Shutdowns Revealed - And Response (2)

  • Friday, September 29, 2023

Could you or I manage a household or business running a deficit year after year? One American political party would have us believe they can run the U.S. Government for years or even decades with no budget and by raising the debt ceiling with so-called continuing resolutions.

In 2009, with a Democrat in the White House, majority in the House and a super majority, 60-40 in the Senate, they could have enacted a budget ending the need for continuing resolutions to raise the debt ceiling, but THEY DIDN’T. Instead Democrats, with no Republican votes, passed a trillion dollar “shovel ready” SPENDING bill.

Keeping continuing resolution deals raising the debt ceiling every so often is fiscally irresponsible for a world leading nation. Then trotting Mayor Pete out as the harbinger of disasters at airports and supply chains might be frightening in normal times as we’re aware of failures on his own, but it underscores their desperate plan to force Republicans to cave so they can claim victory.

Their news pals tell us it’s a Republican shutdown. What they won’t tell you is during any shutdown as services are stopped and workers laid off across America, the flow of money to the Ukraine won’t stop. CBS 60 Minutes recently reported not all of it is for military use as it goes to pay for their government services as well.

So a shutdown blamed on Republicans might be a political victory for Democrats but it’s not a victory for America as the government goes deeper and deeper into debt.

Ralph Miller

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Fortunately, I had taken my blood pressure medication before reading Ralph Miller's latest screed.

Any mention of Trump's adding seven trillion to our deficit? nope.

Any mention of Reagan's increasing our national debt more than all of his predecessors combined? nope.

Possibly investigating any historical parallels between Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s and Putin's aggression and war crimes in Ukraine? nope.

Any mention that Trump has told his MAGA cohorts to shut down the government? nope.

Any criticism of Pete Buttigieg? yep.


Michael V. Woodward, Ph.D.

I don’t add letters after my name to make impressions or give credibility for breaking Godwin’s Law of invoking Nazis to a losing argument.
Dr. Woodward’s response indicates he’s content with Democrats’ continuing resolutions to keep raising our debt that our children and grandchildren will be faced with paying down. China is likely quite happy too.

Gerald Presley

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