McKee Foods Announces Partnership With Trust For Public Land

  • Monday, May 13, 2024

McKee Foods announces its partnership with Trust for Public Land in support of eight outdoor projects across the United States. McKee Foods through its Outdoor Happiness movement has awarded a grant of $20,000 to each outdoor project helping to advance the work of Trust for Public Land. This partnership is part of the company’s goal of encouraging opportunities for outdoor activity that ultimately lead to a fun and active lifestyle. 

The projects, led by Trust for Public Land, include: trail protection along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland; a multi-use trail system in Montana near the Yellowstone National Park; a special emphasis on community schoolyard projects in Washington and South Dakota; as well as the revitalization of trails, forests and land in Utah, Wisconsin, Maine and Michigan. Each project provides local access for outdoor activities to the communities in the impacted areas. The grants given by the OH! movement will play a role in the success of each project. 

"Through this partnership, we will support the development of trails, schoolyards and public parks for families across the U.S. to enjoy quality time outdoors and stay healthy with active lifestyles,” said Chris McKee, president of McKee Foods. “We know the role that access to available outdoor spaces play in communities and are excited about the impact these projects will have on families in the future.” 

Through the OH! movement, McKee Foods has donated more than $15 million and completed more than 50 outdoor projects in all 50 states. McKee Foods is planning to continue the initiative through OH! over the next five years with its goal of granting funds for outdoor projects in all 50 states with at least one project per state. The partnership with the Trust for Public Land will help assist McKee Foods in accomplishing that goal. 

"In our collaboration with McKee Foods and the Outdoor Happiness movement, we're not just revitalizing land, we're cultivating community connections and fostering a love for the great outdoors. Trust for Public Land is proud to partner with McKee Foods’ Outdoor Happiness Movement to advance these eight park projects across the country,” said Diane Regas, president and CEO at Trust for Public Land.

For more information about the Outdoor Happiness movement, and to view completed projects as well as to stay up to date on current projects, visit You can also learn more about the Trust for Public Land by visiting

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