Littlefield Is The Best Mayor Since Olgiati - And Response

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Chattanooga City Mayor Ron Littlefield is a problem solver with creative solutions and with a mind of wisdom.

In my opinion, Mayor Ron Littlefield is the best mayor of Chattanooga since former Mayor P.R. Olgiati.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Roger Thompson, UTC professor, concerning the "Blueprint to End Chronic Homelessness." My vote is in support of Mayor Ron Littlefield both in purchase of the property and in development to meet the needs of the homeless of our community.

Mayor Ron Littlefield bought the old Farmers Market at a bargain and it's just across the street from the Community Kitchen that floods when it's a heavy rain. The property, nine acres, has been used many years, but now EPA decides the property needs to be cleaned up. It sounds like a problematic controversy.

Now we have EPA environmentalists involved (somebody said EPA stands for "Expecting Plenty Attention." Then we have the NIMBY group "Not In My Back Yard" and then the "BANANA" GROUP "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything."

It appears to me that overzealous environmentalist have a case of "risk-o-phobia."

Mayor Ron Littlefield knows that good communication is the key to resolving any problem.

If anybody wants to see some of Mayor Littlefield's creative solution, they should go to Camp Jordan's walking trail along the Chickamauga Creek where you can see nature at its very best and the bridge that crosses the creek. Mayor Littlefield secured that bridge from the state of Georgia and it is superb. His leadership quality and ability will build bridges to our future. He will open the door of opportunity and success for all of us and the homeless too.

W.L. Schultz
So. Moore Road

* * *

Creative solutions...building bridges...doors of opportunity? I sure wish he would open that door of opportunity and apply his creative solutions to attracting an auto manufacturer (or any large employer) to Enterprise South.

When I opened this article, I thought it was a joke. I can't believe anyone would honestly think that Littlefield is the best mayor since Ogiati. Bob Corker did more as mayor of Chattanooga in one week than Littlefield has managed to get done in over a year.

I am sure a lot of people use the walking path at Camp Jordan, but are you forgetting about the hundreds of thousands of people that have enjoyed Chattanooga's new waterfront? And what about LIttlefield's touted master plan of Chattanooga? It included a lot of improvements for Littlefield's beloved Brainerd area and I sure haven't seen anything good happen to that area in his tenure.

When I envision a great mayor, Littlefield is the last person that comes to mind. Littlefield pushed a lot of great points when he was debating on the campaign trail, but he has not come through on any of them. When I think of a great mayor, I think of someone who did exactly what he said he was going to do and more, and that was Bob Corker.

Shannon S. Johnson

* * *

Yes, of course Bob Corker was the best mayor Chattanooga ever had. He told us that over and over again.

I do think Mayor Littlefield has good ideas. He looks to bring people from across the spectrum to participate. He cannot bring an auto plant to Chattanooga. The state negotiates those deals and they succeed or fail by what Mr. Bredesen does or does not do. And he does not really seem to care much for East Tennessee like most of Nashville.

Mayor Littlefield truly seems to want to do what is best for Chattanooga, not mortgage its future. We will be paying off the Corker administration for decades to come with all they spent and eventually charge back to the taxpayers and businesses. Lost property taxes rates, indeed. That is bunk.

Mayor Littlefield will demonstrate that he is capable, honest, thoughtful, consistent and a visionary for what Chattanooga can be and should do for its citizens. He is first and foremost a Chattanoogan and not a politician. He ran for office to make this city a better place. He did not run in order to run for something else, like someone else we all know.

I, too, applaud Mayor Littlefield despite the naysayers. What do they know anyway other than to complain?

Johnny Franks

* * *

In my 53 years of living here, there have been some great politicians. Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, as presidents. Ralph Kelley, and Olgiati as mayor, Dalton Roberts as county executive, Frank Newell and H.Q. Evatt as sheriffs and soon to be included Billy Long.

But the two sorriest of them all are George W. Bush and Ron Littlefield. Bush won't go away and you can't keep Littlefield in Chattanooga.

Carlos Dempsey

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