first time, the music at Coyote Jack's just got louder. By the time police arrived on the second call, the music had already stopped. The resident said this is an ongoing issue. He said he "is willing to put up with the loud music on the weekend nights but felt during the week is disruptive and excessive." Police stayed in the area to see if the club would continue playing music but they had shut down for the night. 

* * *

Officer K. Otto discovered a white female urinating at the entrance to the Police Precinct, 702 E 11th St. His report says, "While exiting the side entrance to the Police Precinct I discovered a white female with her pants down, squatting at the entrance as she was urinating. After confronting the female, she quickly pulled her pants up and identified herself as Donna Hackler. Ms. Hackler's identification was verified. Ms. Hackler stated that she was homeless and was attempting to use the bathroom out of the view of the public. When checking records, I found no outstanding warrants. I thanked Ms. Hackler for her contributions to our facility and released her with no further actions. The entry way was then covered with bleach and rinsed with water. A BOLO was broadcast warning the downtown units of the contamination at the entrance to the precinct."

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