Hamilton County Confederates: S-T

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The following data on Confederate soldiers from Hamilton County is taken from a book by Nat Hughes and John Wilson.

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SAFFER, George Chatt. Home Guards
Born c1834 in Bavaria, Ger. Married (Mar. 31,1861) Mary B. J. Kuhn. Wife Rosa (1870HC) was from Ohio. 1870 occup. cooper in Chatt.

SAMPLES, 1Lt. James G. Co. F, 35TN
Born in 1837 in Bradley County, TN, he was a merchant res. in hh of George Curry in 1860. Enl. in HC, Oct. 1, 1862. Seriously wounded at Chickamauga, he was left at home to recuperate and "moved north about 1st of Dec. 1863." Dropped June 2, 1864. Gray eyes, Sandy hair, fair complexion, 5'11" tall. Took USA oath. [1860HC]

SAMPLY, Martin V. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1842 in TN, son of William and Mary.

Born Apr. 21, 1810 in Ireland, Sandels emigrated to Ohio
where he became an Episcopal priest. He was a professor at Kenyon
College and taught at the Columbia (TN) Female Institute.
In 1853 he became a missionary at Chatt. and organized St.
Paul's Church. After serving as a chaplain in the Confederate
army, Sandels served churches in Arkansas and Louisiana where he
died Oct. 10, 1874.

SANDY, Lt. F. H. 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Capt. Sept. 9, 1863; imp. at Johnson's Island

SARTIN, JOHN T. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Bn. NC 1831. 1860 res. in hh of W. M. Shropshire at Ooltewah. Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC Deserted Sept. 15, 1863 at Linden, TN. Residence listed in HC. Light complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 5 feet, 8 inches tall. [1860 HC]

SAVAGE, Jesse L. Co. I, 19TN
Born c1843, he was living in Chatt. with his parents Warren and Bartheny Savage. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Deserted in May, 1862.

SAWYER, Aaron Madison
(an Aaron Matthew Sawyer was younger brother to Jefferson Elgin Sawyer. He married Elizabeth Guthrie)

SAWYER, Jefferson Elgin Co. F, 35TN
Enl. July 31, 1863, at Cleveland. Two months later, he was present when the fierce fighting began at Chickamauga. Records show he "deserted" on the second day of the battle on Sept. 20. His brother, Eli T. Sawyer, was a first lieutenant and adjutant with the Sixth Mounted Infantry of the Union Army. Born on Christmas Day in 1821, he was the son of George Washington Sawyer and Mary Thurman. He was married to Elizabeth Stringer, then to Mary Jane Henninger and then to Mary E. McDonald. The Sawyers moved at an early date from Bledsoe County to Dallas in Hamilton County. Jefferson E. Sawyer had a farm at White Oak, where Chatt. Memorial Park was later established. He also had property on Walden's Ridge above Falling Water. Here he operated a mountaintop resort known as the Sawyer Hotel until it burned. This community on the mountain was known as Sawyer. Jefferson E. Sawyer died May 15, 1905. [JWilson Sawyer family; CT May 16, 1805]

SCHNEIDER, Frederick Home Guards
Born at Baden, Germany, in 1823, he arrived in New Orleans in 1848 and came to Chatt. in 1851. He was an expert cabinetmaker. He and his wife had five children. At the time of his death on March 16, 1900, he was living with his daughter, Mrs. Mary Noll, at 322 E. Eighth St. [CT March 17, 1900]

SCOGGINS, James McDonald Co. B, 36TN
Born Bradley County, July 7, 1835. Enl. Dec., 1861 and fought at Cumberland Gap and Fishing Creek. Discharged because of measles and later in war served as trackman on East TN & GA railroad. Methodist. Res. 1908 in Highland Park. Died April 6, 1909 in Chatt. [CT April 7, 1909]

SCOTT, Bartley W. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born about 1825, he was a farmer at Snow Hill when the war started. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland and served as a farrier. He deserted at Bristol, TN, on March 7, 1865. Fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes and was 6'2" tall.

SCOTT, Charles Co. F, 35TN
Born 1837 in Washington Co., TN, he was a HC farmer when he enl. Oct. 1, 1862 at Chatt.; serving as hospital nurse, Feb. 10, 1863; deserted at Chatt., Feb., 1863; gray eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5'10" tall.

SCOTT, J. K. P. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; transferred from 36TN; discharged Dec. 13, 1863.

SCOTT, James M. Co. D, 37TN
Age 47 in 1861; enl. Sept. 1, 1861, at Knoxville; became ill March 20, 1862 and sent to Chatt. where he died Aug. 20, 1862.

SCOTT, M. S. Co. F. 8GA Bn.
Born Spartanburg, SC. Enl. 1861 in Co. F. GA Bn. under Gen. Lawton at Savannah. Later moved to Miss., then back to Army of Tenn.

SCOTT, Milo W. Barry's Btry.
Born c. 1835, he was a clerk in Chatt. when the war broke out. He resided with the Thomas J. Lattners at the time of the 1860 census. Married (May 14, 1861) Mary Ann Doyl. Enl. July 28, 1862 at Chatt.; Capt. Spanish Fort, April 8, 1865; imprisoned at Ship Island, MS

SCOTT, Saumel Joseph 7GA
Born Greene Co. GA, Nov. 17, 1844. Stationed Mobile. Fought in Atlanta Camp. (rec. shell wound), Franklin and Nashville. Married (Dec. 23, 1869) Mary Virginia Elizabeth Kemp. Worked for Western and Atlantic rr. 1882 settled in HC, 7 miles east of Miss. Ridge in sight of Mackie Schoolhouse. 1888 opened merchandise business, Chickamauga, TN. Tyner Methodist Ch. Died Dec. 12, 1925 at res in Chick, TN and buried in Concord Cem. [TWP, 239; CT Dec. 13, 1925; TP6526, 15390;Robert Sparks Walker Papers]

SCOTT, Samuel Joseph Co. F, 1GA Reg.
Born Newton Co., GA., son of William and Rosannah Hollingsworth Scott. Enl. Dec. 1862 at Powder Springs, GA., to Fort Gaines, AL. was in battles at Resaca, New Hope Church, Kennesaw, Peachtree Creek and Atlanta (wounded). Also in fighting at Jonesboro, Franklin, and Nashville. He was a butcher after the war and moved to Chatt. in 1890. [TCVQ]

SCOTT, Sterling Co. K, 43TN
Born about 1836, he enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was absent on sick furlough from the fall, 1861 through April, 1862. Prior to the war, he had a farm at Long Savannah north of Ooltewah.

