McCallie Edges Baylor In Middle School Tennis

  • Thursday, September 21, 2023
McCallie Middle School tennis team.
McCallie Middle School tennis team.
photo by Dodd Shumate (contributed)

Playing at McCallie, the Blue Tornado won two out of three doubles and then three out of six singles matches to defeat the Baylor Red Raiders 5-4 in middle school tennis.  The #2 & 3 doubles teams of Brantley Lockhart-Sam Harris and Campbell Naggar-Rhys Coleman put McCallie up 2-1 going into singles.  Liam Tabibiazar was first off with an 8-1 at #1 singles followed by #6 player Rhys Coleman with an 8-5 win.  The clinching match was won by #4 player Wylie Shumate with a hard fought 8-6 win.  The win raised McCallie’s record to 7-2.

After winning only 1 out of 4 doubles matches, the McCallie B team responded by winning 7 out of 8 singles matches to defeat the Baylor B team 7-4.  Ayan Chakraborty was the only player that won in both singles and doubles.  Singles winners were Calvin Captuo, Stone Caputo, Findley Beasley, Tarek Ankar-Burdette, Aaron Vincent and Porter O’Shaughnessy.

The individual results of the match were as follows:

McCallie 5  Baylor 4


  1.   Liam Tabibiazar (M)  defeated William Oehmig (B) 8-1

  2.   Brantley Lockhart (M) lost to Harlan Soss (B) 8-1

  3.   Sam Harris (M) lost to Tyce Veltenaar (B) 8-6

  4.   Wylie Shumate (M) defeated Zachary Ledford (B) 8-6

  5.   Campbell Naggar (M) lost to Andrew Ketcham (B) 8-4

  6.    Rhys Coleman (M) defeated Carter Paschall (B) 8-5


  1. Liam Tabibiazar-Wylie Shumate (M) lost to Oehmig-Soss (B) 8-4

  2. Brantley Lockhart-Sam Harris (M) defeated Veltenaar-Ledford (B) 8-4

  3. Campbell Naggar-Rhys Coleman (M) defeated Ketham-Paschall (B) 8-5

McCallie B Team 7  Baylor B Team 4


  1.    Ayan Chakraborty (M) defeated Reed Finlay (B) 8-4

  2.    AJ Gupta (M) lost to Mason Richards (B) 8-5

  3.   Calvin Caputo (M) defeated Thadeaus Smith (B) 8-4

  4.   Stone Caputo (M) defeated Anton Pruenster (B) 8-2

  5.   Findley Beasley (M) defeated Rhodes Kelly (B) 8-5

  6.   Tarek Ankar-Burdette (M) defeated Marshall Sommer (B) 8-4

  7.   Aaron Vincent (M) defeated Maxwell Sawrie (B) 8-1

  8.   Porter O’Shaughnessy (M) defeated Maxwell Sawrie (B) 8-1


  1. Ayan Chakraborty-AJ Gupta (M) defeated Finlay-Richards (B) 8-7 (5)

  2. Calvin Caputo-Stone Caputo (M) lost to Smith-Pruenster (B) 9-8 (6)

  3. Findley Beasley-Tarek Ankar-Burdette (M) lost to Kelly-Sommer (B) 8-6

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