John Shearer: Detailed History Of Chattanooga Airport Chronicled At Website

If you want to remember the good old days of commercial airline travel related to Chattanooga, a detailed history with a number of photographs and old articles is now posted at the website. The website, which is run by David Henderson, the son of a retired Delta pilot, features information primarily on airports in Florida and Georgia, but it also recently posted a six-part history on the Chattanooga airport. Bill ... (click for more)

Ed Bass, an ophan at 11, served longer as mayor of Chattanooga than anyone else - 20 years
Ed Bass, an ophan at 11, served longer as mayor of Chattanooga than anyone else - 20 years

Yarnells Furnished Several Physicians In Early Days Of Hamilton County

Centennial Celebration Of Former Tennessee Governor Frank G. Clement Focuses On Courage

In the early days at Dallas and Harrison, the Yarnells played a leading part and were involved in many land dealings. Many pioneer settlers were treated by the physicians in the Yarnell family. Daniel Yarnell Jr. had moved to Soddy before the Indian removal. His brother, Aaron J. Yarnell, ... (click for more)

The late Governor Frank G. Clement's son, Bob Clement, shares insights on the legacy of his father, a man who served as Tennessee governor for 10 years. It is hard to believe that my father, Frank G. Clement, would have been 100 years old if he were still alive today. He served as Tennessee's ... (click for more)

Tennessee State Museum Reopens To Visitors

Henderson Of Bradley Central High School Wins Captain Ken Coskey Naval History Prize

The History Of Flag Day

The Tennessee State Museum will reopen to the public beginning Wednesday, July 1 at 10 a.m., welcoming visitors back to experience Tennessee history, art and culture from the state’s natural ... (click for more)

Jessie Henderson of Bradley County High School is among seven Tennessee students who took top honors at the 2020 National History Day competition, winning three medals and two special awards. ... (click for more)

On June 14, citizens of the United States celebrate Flag Day and spend the following days commemorating the promises represented by the ‘Stars and Stripes” while remembering those who have served ... (click for more)

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