SCOTT, Thomas A. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; capt, at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled; again capt. at Cleveland, TN, Dec. 15, 1863; imp. at Rock Island Barracks and released Oct. 18, 1864.[CSR; RI ledger]

SCOTT, T. J. Sgt. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Captured at Linden, TN, Jan. 12, 1864. Imprisoned at Alton, IL.

SCRIBNER (SCRIVENER), James Henry Co. C, Walker's Bn., Thomas Legion
Born Blount Co. TN, March 4, 1844. Enl. 1861 in Maryville, but went on leave with measles. Reenl. Sept. 29, 1862. Present through Oct. 1862; AWOL July 15, 1863-4.7, 1864, but claimed he was engaged in "hauling of supplies." Married (1876) Mary Fuller. Res. 1915 in Soddy. Died June 27, 1931 in HC. [TWP, 289; TP14815; 1910HC]

SCROGGINS, G. W. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.

SCROGGINS, James McDonald Co. B, 36TN
Enl. Cleveland, but not found in 1860HC.

SCRUGGS, Alfred T. Co. E, 4TN Cav. (McLemore's)
Born Bedford Co., TN Sept. 24, 1834. Served under Forrest and Wheeler. To Chatt. in 1905. Died May 20, 1912 and buried FH. [CT May 21, 1912]

SCRUGGS, Barlow O. Co. H, Holcombe Legion (7SC Cav.)
Buried Concord Cem.

SCRUGGS, Drury Dobbins Co. C, 4SC State Troops
Born June 23, 1848 in Spartanburg, SC, enl. there, Sept., 1864. Lived in TX before coming to Chatt., 1899. 1910 res. Elizabeth Ave. with wife Harriet. Baptist. Dairy farmer, died April 16, 1927 at res. on Mitchell Ave. Buried Concord Cem.[NBFM7; 1910HC;CT Apr. 17, 1927]

SEAGERS, James Co. K, 43TN
Born 1818 in Franklin Co., GA, he was a farmer and "ditcher" living at Harrison when the war started. He enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah and soon was detached to the general hospital at Loudon, TN, and was discharged due to a disability on July 19, 1862. His wife was Jane. He had a dark complexion, dark eyes, dark hair and was 5'10" tall. [1860HC]

SEAGLE, William E. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1843 in TN, son of John and Nancy Seagle of Ooltewah. [1860HC]

SEAGLE, William E. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1831 in VA. Farm laborer; wife Eliza and three children. [1860HC]

SEALE, Reuben Harrison Co. E, 11TH SC
Born Greenville, AL in 1834. Married Eliza M. Hughes (1857), in Greenville, AL. Capt. Petersburg, June 24, 1864 and imprisoned at Pt. Lookout six months. Family moved to TN, 1893 and became res. of Ooltewah, James Co., doing "pick-up jobs" at 50 cents a day. Died May 29, 1909 in Chatt. [CT May 30, 1909; TP3541; TWP 3220]

SEARCY, Shadrick Co. I, 46GA
Black soldier, born March 1, 1846, Talbot Co., GA. Slave of Dr. John Searcy who became body servant for his sons James (killed at Franklin) and Kitchen (killed near Rome, 1865). After war was 40 years employee of Central of GA RR. To TN, 1903. Received pension with support of NBF Camp. Died May 11, 1937 and buried in CSA Cem., "first Negro, it is believed, to be buried there."[TP#235; undated CT clipping in NBFM6]

SEGARS, JAMES 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Aug. 20, 1862 in HC Deserted at Shelbyville, TN, Dec. 10, 1862.

Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; resigned Dec. 4, 1862.

Enl. Sept. 23, 1862 in HC Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

SELF, F. T. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Nov. 25, 1863 near Chatt.

SELF, M. P. Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. July 18, 1863 at Chatt.; deserted Nov. 25, 1863 near Chatt.

SEVERIN, Adam Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
He left his 45-acre grape vineyard at Harrison to join Capt. William Ragsdale. A native of Germany, he was born Dec. 10, 1826 and made his way to Chatt. in 1859 where he grew fruit trees and grape vines to make wine. His orchard and arbors were destroyed by the war, but he replanted and offered the public "Concord" and "Hive Seedling." His wife, Louisa, was also from Germany. "Probably no man was known to a larger group of Chattanoogans." Absent at Chatt. by order Gen. Smith. Disch. overage, Sept 15, 1862. [CT, Dec. 5, 1903; 1860HC]

SEVIER, Elbert Franklin Co. I, 26TN
Born in Kingston, Roane Co., Feb. 5, 1841, son of Garry and Mary Caroline Brown Sevier, he was a direct descendant of Gov. John Sevier and was related to the James family, with whom he stayed when first coming to Chatt. He was also the nephew of another Elbert F. Sevier, a Methodist minister who married Eliza James. He was a student at Von Aldehoff's Institute on Lookout Mountain when he enl. Oct. 1, 1862, at Knoxville in Co. I, 26th Tennessee Infantry. He was wounded by a spent cannonball at Murfreesboro, and spent months in a hospital in Chatt. where he was captured by the Federals and paroled. After war attended college, then came to Chatt. and became bookkeeper at Watkins Hardware Co., then a director of the Chatt. Gas Light Co. (1871-76). Later he was in the insurance business, and served as the treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce. He maried Bettie Taylor, and they lived at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Vine Street. Episcopalian. He died in sanitarium in Cincinnati, OH, Oct. 11, 1905 and was buried in Chatt. at FH. [CT, Oct. 13-14, 1905; FHR; NBFM2; Hist. St. Paul's, 172-73]

SEXTON, Blackburn Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He is listed as only 11 years old in the 1860 census, but he enl. in the Confederate forces on Aug. 1, 1863. He took the USA oath of allegiance the following May 9. He had a light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes and was 5'7'' tall. His parents were Joseph and Lorraine Sexton.

SEXTON, John Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born about 1843, his parents were Joseph and Lorraine Sexton. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. Records showing him returning to the ranks at Camp Millville on Feb. 12, 1863. Became 2nd Sgt.

SHADDOCK, Elisha Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1840. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862., and imp. Camp Douglas. Deserted at Tunnel Hill, April 19, 1863. Present June 30, 1863. Deserted at Chatt., Aug. 24, 1863. Capt. at Cooper's Gap, Sept. 12, 1863. Released at Nashville upon taking USA oath.

