Mohawk Recognizes Manis For 47 Years Of "World-Class Contributions"

Friday, June 1, 2018

For employees at Mohawk’s Antioch Road facility in Dalton, the words “Miss Audrey” are more than just a polite title.  
They pay familiar respect to Lid Machine Operator Audrey Manis, one of the company’s longest-tenured employees whose achievements include 47 years of service, record-breaking production numbers and a spotless safety record. With that exemplary track record, Ms. Manis was the clear choice to be honored with the facility’s first ever “world champion” award, a recently established accolade that recognizes employees who break records within the facility.
Donning a Hank Aaron jersey – a nod to another record breaker – Ms. Manis danced her way from the break room to the production floor for the award ceremony, during which she was presented with the facility’s World Championship title belt that will be passed from her to the next record breaker. She was also presented with a golden lid cover, a keepsake commemorating her record high production numbers and outstanding safety performance. 
“Mohawk Home is the world’s biggest and best producer of rugs, so by definition, any record-setting performance in home operations would qualify as world championship caliber,” Site Leader at Antioch Bath Chris Behrends said. “Audrey’s production numbers put her in a class by herself.  She is a source of pride and inspiration for the entire team. Not only is her production world class, she also continues to be the Mohawk Home world champion in safety.”  
Ms. Manis started with the company in 1970 in inspection and packing. A decade later, with the support of her supervisor, she mustered the courage to join the sewing team. A natural seamstress, she quickly learned the fast-paced, highly-skilled job and became a top producer. 
During her 37-year tenure with the sewing department, Ms. Manis has personally finished approximately 26 million rugs – enough to provide a rug to every single person residing in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina.  
“I just love my job,” Ms. Manis said. “There are a lot of people out there who don’t like their jobs, but I always have. I tell new people it’s a good place to work if you want to come in here and work. We’re just like family.”
Ms. Manis’ supervisors and coworkers commended her unwavering dedication and positive attitude, two qualities that set her apart both at Mohawk and beyond. They also lauded her as one of the facility’s leading advocates for safety.
“To stay safe, you’ve just got to be careful, watch what you’re doing every minute and be focused at all times,” Ms. Manis said. “I watch out for other people and remind them to keep an eye on safety, too.” 

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