Bob Tamasy: Everyone's A Potential Comeback Story

  • 6/17/2024

Comebacks. They are among the most inspiring, heart-tugging parts of the human experience. Someone who’d accomplished some things of note, then encountered major setbacks before overcoming those challenges to achieve greatness again. Nowhere are comeback sagas more plentiful than in the world of sports. Tiger Woods’ victory in the Masters golf tournament in 2019 immediately comes to mind. After reaching the pinnacle of professional golf, he’d gone through adversity in many forms. Then, after years of struggle, Woods compiled a championship weekend to don his fifth green jacket. My personal favorite comeback story – if you’ll indulge me for a moment – occurred on Oct. 13, ... (click for more)

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New Marriott Hotel is planned at 1400 Broad St. It will be five stories.
New Marriott Hotel is planned at 1400 Broad St. It will be five stories.

Hotel At 1400 Broad Street To Be 5 Stories

  • 6/14/2024

A hotel planned at 1400 Broad St. will be five stories after a height variance was granted by the Form Based Code Committee. Vision Hospitality bought the property of the former CBR Auto Care in 2021. The hotel will be an AC by Marriott. (click for more)

Chickamauga Chapter DAR Announces Awards To Chattanooga Area Students

  • 6/14/2024

Gayle Burrows, regent of Chickamauga Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution in Chattanooga, announced the following awards which have been presented to area students. The Chapter’s Local Schools Committee led by First Vice Regent Trish Mullins managed the various awards’ selection processes and school presentations with ... (click for more)

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Attorney Terry Olsen Begins Term As Chair TBA's Immigration Law And International Law
Attorney Terry Olsen Begins Term As Chair TBA's Immigration Law And International Law
  • Business/Government
  • 6/14/2024

Attorney Terry Olsen of Olsen Law Firm in Chattanooga has been elected for a seventh time as the chair of the Tennessee Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section, and a third ... more

20-Story "Skyscrapers" - And Response
  • 6/15/2024

So let me get this straight, a 20-story building is going to destroy the view of a 2,000-foot elevation mountain. Guess they don't teach math in architecture school any more. Douglas Jones * * * Regarding Mr. Jones rude and demeaning reply regarding math and architecture. It’s all a matter of perspective. If you’re a half-mile ways from the view, 20 stories will not be obtrusive. However, 50-100 feet away, the building completely blocks the view of the mountain. ... more

Tears, Pitching Staff Lead Vols To 2nd Straight College World Series Victory
  • 6/16/2024

Kavares Tears slammed a three-run homerun and three Vol pitchers dominated as Tennessee went 2-0 in the College World Series with a 6-1 win over North Carolina. The game was scoreless going into the bottom of the fourth with Carolina's Shea Sprague and Vol Drew Beam dealing. The Vol effort was aided by Hunter Ensley's hard-charging catch at the center field fence. Ensley afterward left the game related to the play that left some of his eye black on the wall. Then Tears batted one ... more

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