SHALER, James Riddle Lt. Col. 1MO
Born Dec. 23, 1830 in Allegheny Co., PA. Merchant in St. Louis who enl., 1860, in Minute Men, then 1MO Inf. with rank of Maj.; Adjt, D. M. Frost's Brigade. Col, 31AR. Briefly commanded combined 7th/9th Divisions in early 1862. Maj and AAG to Adj. Gen. Lt. Col and AAG on staffs of Genls. Price, Magruder and E.K. Smith. Colonel, AIG, on staff of Sterling Price, Aug. 29, 1864. Discharged and released 1865. Lt. Col. at end of war and AAG. Episcopalian. RR supt. in Chatt. in 1893. Later Panama RR. Left Chatt. in 1896. Died Sept. 7, 1910 at Ocean City, NJ and buried in Bellefontaine Cem., St. L. Mo. [Crute, CSA staff officers; NBFM2;CT Sept. 11, 1910]

Lindsley-died April, 1862; z=Killed in action.

Born 1837 in TN. Farm laborer at Harrison with wife Ora Ann and three children. Enl. March 3, 1863, Chatt. as conscript. Deserted March 29, 1863.[1860HC]

SHARP, E. P. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; capt. at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

SHARPE, Elisha F. Co. A, 26TN; Co. I, 3d Mtd. Inf. (Lillard's)
Born c1841 in TN, son of Elisha and Ellender Huff Sharpe. Enl. at Decatur, TN, May 13, 1861 in 26TN. Promoted to Lt., Jan. 5, 1864. Resigned Oct. 5, 1864. Deserted Jan. 14, 1865 and took USA oath. Rept. Meigs, James and Rhea counties in TN General Assembly, 1883-85. Married (1870) Mary J. Peak. [BDTA, 2:806]

SHARPE, Gabriel Marion Co. F, 35TN
Born 1830 in Hawkins Co., TN. Married (1850 in HC), Catherine Flora. He was a farmer in HC when he enl. Oct. 4, 1862; detached to guard bridge at Kelly's Ferry, Nov. 10, 1862. To Miners and Sappers, May 13, 1863. AWOL, Sept. 7, 1863. Blue eyes, dark hair, dark cmplx., 5'7". Res. Wauhatchie, 1870.[TWP, 302]

SHARP, James M.
Born 1830, TN. Res. 1910 with wife Catherine on River Road. Farmer. [1910HC]

SHARPE, James W. Co. A, 19TN
Born Hawkins Co., TN, 1839. 1860 farm laborer in hh of J.K. Denton at Chatt. Murfreesboro. Married 1) Amelia Ann, 2) Elizabeth J. Enl. July 22, 1861, Cumberland Gap. At Corinth, May, 1862. Res. 1911 in Valdeau, HC, TN.

SHARP, Leonard Japhet "Jabe" 3d TN Inf.
Born in McMinn County, Jan. 11, 1845, he was the son of Elisha Sharp, a large landowner and slaveholder who was killed during the Civil War. His mother was Eleanor Huff. His grandfathers, William Sharp and John Huff, fought in the Revolution. Enl. in 26TN and later 3TN, fighting under John C. Vaughn at Bull Run, Tazewell, Cumberland Gap, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain and other encounters. His brother, Elisha F. Sharp, also CSA, but deserted near the end of the war. LJS came to Chatt. in 1870 and was in the grocery business before opening a successful livery and mortuary. Baptist and active in Democratic politics. Married Nellie Gillespie in 1875. They resided on East Sixth Street and had a summer home at Mabbit Spring on Walden's Ridge. LJS died March 1, 1917 and was buried FH. [JWilson Sharp family; CT March 2, 1917, Hale and Merritt Vol. VII, pp. 2,056 and 2,149; CT March 2, 1917;1910HC]

SHAW, James W. 2d Co. D, 26TN; 2d Co. D, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861 in Knoxville. Captured at Missionary Ridge, Nov. 26, 1863 and imp. Rock Island. Took USA oath of allegiance, Oct. 11, 1864. Res. HC Fair cmplx. auburn hr, blue eyes, 5'4"

SHELLY, GEORGE W. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born 1840 in TN, son of West and Priscilla Shelly of Harrison. Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC Capt. near Chatt., Dec. 26, 1863. Took USA oath, Jan. 6, 1864. Res. in HC Fair complexion, light hair, Gray eyes, 5' 9".

SHELLY, JAMES Cpl. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born 1836 in TN, son of West and Priscilla Shelly of Harrison. Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC. Promoted to 3rd Cpl. Aug. 31, 1863. Left sick on march from Oxford to Dalton, Feb. 12, 1864. Sent to hospital in Atlanta, June 22, 1864. Died in hospital in Macon, GA, July 11, 1864.

SHELLY, JOHN 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born 1843 in TN, son of West and Priscilla Shelly of Harrison. Enl. Sept. 23, 1862 in HC. Sick in hospital in Chatt. "Deserted."
SHELLY, William C. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1838, son of West and Priscilla Shelly. Before the war he resided on a farm near the Tennessee River north of Missionary Ridge. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He deserted Aug.3, 1862.

SHELTON, Erasmus A.
1846-1917. Married Lydia J. Umberger. Buried Citizens Cem.


SHELTON, Richard Elijah Surgeon, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1839, he was a physician living at Sale Creek before the war.

SHELTON, Woodly T. Co. K, 4TN Cav. (McLemore's)
Born Feb. 18, 1834 in Jackson Co., AL. Enl. Oct. 5, 1862. Paroled May 21, 1865. To Chatt. 1876, wholesale grocer. Merchant in Chatt., 1891. Moved to Bradley Co. Died near Rossville, Feb. 28, 1902. Buried FH. [FHR; NBFM2;CT 3.1.1902]

SHEPHERD, Lewis Co. A, 5TN Cav.
Born March 7, 1846 in Hickory Valley, Hamilton County, Shepherd was the son of Lewis Shepherd Sr., a planter and politician who moved to Hamilton County from Newberry, S. C. A student at Von Aldehoff's Academy when he enl., Lewis, Jr. was assigned to duty in East Tennessee guarding bridges and repressing bushwhackers. Then he went on the Kentucky campaign and was in the fighting at Fishing Creek. He was involved in several skirmishes under Wheeler and was in the rear guard on the retreat from Kentucky. At Chickamauga, he fought under Forrest and was with the unit that captured the Cloud Springs Federal hospital. He was with Gen. Wheeler in his famous raid through Tennessee, but he was later made prisoner and sent to Camp Morton, IN where he remained a year. He was exchanged Feb. 1865 and joined the 16TN Cav. Bn. in southwest Virginia. After Lee's surrender, he marched under John C. Vaughn to Charlotte, NC. He was with Jefferson Davis and his cabinet as a cavalry escort until they were disbanded at Washington, GA.
Lewis Shepherd Jr. was a leading attorney at Chatt. after
the war, representing a number of railroad lines. Became widely known for his spirited defense of a Melungeon. Also represented HC in TN General Assembly, 1877-79, 1890-91. Married (1876) Lilah Pope. Shepherd was a Baptist and published his memoirs not long before his death May 14, 1917 in Chatt. He was buried FH. [CTJan. 2, 1910, May 15.1917; FHR; BDTA, 2:812-14; NBFM7]


