Particularization Ceremony Held For Grace Community Church In Trenton

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Rev. Hutch Garmany and Rev. Eric Youngblood
Rev. Hutch Garmany and Rev. Eric Youngblood

A particularization service was held Sunday for Grace Community Church in Trenton.

The church, pastored by Rev. Hutch Garmany, had previously been a church plant.

Rev. Garmany, a native of Chickamauga, remembered how church members first met in the living room of a member, then moved to a run-down auction house.

The auction building, located on Highway 136 near Larry's Restaurant, has since been refurbished.

Rev. Garmany earlier was an associate pastor at Rock Creek Fellowship on Lookout Mountain.

Rev. Eric Youngblood, pastor of Rock Creek, was among pastors taking part in the service. Others included Joe Novenson, Render Caines, Paul Hahn, Ted Strawbridge and Brian Salter.

Prayers were offered by Ron Jones and Kelly Gilbert, Rock Creek Fellowship elders.

Musicians included Matt Brown, Amber Carver, Mark Erickson, John-Michael Forman, Megan Halderman, Lizzy Ott and Sarah Withers.


Elders and deacons at Grace Community Trenton
Elders and deacons at Grace Community Trenton

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