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Be Gracious And Humble

  • Monday, May 27, 2024

Recently I noticed a letter to the editor that had several replies. This was a political discussion. What caught my eye was, though there were different views expressed, to me it sounded very civilized. Various facts and reasons were stated for their respective opinions. Nobody was name calling, using profanity, making filthy, vial threats, up to and including death. Adults just engaging in a spirited conversation and it seemed to me, respectful of each other.

I’d like to know when it became acceptable for people that are supposed to be knowledgeable, educated, professional, respected, people to be looked up to, in the public eye, behaving like a bunch of unruly children. Personally, I outgrew the name calling bit when I left grade school. And at that time, a smack across the bottom would have been the reward for such behavior. Yes, I’m old, it happened. I might make an under my breath comment about someone or some situation or roll my eyes when someone in the grocery store cuts in front of me, but I’d never insult people the way I’ve seen as of late. And in case you are thinking, oh he’s referring to XXXX, nope, I’m calling out everybody that is doing this.

If any of these so-called important people were to say the things they are saying as reported by the media directly to my face, we certainly would be having a very spirited, serious conversation as well as a discussion of their offensive to me, behavior. I believe the current phrase is, you don’t know me. Stop with the name calling, threats, accusations and lumping groups of people together. I hope you were raised better than that, however your actions appear to show otherwise.

Should you be on the end of a favorable outcome in your endeavors, be gracious and humble. If your outcome is not favorable, be gracious and humble. There will be a next time and the outcome may reverse. Threats, screaming, name calling, blaming the world for your problems is not a good look on anybody. Take personal accountability for your actions. The world is not out to get you.

If a child got called fat, or stupid, or ugly and word got out, there would be marches and protests. Investigations on how this happened and who allowed it to happen. Talk show hosts' heads would be exploding. Please remember talk shows are entertainment, not news sources. My mother called the weekly newspapers she got at the checkout counter, her scandal sheets. All well and fine, until she started to quote them as fact and reliable news articles. We gently told her, they’re mostly for entertainment and not news.

There is also the trend that everyone must express their opinion about the flavor of the day. Whether the subject concerns them or not, they have an opinion and they are going to share it with the whole world, whether we like it or not. They must be heard. That reminds me of a definition of the word opinion, but as this is a family publication, I won’t share that. And in a lot of cases, it just doesn’t concern or affect them. Stay in your lane. Why should your opinion matter on various subjects, simply because you have a good press agent? Maybe take that energy and put it into being the best entertainer, best sportsperson or best captain of industry. If you are a company, produce the best service or product.

Recently I downloaded a trial for some software. I noticed that the company took a stand on a current topic. Nope, not going to buy it. Doesn’t matter what the topic was.  To me companies need to focus on their product and not the flavor of the day. I have a sewing machine and I was looking to upgrade it. Sure enough on social media, the brand I own had to join the latest parade, start tooting their horn and marching along. I questioned them about this. The latest parade had nothing to do with them or their product. Surprisingly, they did apologize and would try to do better. That lasted about two months and they were back at it again. Guess who’s product I won’t be buying. You may say what difference would a few hundred dollar sewing machine be to a company. There are home sewing machines that go upward of $20,000. Yes, that figure can have an impact on a local dealer. Maybe consider where you are spending your dollars.

Maybe it is the media. I have tried to look at various sources, however I have found a continuing theme. The more salacious and toxic, the better! More readers, more followers, more discussion on social media. First and foremost, they must make sure the news is sensational. Here’s a novel idea, report it as facts, not hearsay, gossip, speculations and what ifs. You are there to report the news, not give your slant or opinion on it. For me, I don’t need 15 talking heads to try to explain it to me as they argue among themselves.

A final observation is, I don’t see that type of sensationalized reporting in this particular publication. For that, great job and thank you!

Michael Szuromi

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