SHIPMAN, John Co. C, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1836, son of William, of Long Savannah. Wife was Margaret. [1860HC]

SHIPP, John Thomas Co. C, 4TN Cav.
Born Aug. 4, 1846 in Rutherford Co., TN. Enl. Aug., 1864; wounded 1865 at Branchville, SC (left leg amputated). Day laborer and "attends engine and boiler for Mountain City Stove Co." Res. 1910 with wife Mary on Curtiss St. Died Dec. 24, 1920 in Chatt. and buried FH. [CT Dec. 25, 27, 1920; TP310; 1910HC]

SHIPP, Joseph Franklin Capt., 4GA
Born Jasper Co., GA, Feb. 23, 1845, Shipp was dangerously
wounded at Malvern Hill. Soon after he was promoted to captain
and continued as such throughout the war. He became a cotton
ginner and merchant before moving to Chatt. in 1874 where he
manufactured pumps. He reenl. during the Spanish American War
and served as a quartermaster. He became HC tax
assessor in 1900 and sheriff in 1904. His wife was Lilly Eckles. Died at res. on Shipp St., Sept. 18, 1925 and buried FH. [NBFM7]

SHIRLEY, James Brown 3rd Sgt. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Bn c1837 at Savannah Creek near Ooltewah, he was named for the Indian chief James Brown who resided at Ooltewah by his parents, Thomas and Julia Ann Shirley. 1860 farmer in Ooltewah. Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Captured at Linden, TN May 12, 1863 and exchanged June 12, 1863. Hospitalized at Thomaston, GA, Oct., 1863. Graduated from Tennessee Medical College and became a doctor. He married Mary Achsah Andrews of Thomaston, GA. He died in 1924.

SHOEMAKER, 2Lt. William C. Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn. (Branner's); Co. K, 36TN; Co. K, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born c1837 in VA, the son of William L. Shoemaker of VA. Left his father's prosperous farm at Harrison to enlist. He was transferred on Jan. 9, 1862, to Co. K, 36TN. He also served as a sgt., Co. K, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's). He was paroled at Charlotte, NC, on May 3, 1865. [1860HC]

SHOOK, Harvey M. Co. H, 37TN
Enl. May 7, 1862, at Corinth, MS. He deserted at Chatt. on Aug. 28, 1863. He took the USA oath of allegiance on Dec. 9, 1863. Before the war he lived on a farm at Harrison with his mother, Margaret Shook. He was born c1839. He had a dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes and was 5'8" tall.[1860HC]

SHOOK, William L. Co. F, 42TN
Born c1834 and living at Harrison prior to war with wife Margaret. Enl. Nov. 2, 1861, Camp Cheatham. Prom. to Sgt. Capt. at Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas. Exch. Vicksburg.

SHOOPMAN, Alexander Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Born 1834 in TN. Farm laborer in Harrison, 1860, with wife Harriet. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxvillle. Due 3CSA Cav. pay to Nov. 17, 1862. Capt. at Nashville, Dec. 16, 1864 and imp. Camp Douglas, Dec. 1864-June 20, 1865.[1860HC]

SHOOPMAN, John Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1842 in GA. Farm laborer in 1860 in hh of bro. Alexander.

SHROPSHIRE, John Doak 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born in 1837, he was a son of John Jackson Shropshire. Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Later listed on the roll of deserters and was admitted within the lines of the Department of the Cumberland. He was transf. from Nashville to Louisville, KY, where he arrived Dec. 13, 1863. He took the oath of allegiance and was released upon agreement he would stay north of the Ohio River for at least six months. "Exchanged for R. M. Underwood." He had dark complexion, brown hair and black eyes and was 5'10". Married Rebecca King.

SHULL, Sgt. Franklin Tate Co. A, 2TN Cav. Bn.
Born July 5, 1844 in Roane Co., TN, he enl. Oct. 1, 1861 at Loudon. Fishing Creek, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Miss. Ridge, Atlanta Campaign. Severely wounded at New Hope Church and leg amputated Nov., 1864. Spent remainder of war in FL and Selma, AL. Res. in East Chatt., 1908. Died in Tallahassee, FL, Dec. 22, 1911. Obit. states he was buried in NC. [CTJan. 2, 1912; TP10367]

SHULL, William Co. B, 5TN Cav.
He was killed in action on Dec. 1, 1861. Before the war, he was a farm laborer near Chatt., living with his wife, Octavia. Born c1836. His father was William Shull, who was also a farm laborer.[1860HC]

SIDEBOTTOM, Capt. Augustus William Co. A, 5TN
Born Dec. 28, 1836 in Stewart Co., TN, he became a merchant in
Henry Co., TN, before enlisting early in 1861 in Co. A, 5TN. He
fought at Island No. 10, Shiloh and Perryville. After the
Kentucky Campaign he was promoted to 2Lt and to acting capt.
following Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. He was
severely wounded at Resaca "by a piece of shell striking him in the forehead, leaving a mark which was plainly visible during the remainder of his life," but rejoined his regiment in time for
New Hope Church and Kennesaw Mountain. He was captured at the
battle of Atlanta and imprisoned at Johnson's Island until June,
1865. He settled in Evansville, IN, then was a traveling salesman
with his home in Paris, TN. He came to Chatt. in 1886 and engaged
in real estate work and became a bank director. Married (1857) Julia A. Bunch. Died Feb. 20, 1908 at his home on Chamberlain Ave. and buried FH.[CT Feb. 21-22, 1908; Dec. 11, 1911; FHR; NBFM2].


SIGGERS, James Co. K, 43TN
Born in 1818 in Franklin County, GA, he was a farmer who enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; detached to general hospital, Loudon, TN. discharged because of disability, July 19, 1862; dark complexion, dark eyes, dark hair; 5'10" tall.

SIMMONS, JORDAN B. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 12, 1862 in HC Captured near Chickamauga, Nov. 28, 1863. Imprisoned at Rock Island, IL. Released Oct. 27, 1863. Took USA oath Oct. 27, 1864. Residence listed at Catoosa Co., GA. Dark hair, dark complexion, Black eyes, 5', 8". 47 years old.[CSR; RI ledger]

SIMPSON, James Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt. as a substitute for B. F. Nabors.

