Big Daddy Weave In Concert May 9

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fervent Records artist Big Daddy Weave is hitting the road for the Jesus I Believe Tour with special guest Brandon Heath and will stop in Chattanooga on Wednesday, May 9, at Bayside Baptist Church.

Presented by World Vision, the tour kicked off in Camp Hill, Pa. and is slated to play 55 U.S. cities before wrapping on May 20. It comes on the release of Big Daddy Weave’s newest radio single “Jesus I Believe” and follows their successful Fall 2017 Set Free tour, which hit 50+ cities across 24 states. The tour will feature Christian music artist Brandon Heath, a five-time GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter. Heath is debuting his sixth studio album titled Faith Hope Love Repeat, featuring the hit single “Whole Heart.” 

“The Jesus I Believe Tour comes from times in all of our lives when the answers we prayed for weren’t always the ones we got,” said Big Daddy Weave vocalist Mike Weaver. “In those times, we’ve learned to turn ourselves toward Jesus regardless, to trust and believe that He is Lord and the perfect author of all. In that posture, he’s so often revealed to us things that we never even expected.” 

Mr. Weaver adds, “We’re so thankful to have the amazing talents of Brandon Heath be a part of these nights declaring our trust and expectation in the Lord. I think it will be different than anything we’ve ever done before. We can’t wait to experience it together with all of our friends around the country.” 

Big Daddy Weave events are known for the transparency shown by the band that freely share their own challenges, including the serious illness and subsequent amputation of both feet of Big Daddy Weave member Jay Weaver two years ago. 

In addition to general admission tickets and other levels of seating, a special Ministry Partner ticket is available for all dates. The Ministry Partner ticket includes a post-show photo opportunity with the band, a premium guest pass tour laminate, early access into the venue, and most importantly, pays for an additional ticket that is given to someone in need. 

For the latest information, please visit:

The Bayside Baptist Church is at 6100 Highway 58 North, in Harrison. 

Tickets may be purchased at, the Music Office at Bayside Baptist Church after April 23, and at the door the night of the concert.


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