Back Alley To Produce Original Work “Draft House,” Exploring Childhood, Memory And Family

Friday, April 20, 2018

Award-winning theatre company Back Alley Productions will present its first original theatre stage play “Draft House,” written and directed by Thomas White. Performances for this full-length play are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2:30 p.m., from April 27 through May 13 at the Historic Mars Theatre.  

The theatre is at 117 N. Chattanooga Ave. in Lafayette. Tickets can be purchased at or in-person at the box office 30 minutes before showtime. 

Review for "Draft House:"

"Draft House” is a memory play that details the lives of the Brantwells: four grown children who return to their childhood home, now in disarray, after the death of their parents. Their goal is to pack up the remaining belongings as fast as possible, but during the course of a stormy day - and one farfetched delay after another - they're forced to be in the same space for the first time in a long time: reexamining their childhoods, each other, and themselves in order to move on.

“The show is primarily about sibling relationships maturing into adulthood,” said Mr. White. “It explores the makeup and character of four adult siblings who have become distant throughout the years, partly through their own failures in communication and partly due to painful circumstances outside of their control. Each one has entered adulthood isolated from the others. The death of their parents, and a looming threat to their childhood home, forces them to one spot, which happens to be where they all grew up.” 

Because their parents lived with a flare of eccentricity and nonconformity, all the Brantwells are unadjusted to the real world of adult responsibilities and routines. Charlotte, the eldest, has become domineering and resentful towards the freespritiedness of her younger siblings. Jane has settled into a stable life as an accountant, but lives alone. Anne has become successful as an actress, but lives in a fantasy world. While Patrick is a failed writer with an addictive personality who struggles with depression and detachment. 

“The action of the play is revealed through each sibling’s retelling of their childhood memories,” said Mr. White. “Some moments are quiet and tender, and bring them closer, while others boil with resentment and jealousy, and drive them apart. And, as with any family, there are also those funny moments when they tease each other and relive their goofy adventures as children as only siblings can do.” 

Mr. White adds that he’s drawn most of the content for the show from his own family experiences, as well as key stories told to him by friends over the years.  

“Real life was the backdrop for Draft House,” said Mr. White. “So the play is packed with universal experiences. These grown adults have to unpack and reassemble their lives in an effort to create meaning out of the joys and pains they experienced together and separately. That’s something I think we all have to go through at one point or another, often unexpectedly and with a great deal of conflict, remorse, and emotion.” 

Draft House does contain several thematic elements, but is family-friendly in terms of content. Visit for more information.

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