SIMPSON, R. A. Russell's Bn., Pendleton's Mtd. Inf.
Enl. Feb., 1864. Res. 1901 in Chatt. but moved to Memphis.[NBFM3,7]

SIMPSON, William Watkins
Born Norfolk, VA, Nov. 29, 1844. He moved to Chatt. in 1870 and in 1894 moved to Wheeling, WV. Mason. Married Marion Corbin. Died Sept. 6, 1910 in Cincinnati and buried in FH. [CT Sept 7, 1910]

SIMS, George William Co. K, 43TN
He enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah and was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. Before the war, he was a farm laborer living at Ooltewah with his family on the farm of Alexander McDaniel. He was born in Georgia about 1842. His father, J.B. Sims, was from South Carolina, while his mother, Margaret Sims, was from North Carolina. [1860 HC Census]

SIMS, Jeremiah "Jerry " Myers Co. G, 39GA
Born in Gilman Co., GA, son of William R. and Bicie Woods Sims. He enl. at Dalton, Ga. on Nov. 18, 1864, at age 15. He was in fighting at Resaca, LaFayette and Atlanta. He walked to Ellijay, GA after being paroled at Greensboro, NC, May, 1865. He was married at James County in 1907 to Sarah Isabell Davis. Res. 1918 in Harrison. Died 1930 in HC. [TWP 283; TCVQ; TP 15,382]

SIMS, Little Page
Married (1869) in HC Margaret Sivley. Died HC. Descendant, Bruce Benton.

SIMS, William W.
Born 1840 in TN. Farmer at St. Elmo, 1910 with wife Myra (m. 1865) in hh of son Fletcher T. [1910 HC]

SIMS, William H. H. Co. K, 43TN; Barry's Btry.
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 in Co. K, 43TN at Ooltewah; transferred to Barry's Battery, May 9, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Sept. 1, 1864 at Atlanta; Brown Diary says Sims captured on retreat from Atlanta Sept. 10, 1864; took USA oath, Nov. 26, 1864; dark complexion, dark hair, gray eyes, 5'9" tall.

SINNETT, Richard Co. H, 2TN Cav.(Ashby's); Co. L, 36TN
Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville, then reenl. Jan. 9, 1862, in 26TN at Chatt.

SIVELY, J. Absalom B. S., Sr. "Ab" Co. H, 2TN (Ashby's) Cav.
Born Jan. 16, 1827 in HC, son of Daniel. Enl. in 4TN Inf. during Mex. War. Enl. in Chatt. May 15, 1861, as 2Lt. Re-enl. Sept. 22, 1862 in HC in 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav. Afterwards served in 2TN. Paroled May 20, 1865 in Charlotte, NC. Farmer in East End. Baptist. Had eight children by Mary Lyon and nine by Mary Milliken. Postmaster at King's Point and member of County Court. Died at res., Jan. 16, 1912, in East Chatt. and buried King's Point Cem. [NBFM2; CTJan. 17, 1912]

SIVLEY, 2Lt. Absalom B. S., Jr. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
He was one of the sons of Absalom Sivley and Rebecca Canterbury, who lived at King's Point. Enl. June 17, 1861, Knoxville. Left service May 26, 1862 but reenlist. Nov. 29, 1862 at Chatt. Prom. lieut. Listed absent without leave Feb. 12, 1864. Buried at King's Point Cem., HC.

SIVLEY, Daniel H. Co. H, 4TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1830, son of Absalom and Rebecca Canterbury Sively of King's Point. He had earlier been a lieutenant of Lawson Guthrie's first company of volunteers organized in East Tennessee for the Mexican War. He saw service at Buena Vista and was in the storming of Mexico City. He suffered no wounds in either war. While in the Confederate army, he was crossing the Cumberland Mountains and his company became surrounded by a large detachment of Federal troops in the darkness. Preparing to surrender, he caught sight of a regiment of Confederates coming up on the Federals from behind. He pointed out the gray-clad soldiers to the Union major saying, "You are my prisoners now, Major." After the battle of Fishing Creek, DHS came into possession of a fine racing horse formerly owned by Lewis Shepperd, Sr. En route back to Chatt., he was able to swim the rivers, though other horses faltered. DHS was one of the first to arrive in Chatt. and break the news of the Mill Springs disaster and the death of Gen. Felix Zollicoffer. DHS and his wife, Mary, had seven children. He died in Jan. 16,1912 and was buried in the family cemetery at King's Point. [1860HC]

SIVLEY, Sgt. Daniel, Jr. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born 1836 in TN, son of Daniel and Margaret, he was farmer at Chatt. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862 and was promoted to sergeant on March 26, 1863. He was later listed as absent without leave. While he was away, Yankee soldiers harassed his wife, Caroline, by firing their rifles over the Sivley homeplace at Mountain Creek. Later, Federal soldiers came to the house to get her only hog, which was all the food she had except for some buried sweet potatoes. She grabbed an axe and threatened to attack the first soldier who touched the hog. A Federal officer then ordered the soldiers to leave her alone. [JWilson Sivley family; 1860HC]

SIVLEY, 3Lt. George Washington Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, at Knoxville and was wounded at Perryville on Oct. 8, 1862. On Nov. 10, 1862, he "did in company with two other officers and several citizens go to a house of ill fame and there get drunk. . . was engaged in a riot in which loaded and empty pistols and brickbats, etc. were used until suppressed by police." He resigned May 15, 1863. Col. Moses White reported that Sivley "is not only worthless as an officer, but is a positive nuisance in the regiment."
Born about 1821, he was a son of Daniel Sivley and Elizabeth McGuire. He married Sarah Boswell, a native of Kentucky. Sivley lived in Chatt. after the war and was a hauler of wood. He worked for the firm of Baldwin and Williams. Died April 4, 1873 in HC, age 51.[HC Register of Deaths]

SIVLEY, PETER 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born 1815 in TN, son of Absalom of King's Point. Farmer in Harrison in 1860 with wife Rutha Sively (his cousin). Enl. Aug. 15, 1862 in HC. Paroled May 3, 1865 in Charlotte, NC. Died 1867.

SIVLEY, Ransom Henry Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17.61, at Ooltewah. He deserted Feb. 1, 1862. and joined Co. G, 5th TN Cav. (USA). Co. G was commanded by Wm. J. Clift. Commissioned 1Lt. Oct. 4, 1862. and released from service at Pulaski, TN, Aug. 14, 1865. RHS was one of the sons of Absalom Sivley of King's Point. He was born about 1837. [1860HC]

SIVELY, Thomas Jefferson Co. H, 37TN
Born 1830 in TN. Farmer at Harrison with wife Eliza. Enl. Sept. 17, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. sick during KY Campaign. Paroled. Rejoined regt., but deserted Sept. 11, 1863 near Chatt., took USA oath and enlisted in Co. F, 12TN Cav. (USA) becoming a cpl., June 2, 1864, wounded Aug. 19, 1864. Promoted to Sgt. Oct. 1, 1864.

