Don't Put The Long Horn Restaurant Out Of Business - And Response (2)

  • Thursday, February 22, 2024

To the greedy landowners who are forcing the Long Horn Restaurant out of business after 65 years: Thanks.

You’re not only forcing Susan and Charlie Danner into an unwanted retirement, you’re putting their five full time employees out of work, affecting five different families, and literally taking food out of their mouths. Thanks.

You’re stripping away a community gathering place where patrons and diners weren’t just customers, they became friends. Folks who wanted a good, reliable meal at a fair price served by dedicated and long term workers. Thanks.

You’re stripping away a Chattanooga tradition that goes back 65 years, a place where generations of us have gone to break bread, share stories, to laugh, shed a few tears, socialize, fellowship, and actually communicate with one another. Thanks.

You may be able to take the building, take the business, take the jobs, and take away our local landmark, but you'll never, ever be able to take away the memories.

And for those memories, to both Charlie and Susan Danner, on behalf of a very grateful community ... Thanks!

Why not reconsider? Oh yes - "profit". I understand every business must turn a profit. I have no problem with that, so why not put it on the National Historical Register? Their criteria requires a property "to be at least 50 years old, have significance in history, design, or archaeology, and retain its important historic features". The Long Horn Restaurant would certainly qualify.

Chip Chapman

* * *

Chip Chapman was spot on with his comments. This city has become overrun with short-sighted, greedy people who ignore real problems in the community and have no respect for history or what makes a community special.

Look what they've done to the Choo Choo. My husband and I used to love going there and now it just makes us sick to see how it has been destroyed. And now this. Who is next?

The folks who "run" this city are running it into the ground. I used to encourage people to visit Chattanooga, but not anymore. I'm ashamed of what Chattanooga is becoming.

Mr. Chapman is right...thanks...for nothing.

Dana Lingerfelt

* * *

Friday, Feb. 23, is the final day for the Long Horn Restaurant pending a miracle in which the owners of the real estate and the other businesses reach out to help a restaurant which has been in business for an astounding 65 years.

Owners Susan and Charlie Danner are the salt of the earth and tell it like it is to the generational customers (friends) who regularly break bread there with lots of jokes, wise cracks, laughs and memories. The wonderful staff are dedicated to the by gone days when service with a smile and the customer is always right were sincere mantras.

Losing this restaurant only to be leveled for 5-10 extra parking spaces is absolutely nauseating. It should be around for another 65 years as it represents what you seldom see anymore, a diner with friendly, old-fashioned values, not just trendy, hip show and go eateries.

We will miss you and hope to see many friends supporting you on Friday.

Joe Hollis

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