GraceWorks Church Celebrating 12th Anniversary

Thursday, May 3, 2018
The pastoral staff at GraceWorks Church, standing by new children’s playground, includes, (left to right):  Michael Prettyman, assistant pastor; Dr. Bill Owens, senior pastor; and Tony Leonard, family & youth pastor.
The pastoral staff at GraceWorks Church, standing by new children’s playground, includes, (left to right): Michael Prettyman, assistant pastor; Dr. Bill Owens, senior pastor; and Tony Leonard, family & youth pastor.
GraceWorks Church is celebrating its 12th Anniversary this Sunday.  To honor the occasion, on April 25 they began a “12 Days of Celebration,” with each day having special activities to "honor the Lord and highlight different aspects of the Church’s ministry." The Celebration culminates on Sunday with an expanded church service starting at 10:30 a.m.

The “12 Days” started with a prayer meeting at the 110’ cross on the church landscape.  Other activities that have taken place include: widower’s breakfast; family picnic at Heritage Park; trustee’s dinner; Sunday installation of new Family & Youth Pastor Tony Leonard; community service day; and days honoring heritage & ministry to seniors.

The celebration continues Thursday with a night of worship and evening concert featuring Michael Prettyman, special guest pianist, Chuck Newman, George Byrd, Liz Griffith and Curtis Ottinger.  The outdoor concert starts at 6 p.m. at the foot of the cross.  On Friday, the church is sponsoring a ladies luncheon, plus a youth activity with Family Pastor Tony Leonard.

On Saturday there will be a dedication of the new children’s playground and a play time as the church’s children join in the celebration.

The Church was founded in 2006 by Dr. Dennis Newman and three benefactors, Dr. Don Brock, Gregg Underwood and Bill Worley.  Dr. Newman accepted the call of pastor to the inter-denominational church.  At the first worship service, Dr. Newman emphasized that he wanted the new church to be Christ-centered.  He then requested that the church be called “GraceWorks”.

"Early in the life of the church it was decided that a cross was a powerful Christian symbol and could be effective in reaching the 'unchurched.'  A 110’ cross now stands on the hill at the end of Grace Way Road and serves as a prominent landmark in Chattanooga," officials said.

Dr. Bill Owens is the current pastor of GraceWorks Church.  “I love mountain hiking. When I hike, I usually have to take an access trail to get to the main trail. Then, the journey begins. That image comes to mind when I think of GraceWorks.  At only 12 years old, we have just begun.  Now, we're in it for the long haul. The excitement, friendliness and fellowship are so inviting that most people who visit return and eventually join. We are truly blessed and anticipate great things.”

The public is invited to attend all the remaining scheduled celebration events.  GraceWorks Church, 6445 Lee Hwy., is an interdenominational church with 12 years of ministry to the Chattanooga area.  A succinct statement of the Church’s beliefs and ministry is, “Love God, Love People and Make Disciples.” 

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