I’d like to share some thoughts concerning the lack of school resource officers in Hamilton County schools. I am an extremely proud school counselor at Hixson High School. A colleague calls me the “Hixson High Evangelist.” Call me what you may, but I have many reasons for being compelled to share the good news of Hixson High on a daily basis. When I heard Sheriff Hammond tell the school board Thursday evening that SRO’s are preferable ... (click for more)

NOT ALL ATHLETES ARE DUMB Many in our new generation may not know some of these former professional athletes but I remember them all. Back in the day, it was never hard to get a priceless quote that years later still make you laugh * -- Don Meredith, a former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback, once said: “Coach Tom Landry is such a perfectionist that if he was married to Raquel Welch, he would expect her to cook.” * -- Harry Neale, professional ... (click for more)

Justice Conflicts

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Is Tennessee’s IEA Program Really A Den Of Corruption?

Though there are two articles in today's issue that I am referencing, there is one in particular that deeply disturbs me. This is the Tshombe High/Amanda Henley one for abuse of an autistic child. ... (click for more)

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On Jan. 15 the Associated Press ran a story by Kimberlee Kruesi, “AP Exclusive: State voucher violations leave details unknown,” detailing alleged abuses of Tennessee’s Individualized Education ... (click for more)

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