New Reality - And Response

  • Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A ten year old. Her womb not fully developed, impregnated by a rapist. Three days shy over the limit in the state she lives to obtain an abortion had to be taken to another state. 

First the trauma of being raped in the first place. Especially at such a young age. Then the added trauma of such a small body being forced to carry a pregnancy to term. Even if she would have survived fully carrying the pregnancy to term. 

Yes, girls as young as nine, ten years old, perhaps younger, can ovulate. Even before they begin their first menstrual cycle. 

This the one example out of many of the realities in the real world in which we live. 

Brenda Washington

* * *

New reality? Come on Brenda, give us a break. This one in a million
scenario you describe to promote your pro-abortion stance for everyone
is disingenuous.

There are states out there still allowing abortions.  

Try again.

Phil Snider

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