SIVLEY, William M. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1843 in TN, son of Peter and Ruth. Enl. June 17, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Aug. 31, 1862 in Ky. Exch. Sept. 1, 1862. Recapt. near Chatt. Sept. 12, 1863. Sent to Nashville and was to be released upon taking USA oath.[1860HC]

SKELTON, Thomas B. Co. C., 3AL
Born 1843 in Jackson Co., AL, he married Martha Jane Shankles and died Feb. 15, 1911, age 67, at res. on Long Street and buried FH. Pipe maker renting home on Long St. Resident of Chatt. 13 years. [TWP, p. 121; CT Feb. 16, 1911; 1910HC]

SKILES, C. Co. D, 37TN
Enl Jan. 28, 1863, Chatt. Conscript. Deserted from Catoosa Springs, Jan. 29, 1863

SKINNER, Temple R. "Temp"
Born c1837 in AL, he was living in Chatt. with his wife Mary. A printer, he was among those helping put out the Chatt. Daily Rebel. Described by writer Henry Wiltse as "good-natured, happy-go-lucky."

SKIPPER, James W. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Listed absent without leave late October 1863 and was supposed to be in the hands of the enemy. The Federals reported him captured in Lookout Valley on Oct. 29, 1863 and sent to Louisville "for exchange." He arrived at Louisville on Nov. 8, 1863 and was forwarded to Camp Morton at Indianapolis and was in the USA Pest (Smallpox) Hospital at Indianapolis in January, 1865. He was released May 23, 1865. The Chatt. resident had a dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes and was 5'9" tall.

SLIGER, Cpl. Joseph LaFayette Co. D, 43TN
Born McMinn Co., 1839. Enl. at Decatur, TN, 1861. Capt. at Vicksburg. Paroled and went home. Married Sarah Brock (1866, McMinn Co.) Living in North Chatt. in 1920, "according to comrade John Hart of Athens, TN." Died in North Chatt., Jan. 7, 1922. [TWP 8197]

Citizen of Chatt. in 1915 [CT April 5, 1915]

SLOAN, Robert F. [E.?] Co. E, 3TN
Born Polk County, TN, Aug. 5, 1830. In mercantile business at Ocoee. Enl. in 3rd TN and served in VA, then became adjutant of 5th TN Cav. Crippled by his horse in spring, 1863 and never fully recovered. Surrendered at Macon, May 25, 1865. Married Annie Stuart. Died May 8, 1909 at "Elizabeth" Flats and buried FH. [CT May 9, 1909; FHR; NBFM2, 7]

SLOAN, Dr. Rudolphus A.
Born Norfolk, VA, Dec. 13, 1830. Methodist preacher then to Nashville to study medicine, then practiced in Pikeville. Enl. in CSA as pvt., but soon made surgeon. Settled in Charleton, TN and Calhoun, GA before coming to Chatt. in 1886. Married (1866) Margaret L. Died May 28, 1912 at residence on Houston St. and buried FH. [CT May 29.12; 1910HC]

SLOVER, Albert M. Barry's Battery
Enl. Oct. 17, 1862 at Knoxville. He was captured at the Spanish Fort on April 8, 1865, and imprisoned at Ship Island, Miss. His older brother, James, was also in Barry's Battery. Before the war, the Slovers resided at Sale Creek on the farm of their parents, Alfred and Cynthia Slover. Albert Slover was born about 1838. 1870 res. Long Savannah, wife Nancy A.

SLOVER, James E. Barry's Battery
He enl. Oct. 17, 1862 at Knoxville. He was captured along with his younger brother, Albert Slover, at Spanish Fort on April 8, 1865, and imprisoned at Ship Island, Miss. His parents were Alfred and Cynthia Slover of Sale Creek. He was born about 1836. 1870 a laborer on his parents farm in Long Savannah.

SMALLEY, Phillip Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt.. He was listed as absent sick, then was reported as having deserted to the enemy lines at Bridgeport, Ala., on Nov. 1, 1863. He was taken by the Federals in November 1863 to Louisville. He took the oath of allegiance and was released north of the Ohio River. He had a dark complexion, dark hair, gray eyes and was 5'4'' tall. He was living before the war in the vicinity of Moccasin Bend with his wife, Phebe. A farm laborer, he was born about 1837. The Smalleys were originally from North Carolina.

SMARTT, James Polk Co. C., 16TN
Born Sept. 11, 1844 at Smartt (Warren Co.), TN, son of George Madison and Ann Waterhouse Smartt, he attended Hannah Highland College in Warren County and represented Warren Co. in the TN legislature before joining the Confederate army in the fall of 1862. He fought at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, the Atlanta campaign, Hood's Tennessee Campaign and Bentonville. He was paroled at Greensboro, NC in May, 1865. Following the war he completed his education and taught a year in the Hannah Highland College. He engaged in the wholesale hat business at Nashville and then, beginning in 1875, in Chatt. He became head of Smartt Brothers & Co., wholesale dealers in boots and shoes, then the mercantile house of Smartt and Oehmig. He was director and vice-president of Third National Bank and director of the Chatt. Savings Bank. Active in veterans affairs, Smartt became volunteer historian of Chickamauga-Chatt. National Military Park. He died in Chatt. Sept. 9, 1914 and was buried in Citizens Cem. His wife was Rowena Kennedy.[GHT, p. 995; CT Sept. 10-11, 1914]

SMITH, A. J. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born 1830 in TN, son of John. Farmer at Soddy with wife Caroline and two children. Enl. March 7, 1862 in Camp Casey, KY. Deserted Dec. 28, 1862 at Shelbyville, TN.[1860HC]

Born June 6, 1842 in Wilkes Co., GA, he served on the staff of Gen. D. H. Hill during the war. Afterwards he entered the milling business at Dalton after the war, then relocated at Augusta, then Atlanta and became a fireman, then conductor on the Western and Atlantic RR and the N C & St. L. He came to Chatt. as depot master for the Southern RR. NBF Camp. Died Oct. 25, 1906 at his home in Highland Park and buried in FH. [CT Oct. 26-27, 1906]

SMITH, Albert Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; again captured Oct. 28, 1864 in Jefferson County, TN; imprisoned at Louisville, then Camp Douglas. Released June 17, 1865. Dark complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 5'9" tall.

