Rep. Greg Martin Speaks At Chattanooga Area Historical Association Program Oct. 10

State Rep. Greg Martin will speak about young Sam Houston at the Chattanooga Area Historical Association Program on Monday, Oct. 10. "Greg is one of our favorite speakers and will not disappoint us with this presentation," said Ted Feintuch. "This is not a lecture about the Alamo, but we will learn how the young Sam Houston grew into the role of governor of Tennessee, 1st President of the Republic of Texas, and US senator." CAHA's ... (click for more)

Delmer “Goatman” Hoskins was a part of the fabric of WDOD
Delmer “Goatman” Hoskins was a part of the fabric of WDOD

Remembering Delmer "Goatman" Hoskins

John Shearer: Discovering Long-Forgotten Carver Golf Course

Delmer “Goatman” Hoskins was a retired Southern Coach Lines bus driver. Mr. Hoskins drove North Chattanooga buses and I would ride with him to and from Kirkman Technical High School downtown. He was never in a hurry, always slowing down to see why his downtown riders might be a few minutes ... (click for more)

When I was an avid junior golfer in the 1970s, I followed closely all the goings-on related to golf in Chattanooga. I grew up playing at Valleybrook Golf Club near where I lived and was familiar with the other local clubs and courses, even if I did not get a chance to play them all. However, ... (click for more) Uncovers Images From Chattanooga's Past

Earl Freudenberg: The Day The Hamilton National Bank Collapsed

SDMHA Event Set At The Good Ole Days Museum Sept. 17, a project by Picnooga founder David Moon, has rediscovered over 30 glass plate negatives of the Chattanooga area from around 1900, with potentially more to come. Nooga History ... (click for more)

The number one news story that I covered while a reporter would have to be the 1976 collapse of the Hamilton National Bank. It was my family’s bank for nearly 50 years while they operated a grocery ... (click for more)

The Soddy, Daisy & Montlake Historical Association announces that the Good Old Days Museum will be hosting "Saturday History Talks" so guests can hear local experts share local stories and ... (click for more)

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