GOP Chooses Fallacious Attack Ads Against David Sharpe Rather Than A Challenge On The Issues - And Response

  • Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Tennessee and Hamilton County Republican Party has apparently conceded that they cannot beat 6th District Commissioner David Sharpe on the issues. David has proven his ability to lead and forge new paths to improve the lives of all of those who live in Hamilton County since he was elected to the County Commission.

Clearly, he is doing such a good job that the Tennessee and Hamilton County Republican Party know they cannot challenge him on the issues. Instead, they have chosen to use a series of vicious attack ads that are based on false statements about Commissioner Sharpe’s position on important issues such a school safety and other issues. The Republicans chose to cut and paste a news article and use it out of context to imply that Commissioner Sharpe wants to remove SRO’s from our schools.

The truth is Commissioner Sharpe was pushing a plan to get safety officers in all 75 schools in Hamilton County. This was confirmed by the Republican chair of the school board and others.

Commissioner Sharpe is working hard for Hamilton County and the the truth. He should be re-elected.

It is also clear that any campaign ads targeting Democrats that come from the Tennessee and Hamilton County Republican Party should be taken with a grain of salt and go straight to the recycle bin for that is all that they are worth.

Rodney Strong

* * *

Well stated, Mr. Strong.


The mailers against Commission Sharpe were sleazy beyond any amount of reasonable campaign strategy.  For the Republican Party to endorse the contents of the mailers against Sharpe speaks volumes about who the Republican Party really is. Placing the state party name on the mailer is a pure disgrace.  I would apologize for the Republican Party’s sleazy behavior, but I have not been a Republican since 2005. They are certain to defend their ridiculous behavior in the District 6 campaign, because voters do respond to negative mailers.  This one may have backfired.


Weston Wamp’s inner circle of VBF’s admitted funding the mailers against Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander, shamelessly.  Is this is what we have to look forward to in county government?   Mayor Coppinger always held onto his civil decorum, manners, and never campaigned in that manner to win.  


Can you imagine how Sharpe, Smedley, and Hullander felt with everyone who knows them receiving these sleazy mailers?


I believe the same people responsible for the sleazy mailers in the county mayor’s race are behind the District 6 mailers.  I am in good company in that view.  The new potential county mayor has a strong desire to have six commission votes.  The state Republican Party was likely the pass through to hide the names of who actually funded the District 6 mailers.   Commissioner Sharpe knows who is hiding behind the Republican Party funding these sleazy mailers.


I think the mailers did backfire and has caused a degree of bipartisan solidarity in favor of Commissioner Sharpe.  Commissioner Sharpe, I am sorry they did this to you.


The higher county offices are attainable for Democrats. If not this cycle, next.   This year I voted for, Matt Adams for county mayor, John Brooks for district attorney,  and Larry Ables and the list goes on.  The Republican Party is not getting my vote, or my family’s vote, and does not deserve your vote for their candidates.


It would be nice to have a bipartisan political group.


April Eidson, Conservative

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