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County Putting $10 Million Toward New Shelter For Humane Education Society

County officials are committing $10 million toward a new shelter for the Humane Education Society (HES). Only Commissioner Tim Boyd spoke against the allocation at a commission meeting on Wednesday. He said a more urgent need was a $5 million training center for police, fire and emergency workers. County Finance Director Albert Kiser said the county came up with a total $14 million in available capital funds after approving a property ... (click for more)

Shelby Romans shoots over Notre Dame defenders Tuesday at Red Bank.
Photo by M.A. Locke
Shelby Romans shoots over Notre Dame defenders Tuesday at Red Bank.

Several Large Trucks Get Stuck On Lookout; 1 Demolishes Wall On Ochs Extension

Bill Johnson To Retire In January As TVA President And CEO

Lookout Mountain, Tn., Commissioner Jim Bentley said there has been a lot of concern with large trucks on Ochs Highway. In the past month five different trucks have been stuck at the top of the road. Additionally, a large truck hit and demolished the rock wall at the top curve on Ochs Extension. ... (click for more)

William "Bill" Dean Johnson, president and CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority, announced his retirement from the federal agency on Wednesday. Mr. Johnson, who joined TVA in 2013, will turn 65 in January. He is TVA’s second CEO. Senator Bob Corker said, “Bill Johnson ... (click for more)

Roadside Motels Had Their Heyday Until The Freeway Ruined Things; They Are Featured In Chattanooga In Old Photos

Latest Bradley County Arrest Report

Jadaruis Menifee Arrested In Armed Robbery Of 2 Different Victims In Letgo App Deals

Roadside motels run by Mom and Pop had their heyday in the early days of motor travel up until the 1950s and 1960s. Then the freeways came along and suddenly their traffic was virtually gone. ... (click for more)

Click here for the latest Bradley County arrest report. (click for more)

Jadaruis Menifee has been arrested after he was identified as being involved in the armed robbery of two different victims who had been selling items through the Letgo app. Menifee, 19, of ... (click for more)

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