The Civil War Experiences of Robert M. Magill Enhanced

  • 7/13/2024

Robert M. Magill, a Ringgold soldier in the Civil War, left behind a remarkable account of his war experiences. The previously published diary spans the four years of the year, which is remarkable that it was kept up and survived considering all the constant fighting that Magill was engaged in while a member of the 39th Georgia Infantry. Miraculously, he survived the war in one piece, though all around him his fellow soldiers were killed or suffered terrible injuries. His war intinerary included Vicksburg, the battles for Chattanooga, winter camp at Dalton, battles at Dalton, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kolb's Farm, Peachtree Creek, Jonesboro, Columbia and Nashville. Toward the end ... (click for more)

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Earl Freudenberg: Joe Garagiola Remembers Joe Engel

  • 7/10/2024

It was 57 years ago, June 12, 1969, that Chattanooga’s Mr. Baseball, Joe Engel passed away. Historic Engel Stadium has been in the news lately with deteriorating pictures of the ballpark. It was Mr. Engel's home for 40 years, a major part of his life. Mr. Engel came to Chattanooga in 1929 and the stadium bearing his name was built. Many ... (click for more)

Earl Freudenberg: Julius Parker’s Advice

  • 7/6/2024

I never worked for a newspaper, but I learned so much from many of the veteran writers and photographers for the Chattanooga News Free Press and Chattanooga Times. One of my mentors was the late Julius Parker who was a great newspaper writer before being assigned to the city desk at the News Free Press. “Parker and People” was a favorite ... (click for more)

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Show Skateboarding Some Love In Chattanooga
  • 7/19/2024

Skateboarding and Chattanooga have had a strange, tumultuous and, at times, hostile relationship over the last 20 something years. With skateboarding being “illegal” in the entire city of Chattanooga, youths looking to engage in and practice skateboarding (an Olympic sport) are either forced to break the law or frequent the Chattanooga skatepark. A park which, for much of its history, was not free and subjected youths to religious influences and rules. This is a shameful history for a modern ... more

Lindsey Hollis Captures Her 3rd CWGA Individual City Championship
Lindsey Hollis Captures Her 3rd CWGA Individual City Championship
  • 7/18/2024

After winning the Chattanooga Women’s Golf Association individual stroke play championship in 2021 and 2022, Lindsey Hollis was determined to prove that last year’s runner-up ... more

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