Keep Our Seniors Safe

  • Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Georgia Department of Community Health is proposing a change in the staffing requirements for memory care units in assisted living facilities. This proposal eliminates the staffing requirement of a minimum of two direct care staff on the floor at all times in each memory care unit. Families place their loved ones in these facilities to ensure they are kept safe. This is not safe. 

Today 42 percent of all assisted living residents live with Alzeimers or other dementia and 100 percent of memory care residents have progressed in their journey with Alzheimer's. Reducing staff in memory care places other residents and other staff at risk as well. 

During the 2020 Legislative session, the General Assembly agreed with the Alzheimer's Association and Georgia families and passed senior care reform through HB 987 which required minimum staffing to keep our seniors and Alzheimer's patients safe and improve the quality of care.

The Department of Community Health is holding a public comment period concerning these staffing changes. Please join the Alzheimer's Association, advocates and Georgia families in letting DCH know this is not acceptable. 

Jim Williams 

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