Jerry Summers: Stolen Signs Season - And Response

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2024
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

As the election season moves to fruition during the last few weeks/months, the historical destruction/thievery of candidates' political signs that enhance the beauty of the highways/streets of Hamilton County/city of Chattanooga has begun.

Normally the destruction of the “Vote for/Re-elect” placards starts about 30-45 days before the early voting kickoff and the aggrieved victim can then express their righteous indignation at being deprived of the public’s opportunity to select their representative of choice.

In our progressive Democratic community strenuous safeguards must be undertaken to guarantee the protection of the right to vote in Hamilton County.

A non-reliable, confidential informant has reported that the crime wave has already begun in the GOP primary and that the smooth paved highway up the Scenic Highway is littered with non-standing signs supporting the incumbent senator representing the 10th Senatorial District.

(Whether the culprits creating this path of destruction are in any way connected to his opposition, disgruntled Democrats, or just an unhappy property tax hike victim from above, is beyond the scope of this article.)


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Mr. Summers’ article rings true. Republican candidate for Tennessee House District 27 Michele Reneau’s campaign has been hit hard with this. It’s becoming a daily occurrence with either cut or stolen signs. It’s sad that people resort to that and don’t respect other people’s property. 

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