Erlanger Offers Smoking Cessation Courses Beginning Jan. 18

Friday, January 5, 2018
Erlanger Health System is offering four-week smoking cessation courses at the Chattanooga Lifestyle Center every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. beginning Jan. 18.  
"According to the U.S. Surgeon General, smoking cessation is the single most important step smokers can take to enhance the length and quality of their lives. 
"Erlanger’s respiratory and pulmonology specialists understand lifestyle changes can be difficult for anyone.  The smoking cessation program will provide the support and tools needed in a judgement-free atmosphere to help individuals quit the use of tobacco products.
  Participants will learn how to overcome tobacco addiction, so they can enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle," officials said.
The program will include the following topics in a small group setting: reasons to quit, common triggers and how to avoid them, ways to cope if you slip, health and financial benefits of quitting and how to keep the momentum.  
Courses will be held every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Chattanooga Lifestyle Center, 325 Market St. The first four-week session will begin on Jan. 18.  Other start dates include Feb. 15, March 15, April 12 and May 10.  The cost of the course is $10 per session and can be paid weekly.  
Registration is required.  For more information, call 423-778-5465 (LINK) or 423-778-7745, or visit

Alexander Responds To FDA Drug Importation Announcement

Senate health committee Chairman Lamar Alexander on Thursday made the following statement on the formation by the Food and Drug Administration of a new work group to develop focused drug importation policy options to reduce shortages and increase competition:   “I’m glad to see the Secretary explore new ways to increase competition and lower drug prices by importing ... (click for more)

SunTrust Foundation Gives $10,000 To Siskin Children’s Institute For STAR Program

SunTrust Foundation awarded a grant of $10,000 to Siskin Children’s Institute  to support its Siskin Testing and Assessment Relief program. STAR assists families without insurance or those underinsured with expenses associated with the testing and assessments process of children with special needs. The results from the testing can determine a child’s diagnosis and the treatment ... (click for more)

Rhonda Thurman "Astounded" At Low Performance By Hamilton County Schools On TNReady; Dr. Johnson Says Some Gaps "Closing" Between County And State

County School Board member Rhonda Thurman said Thursday she was "astounded" by low performance on TNReady scores that were just released.   Noting that the county schools are below state levels in many areas, she said, "I am blown away. I am just astounded. We spend millions and ten millions and this is what we get."   She said, "If people want to know why ... (click for more)

Senator Corker Calls Judge Kavanaugh "A Superb Nominee"

 Senator Bob Corker on Thursday called Judge Brett Kavanaugh "a superb nominee" for the U.S. Supreme Court.   He made the statement after meeting with President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.   Senator Corker said, “I had a great meeting today with Judge Kavanaugh and think he is a superb nominee. It is inspiring to me to see ... (click for more)

Employee Who Stole From East Ridge Should Be Prosecuted

Why has the East Ridge employee who was fired for theft not been charged with theft?    City Manager Scott Miller made the statement that the employee had problems and that the stolen items were returned.  What does that have to do with the employee stealing ?   He has had a history of abuse of city resources. Why is he not being prosecuted? ... (click for more)

Am I Alone? - And Response (6)

Am I alone seems to be quite apt as I begin to form sentences, thoughts and concerns regarding the state of this country. I feel like I am alone trying, somehow, to justify Trump and understand why he is constantly in the middle of chaos.  Now coined as the Liar-in-Chief, Chief Foreign Affairs Coordinator acting for his pal Russian Dictator, Putin.  The silence ... (click for more)