Bob Tamasy: Did Jesus Establish A Religion For Rejects?

Have you ever experienced the rejection of not being offered a job you really wanted? Maybe you can remember feeling brokenhearted when someone you deeply cared for turned away from you. I can still recall, early in my writing career, receiving my first rejection letters after sending proposals to magazines for articles or to publishers for books I was writing. No one likes rejection. It hurts. Our egos become bruised, our self-image ... (click for more)

Artist John McLean’s paintings are aiding First-Centenary's outreach program. See story by John Shearer.
Artist John McLean’s paintings are aiding First-Centenary's outreach program. See story by John Shearer.

Hope Unlimited Ministries Hosts Fundraising Event Oct. 28

"God's Family Is Important" Is Topic Sunday At Middle Valley Church Of God

Hope Unlimited Ministries will host a fundraising event featuring Dr. Karen Loritts on Thursday, Oct. 28 from 6-8:30 p.m. at Woodland Park Baptist Church, 6735 Standifer Gap Road in Chattanooga. Dinner will be served during the fundraising event. Organizers said, "By God’s wonderful ... (click for more)

Middle Valley Church of God, at 1703 Thrasher Pike in Hixson, announces Pastor Mitch McClure will continue preaching on the theme "The Church is Pretty Important" on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Pastor McClure's sermon title will be "God's Family is Important." Pastor McClure is presently teaching ... (click for more)

Steve Ellison: How Can You Say?

Bob Tamasy: Not Just A Sunday Kind Of Thing

Venue Church Partners With Howard High School With $50,000 Donation

Jeremiah chapter 2 seems to be one long diatribe of the Lord against His chosen people. He chose them not because they had any characteristic at all that made them more desirable than any other ... (click for more)

Compartments. Lots of things have them – toolboxes, purses, refrigerators, desks, cars, luggage. All designed to keep stuff in predictable places for easy access when needed. Many people like ... (click for more)

Venue Church met with representatives from Howard High School to discuss how Venue Church and its members could partner with the school to meet community needs. Through that conversation, ... (click for more)

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