SMITH, Alexander Co. B, 1TN Cav.(Carter's),
Born c. 1821 in TN. Farm laborer at Birchwood in 1860. Wife Amanda. He was ill in the hospital in the summer of 1862. He was taken prisoner at Staunton, Va., on June 8, 1864. [1860HC]

SMITH, Augustus A. Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Wounded at Winchester, TN, 1862. "Of Hill City. Sick and in distress," Sept., 1901. [NBFM3]

SMITH, Col. Baxter 7TN Cav. Bn.; 4TN Cav.
Born March 10, 1832 in Davidson Co., son of Dr. Edmond Byars and Sally Baxter Smith. Prominent lawyer and Know-Nothing political leader in Nashville prior to the war in which he became a well known cavalry leader under Forrest and Wheeler. After war resumed practice in Nashville, partner with Ed Baxter. Representing Davidson County in TN Senate, 1879-81. Moved to Chatt. in 1910 and became Secty of Chickamauga Park Commission. Married (1856, Sumner Co.) Bettie Guild. Presby. Died June 25, 1919 in hospital at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA and buried in Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville. [TWP, 220; CT June 26, 1919]

SMITH, Elbert S. Co. B, 3AL
Born April, 1831 in Knox Co. Enl. Apr., 1863. Capt. just before Chickamauga while carrying a dispatch. Officially carried as having deserted Sept. 25, 1863. Res. 1908 in Sale Creek. [TP6101]

SMITH, Eli T. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1832 in HC, he farmed at Harrison with wife Lydia until enlisting Oct. 4, 1862; Killed at Chickamauga. Sept. 20, 1863; dark eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5'11" tall. [1860HC]

SMITH, Felix Grundy
Born Union Co., GA in 1842. CSA. Became a Congregationalist minister. Died in Chatt. Dec. 6, 1915 and buried at Sunnyside. [CT Dec. 7, 1915]

SMITH, Francis Marion "Frank" Co. B, 3TN (Vaughan's)
Born April 28, 1844 in Knox Co., son of James Monroe and Cynthia Lee Gambell Smith. Boyhood spent in Blount Co. Enl. Apr. 19, 1861. 1Manassas. Was transferred to scout duty under Col. Osborne. Also served in 19TN. Paroled Washington, GA, May 9, 1865. Married (1862 in Knox Co.) Anne Nott. Taught in public schools throughout TN and became supt. of Jackson, TN schools. Appointed state school supt. by Gov. Robert L. Taylor and reappointed by Gov. Turney. Became professor at Univ. of TN at Knoxville, then joined Butler school book company. Retired to farm in Harrison. Mason. Methodist. Married Annie N. Res. 1917 on Bailey Ave. Died Feb. 1, 1921 in HC and buried at Concord Cem. [TWP, 214; CT Feb. 2, 1921; TP15192]

SMITH, George W. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled; enl. in 4TN Cav.; Killed in action at Pulaski, TN.

SMITH, [William?] Hendrix Sgt., 51TN or 59TN
Born Dec. 18, 1842. Farmer in James Co. Died June 2, 1922 and buried Concord Bapt. Cem. [CT June 3, 1922 and info from descendants, Don and Betty Smith, Chatt.]

SMITH, Henry 1TN Cav.
Took the USA oath of allegiance on February 11, 1864. He had a dark complexion, dark hair and hazel eyes and was 5' 5" inches tall.

SMITH, Isaac N. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Before the war, he lived on a farm at Limestone near Ooltewah. His parents were Thomas D. and Dolly Smith. Thomas D. Smith was a native of NC. Isaac Smith was born about 1842. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 in Cleveland.

[Smiths: some of these may be same : J.A., A. J., Jackson, John Augustine, Albert and Alexander may be same person.]

SMITH, J. A. Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Enl. Aug. 11, 1861, at Chatt.

SMITH, J. A. Co. B, 4TN Cav.
Enl. April 10, 1862; capt. July 1, 1863 and paroled July 25, 1863, having taken USA oath of allegiance. Buried CSA Cem.

SMITH, J. C. Co. A, 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cav.
He enl. Aug. 24, 1861 at Camp Cumming. Age 33 on March 11, 1864 roll. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

SMITH, J. H. Co. A, 1GA
Born Feb. 16, 1833 in Monroe Co., TN. Enl. May 12, 1862. Disch. Sept., '63 because of health and returned home. Moved to TN, 1887. Res. 1910 Mitchell Ave., Chatt. [TP 11,859

SMITH, J. H. Washington Rifles, 1GA
Born Apr. 9, 1835 in Houston Co., GA. Enl. in GA in Washington Rifles, 1GA. Afterwards served in 21 Bn Cav, 7Regt, Cav., Hampton Legion. Wounded twice in pursuit of Butler while making his raid to Lynchburg, VA. Capt. near Beverly, VA and released in 1861. Disch. April, 1865. Res. in Ridgedale, TN, occup. coal dealer. [NBFM2]

SMITH, J. M. Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Killed in action Dec. 12, 1862

SMITH, J. T. 5TN Cav. (McKenzie's); 4GA Cav.
Born 1841 Whitfield Co., GA. Bull's Gap, Chickamauga. To TN 1893. and living in Whorley in 1905. [TP7090]

SMITH, Jackson "Jack" Co. H, 4TN Cav.; Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Enl. Aug. 11, 1861. Killed at Battle of Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862.

SMITH, James
Born 1841, TN of parents born in TN. 1910 laborer in James Co. with wife Callis Jenkins.[1910James Co.]

"Evidently colonel" [1890 Vet Census]

SMITH, James David
Born 1833, Lincoln Co., Tenn., of SC parents. Res. 1910 East End Ave. Died March 5, 1916 in Chatt. and buried Winchester, Tenn.[1910HC;CT June 6, 1916]

SMITH, John Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted Dec. 22, 1863 at Morristown, TN.

SMITH, John A.
Born 1839, TN of TN parents. 1910 res. James Co. with wife Martha E. (m1866).

Smith, Lt. Col John A. Co. K, 36TN
Company commander, then elected Lt. Col. of the regiment.

SMITH, John Augustus "Gus" Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Born March, 1838 in Jackson Co., AL. Enl. 1861. Wounded at Pulaski and capt. at Brentwood in 1863 but escaped. Paroled at Raleigh. Resided in Hill City where he died May 8, 1903 and buried White Oak Cem. [NBFM4;TP3636]

SMITH, Sgt. John C. I. Co. C, 3TN Cav. Bn.; Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's),
Born 1838 in Bledsoe Co. He was captured at Piedmont, Va., on June 5, 1864 and sent to Camp Morton, then via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to Point Lookout, Md. Exchanged March 15, 1865. He married (1865 in HC) Martha A. Bean. Res. 1903 in Birchwood (James Co.) where he died in 1910.[TWP, p. 91;TP5905]

SMITH, John H. Co. C, 5TN Cav. (McKenzie's)
Born Feb. 19, 1840 in Campbell Co. Enl. Nov., 1863. Atlanta Camp., Franklin, Nashville. Life long res. of TN, he married (1867) Bettie Burgess. Res. in East Lake in 1905 and died 1917 in Howardsville, James Co. [TWP, p. 191; TP7382]

SMITH, Sgt. John P. Co. F, 35TN
Born 1837 in Lumpkin County, GA, he was a laborer in
Chatt. at the time he enl., Oct. 4, 1862. Detailed as teamster. Prom to 4th Sgt. Paroled at Greensboro, NC, May 1, 1865.

