Asheville: New Reasons To Visit A Longtime Favorite Mountain City

Spending a few days in Asheville leaves me refreshed and inspired, and I find myself planning my next getaway to this other “scenic city” surrounded by mountains. Though Asheville has exploded in popularity, it retains its small town feel – with eclectic boutiques, cozy restaurants and outdoor experiences. I venture to say that Asheville is a place that people love in the same way they love Chattanooga. Since the late 1800’s, when George ... (click for more)

Memorial Hall at Indiana University in Bloomington. See story by John Shearer.
Photo by John Shearer
Memorial Hall at Indiana University in Bloomington. See story by John Shearer.

John Shearer: Going Back To Indiana University

Santa Barbara, A Wonderland Of California Beauty And History

For several years, I have wanted to revisit Indiana University’s campus in Bloomington – about a seven-hour drive north of Chattanooga – and I finally did last week. As someone who has done some adjunct teaching in recent years at the University of Tennessee, and who also loved my years ... (click for more)

We had not visited Santa Barbara in a couple of decades, the city renowned for its perfect weather, arts community, wineries, and celebrity residents on the California coast a couple of hours north of Los Angeles. We had been working so hard on various projects we had not had a vacation in ... (click for more)

A Dapper Duo: Tennessee Aquarium Hatches A Pair Of Fluffy, Healthy Penguin Chicks

New Outdoor Waterpark To Be Built In Sevierville

Eagle's Nest On Lookout Was Planned As Hanging Gardens

There are few things more likely to coax a smile from a Tennessee Aquarium employee than the hatching of a penguin chick. Except, of course, when two chicks waddle onto the scene at the same ... (click for more)

Wilderness Resorts and Waterparks ownership group on Monday announced that they will be building a new attraction in the Smoky Mountain region called Soaky Mountain Waterpark. The new massive ... (click for more)

There are still reminders on the lower slopes of Lookout Mountain of the planned "Hanging Gardens" that were to have transformed an old quarry into a majestic park. Milton Ochs, younger brother ... (click for more)

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