X Ambassadors Joyful In Nashville

Saturday, April 21, 2018 - by Patrick O'Hagan

The Joyful tour is stopping all over the U.S. in current support of X Ambassadors’ forthcoming album of the same name. This past weekend welcomed the alt rockers to Tennessee for a double shot, with a show in Chattanooga and Nashville and Saturday and Sunday nights respectively.

The Aces, a four-piece all-female group from Utah opened the set on Sunday. Making their debut in Music City, lead singer Cristal Ramirez called it a “pinch me moment,” to be playing in the historic Ryman Auditorium.

Son Little filled the second slot of the bill, playing an old school rhythm & blues/soul set. The Philadelphia native, whose real name is Aaron Livingston, created a soothing and calm ambiance leading up to X Ambassadors lively headlining show.

Living up the hype of their energetic shows, the three-piece group captivated all of the Ryman Auditorium’s attention from the moment they took the stage. Front man Sam Harris jumped from side to side of the stage interacting with fans on the front rows and delivering a strong vocal performance.

The has numerous radio hits such as “Renegades,” “Unsteady,” and “Jungle” which had the entire audience singing along. They also played their latest released singles such as “Joyful” during their 14-song set.

X Ambassadors will continue their expansive tour throughout the spring in the U.S. with several festival dates across Europe as well. 

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