Governmental Disgust - And Response

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
I have never been so disgusted with my government in my lifetime as I am now. I don't have to go into how many politicians and others related to them have made money and more, from arrangements with those we call our enemies, and yet they are protected from exposure and consequences because they are "on the right side" at the time.
In the case of President Trump, elites, department "yes men", and the entrenched political class on both sides see him as a threat to "business as usual" in Washington.  Oh, we have all cringed at his bombastic talk, from bragging, to attacking the ruling class in DC, and what he describes as "fake news".
Can we not admit that corruption and "back scratching"have been going on in the halls of Congress for generations.  I for one can name folks on both sides that are more concerned about the perks that come from achieving years in public office than doing what they promised when they ran.
Many settle into the Washington "cocktail circuit" and hope to do just enough to pacify the folks back home, but not enough for the most part, so as to make too many enemies among their colleagues.
As for President Trump, we all see what this inquisition is really all about - to keep him from ever running for President again.
Or as Liz Cheney says, "to prevent him from setting foot in the Oval Office ever again."
We all saw our country prosper under his tenure in office, and the worldwide respect and cautious fear felt by our enemies of this President who meant what he said.  Thank you, Mr President, for our restored religious liberty, safety, and for all that you accomplished for our Nation in four short years. In spite of your faults, and we all have them, the good outweighs the never-ending attacks, by those who forget that we are all mortals, including those who sat in The Oval Office before you. 
I for one have always been proud of our country - the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Bill Reesor
* * *
In Mr. Reesor's July 6th missive, beginning with a misleading title, he finally gets to his real point in the fifth paragraph. 

It's all about his love for Trump, and what Trump "has done" as President.  But now he is the subject of an inquisition.

What is at stake is Democracy itself, and that this Country does not become a banana republic or third world country ruled by a dictator who lied, cheated, stole and provoked violence to retain power.

Mr. Reesor's praise of Trump is totally misguided.  Mr. Reesor says Trump restored religious liberty, made us safe and did "all the other things he did".  Well, exactly what were those things? 

Restoring religious freedom? No. 

The lying Justices appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Republicans, solidified a political Court, They are not "restoring Religious Liberty". They are taking it away.

Taking it away in favor of mandated Republican Christianity. Would they have ruled a coach be allowed to pray with his players on the 50 yard line if he were Muslim?  Would you, Mr. Reesor, describe that as religious liberty?  Easy to say "yes" now, but if a Muslim coach tries to exercise his freedom of religion at center court after a high school or college basketball game, how will you feel then?  What will the Court do?

I will add that those Justices erred in their rulings.  They ruled the coach's day had ended.  Had it?  Did he immediately go home and leave the players on their own?  No. There were the "great job" or "we'll get'um next time" speeches in the locker room.  Once every player had safely left the campus was the coach's job for the day finished?  Yes: then and only then.  They erred about Maine: the taxpayers must now provide funds for a Christian private school. Do you want your taxes paid for Jewish, Catholic or Muslim private schools here in Chattanooga?

Safety, you say?  No.

After the shooting in Highland Park, a continuation of shootings from a time when Trump and a Republican Congress were in control, and did nothing, do I feel safer?  No. That Republican Congress could have, but didn't do anything about gun control, since they were all beholden to the NRA.

What did Trump do? Nothing.  

First, he inherited a great economy from Mr. Obama.  From his inauguration on, there was NO "signature bill" like the Civil Rights Act, The Americans With Disability Act or the Affordable Care Act. Actually, no Republican has had a "signature bill" since Eisenhower's Interstate Highway System. Our gravitas in the world declined due to Trump's buffoonish personality in meetings with world leaders. He was booed at the United Nations. His tax cuts, like the Bush II tax cuts, took from the poor to give to the rich, and further added $trillions to the national debt. Sure, there was a COVID vaccine, but he did nothing to assure that everyone wore masks or was vaccinated. Instead, he praised those who didn't.  Wonder how Herman Cain feels now?  And the thousand of Republicans who died because of the lies about masks and the vaccine.

Mr. Reesor, you call the 1/6 hearings an inquisition to keep Trump from running for office again.  You obviously have never watched the hearings.

If you did, would have seen Trump's Republican appointees' testimony against him to continue the fraud.  You would have seen Trump's insurrectionists testify they believed Trump ordered them to the Capitol.  You would have seen the testimony of Capitol Police Officers who were injured by his violent followers. You would have seen they went intent on hanging Mike Pence and Ms. Pelosi.  You would have seen a White House staffer testify he did nothing to stop the insurrection for hours. You would have seen how Trump fired Justice officials who told him he lost, and attempted to have his acting Attorney General offer a fraudulent letter to some States in an attempt to avoid certification of the Electoral College ballots.

Mr. Reesor, you would allow the honest and fair election of a new President, and peaceful succession of power, to fail. You would do so in favor of a lying grifter who subverted every law he could to retain power, or make money. For example, Trump's Secret Service billing scam hid in plain sight, or at least cloaked by his allegation of taking no salary.

Mr. Reesor, I assume you cast you ballot.  That was all you could do for Trump at the time. But he lost. 

With his attempted usurpation to keep power, including an insurrection at the world-wide symbol of Democracy, he and others must be held accountable.

Joe Warren


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