Title Published
A Line Straight From Hitler 7/22/2024 8:47 AM
There Are Still Some Good People 7/21/2024 10:09 PM
Our New Zoning Plan 7/21/2024 8:43 PM
The Democratic Coup 7/21/2024 4:39 PM
Will Biden Step Down? 7/21/2024 11:40 AM
Democrats And The School Board - And Response 7/20/2024 3:21 PM
Pothole Promise 7/20/2024 3:12 PM
In Support Of Ben Daugherty 7/20/2024 8:49 AM
Sherrie Ford Is The Best Choice 7/20/2024 8:40 AM
Prove Where The Money Went - And Response 7/19/2024 3:52 PM
The Day The Music Died - And Response (3) 7/19/2024 3:51 PM
Show Skateboarding Some Love In Chattanooga 7/19/2024 11:11 AM
Profiles Of Valor: Michael Murphy 7/19/2024 11:01 AM
Send Your Opinions To Chattanoogan.com; Include Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number For Verification 7/19/2024 9:59 AM
Moccasin Bend: Time To Show Courage And Leadership 7/19/2024 8:52 AM
STVR's Are A Simple, Flagrant Zoning Violation 7/19/2024 8:47 AM
Vote For Sherrie Guinn Ford For School Board District 11 - And Response 7/17/2024 6:56 PM
Ben Daugherty Is Passionate About Our Children's Success 7/17/2024 6:51 PM
Why I'm Voting For Tammy Barnes For District 1 School Board 7/17/2024 6:49 PM
District 2 School Board Candidate Crystal Boehm Supports Boys Playing In Girls’ Sports 7/17/2024 6:43 PM
Quit Criticizing Trump's Security Team 7/17/2024 6:42 PM
A Resolution To Rise Above 7/17/2024 6:39 PM
Just A Thought - Return Of The Police Blotter? - And Response 7/17/2024 10:42 AM
Incompetence - And Response (2) 7/16/2024 7:07 PM
Thoughts On School-Based Therapists Coming To Hamilton County Schools - And Response (2) 7/16/2024 5:53 PM
Trump Picks Another Sycophant For His Vice President - And Response (4) 7/16/2024 9:24 AM
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A Line Straight From Hitler
  • 7/22/2024

Re: Senator Bill Hagerty's statement: “He should resign and stop endangering the nation and stop risking the security and well-being of the American people." That's a line straight from Hermann Göring. I've supported Hagerty in the past because he appeared one of the few decent that still remained of his party. At least Democrats are addressing an issue. Republicans with a far greater one need to do the same. President Biden doesn't need to step aside from his ... more

Over 175 Teams From 35 States To Compete For National Championship July 24-28 In Chattanooga
  • 7/22/2024

Connect Sports, Chattanooga Sports, a division of Chattanooga Tourism Co., and Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors have teamed up with The Alliance Fastpitch to host the Third Annual Alliance Fastpitch Open Nationals, also known as AFON, in Chattanooga this week. Tim Morgan with Chattanooga Sports said, “Our collaborative team approach convinced The Alliance Fastpitch that we have the venues, the resources and the local technical expertise to produce this new event.” The Alliance Fastpitch ... more

Lookouts Pitchers Dominate Again In 4-1 Win Over Barons
  • 7/22/2024

For the third game in a row the Lookouts received a stellar pitching performance, this time from starter and former first rounder Chase Petty. Petty tossed five innings, allowing only one run on two hits with five strikeouts. Four relievers combined for four hitless innings the rest of the way with Patrick Weigel earning the save. Petty moves to 7-2 on the season. At the plate the Lookouts were led by homeruns from Justice Thompson, his fourth of the year, and Ruben Ibarra who belted ... more

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