PHOTOS: Cole Sitzlar Band At Riverbend

Friday, June 22, 2018 - by Mark A. Herndon

Cole Sitlzar is a young aspiring country artist from a small town in East Tennessee. Being from the south his Papaw taught him many life lessons about hard work, dedication, respect, and to never forget God. However, music came very natural. He taught himself how to play guitar and write songs such as his first single “My Home” in which he describes his hometown with humility and recalls memories he is fond of, on the other end he can’t hide his redneck side writing songs like “Shakin Hands” which is much more aggressive in his beliefs about God, Guns, and America.

At the age of 16 he was bit by the music bug and Cole started playing local venues and anywhere else he could get on the stage. Through hard work and dedication he managed to earn the privilege of being the opener for Confederate Railroad at Lake Winnie in 2013 where he got the chance to get on stage and sing simple man with the band. He has also opened up for Ronnie McDowell in Chattanooga at the Colonnade.

Artists come and go but what sets others apart from the rest is being unique and Cole is just that givin’ the fact that he stays true to himself in his songwriting. He has even been quoted saying “I write songs about memories that I have or feelings that I have felt and my goal is with each song the audience gets that feeling or something similar to it. If it gives them any type of feeling at all or brings them back to a certain moment in time than I have done my job as an artist.” He is currently using these guidelines as he works on his debut album.

Cole seeks to be a timeless artist whose music will stand the test of time and connect with his fans on level greater than today’s cookie cutter if they’ll buy it I’ll sell it type of artist, and intends to do so buy staying true to himself and staying hungry. He has the heart, soul, and voice to do it.

More information provided by Cole's web site Cole Sitzlar Country


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