SMITH, John Tyler Wm Brown's Cav.
Born Rutherford Co., NC, 1841. Disabled Dec., 1862, rheumatism. Wife was Sarah Jane. To TN c1895. Res. Chatt., 1919.[TP 15,398]

SMITH, John W. Co. K, 43TN
Born 1818 in Anderson District, SC, he enl. Dec. 15, 1861 at Ooltewah; discharged July 22, 1862 because of disability; fair complexion, gray eyes, black hair, 6'1 1/2" tall.

SMITH, John W. Co. B (D), 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He was captured at Jacksboro, Tenn., on Aug. 27, 1863. He was held at Camp Nelson, Ky., then he arrived at Louisville on Sept. 5, 1863. He went to Camp Chase, Ohio, and on to Rock Island, Ill. He died there on March 1, 1864, from diarrhea. He was buried in Grave 676 south of the prison barracks.[RI ledger]

SMITH, Joseph A. Co. A, 36TN
Born McMinn Co., TN in 1846. Enl. Dec. 11, 1861. Fought at Cumberland Gap and latter part of war with QM Dept. Paroled at Meridian, MS. To TN 1898.[TP14,159]

SMITH, Leander B. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA Cav.; Co. F, 39GA
Enl. as pvt. in 26TN, Aug. 28, 1861. Trans. to 1CSA Cav., Nov. 8, 1862; to 39GA, 1863. Capt. Baker's Creek, May 16, 1863. Exch. 2Lt., June 10, 1864. Surr. Greensboro, April 26, 1865.

SMITH, Dr. Milo
Served as surgeon when wounded Confederates brought into
Chatt. from battles of Fort Donelson, Murfreesboro and
Missionary Ridge.

SMITH, Nathaniel H.
Married Elizabeth. [TWP1602]

SMITH, Pleasant F. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

SMITH, R. A. Co. L, 35TN
Enl. Oct. 13, 1863 in Chatt. Sick at Ringgold Hosp.

SMITH, Richard S. 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He was taken prisoner on Sept. 11, 1863. He was received at Cumberland Gap, TN, after which he agreed to take the oath of allegiance. He had a fair complexion, light hair and black eyes and was 5' 7" tall.

SMITH, Robert C. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He was a teamster, receiving 25 cents a day. He took the oath of allegiance on June 12, 1865, at Charleston, W.Va. He was then 25 with a dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and 5'10" tall.

SMITH, Sterling Tried Surgeon, 36TN; Co. H, 26TN
Born Long Savannah April 11, 1839, son of Maj. Peyton Fauntleroy and Nancy Welch Smith. Attended Georgetown Academy. Married Amy L. Matthews (1856). Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Left sick, Bowling Green, Jan. 23, 1862. Sequatchie Valley doctor for 56 years. Died May 21, 1916 at Dunlap. [CT May 25, 1916; Donnelly, James Co.]

SMITH, W. H. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
He was sent home sick.

SMITH, Wayne S. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Enl. June 17, 1861., Knoxville. Detached as engineer. Capt. Aug. 31, 1862 in Ky. and exch. Sept. 4, 1862. Reenl. Chatt.,Jan. 25, 1863.

SMITH, William A. Co. L, 36TN, Co. L. 35TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt.. Enl. Jan. 8, 1863 in Co. L, 35TN. Sick at hospital, Aug. 31, 1863.

SMITH, William Rutledge
Married Ann Eliza. [TWP4159]

SMITH, William Spotswood
Medical Director under Gen. Stout

SNEED, Gilbert H. Co. F, 1GA Heavy Arty
Born June 6, 1846 in Wilkes Co., GA. Enl. Apr. 12, 1862. Captured Fort Pulaski, April 1862, released Nov., 1862. Next served in W. R. Pritchard's heavy btry. being promoted to Sgt. Major, 22GA Arty. Bn. Paroled May, 1865. Hotel man on Carter St.in Chatt. last 35 years. Died Aug. 2, 1912 at home on Carter St. and buried FH. [FHR; NBFM2; 1910HC; CT Aug. 5, 1912]

SNIDER, James H. Co. H, 3TN Cav.
Born c1842 in TN. Served under Gen. Wheeler. Both feet severely frozen and caused Snider to remain an invalid many years. Died June 22, 1912, on Walden's Ridge and buried in Athens, TN. [CT June 23, 1912; 1910HC]

SNIDER, 2Lt. S. W. Co. K, 43TN
At Camp Ramsey, Athens, TN, Nov. 1, 1861 as 2Lt.

SNODGRASS, Charles L. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1840. Enl. July Aug. 61, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas. Left at Chatt sick, Oct. 5, 1862. Deserted and took USA oath, Dec. 24, 1863. Res. Walker Co., GA.

SNOW, George Washington Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
A son of Capt. William Snow, he served in his father's company. He enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland. Snow is also shown as a member of the 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cavalry, which he joined in HC Sept. 12, 1862. His CSR shows he "deserted" at Shelbyville, Dec. 10, 1862. He was captured at Piedmont, Va., on June 5, 1864. Snow was imprisoned at Camp Morton, Ind., then was shipped via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to Point Lookout, Md., for exchange. He was paroled at Talledga, Ala., on June 20, 1865. Snow was living at Snow Hill with his wife, J. Snow, and daughter, Amanda. They left the area along with other family members just after the war.

SNOW, Capt. William Co. B, 1TN (Carter's)
He was 52 when the war started, but he was a staunch Confederate and he formed neighboring farmers into Co. B of the 1TN Cav. (Carter's) at Cleveland, TN, enlisting Aug. 7, 1861. Snow resigned from the army on May 12, 1862 "in consequence of ill health." He is said to have afterwards formed "Snow's Scouts."
Born 1809 in NC, he was the son of Thomas Snow and Elizabeth Hale Curroughs. Thomas Snow died in 1818, but Elizabeth Hale Curroughs was living at Snow Hill in HC when she died in 1860 at the age of 80. William Snow married Emily Monger at Knox County in 1832 and Mary Waller at Roane Co. in 1835. He was in HC prior to 1840 and had a large farm at the section that came to be known as Snow Hill. Meeting hostility from neighbors after the war, he left Hamilton County in 1865 and died at Tiptonville, Tenn., 1876. [Chatt. Bi-C Clipping file]

SNYDER, William M. 3CSA Cav.
Born Decatur, TN, 1850, and enl. 1864 in 3CSA Cav. Dentist in Spring City before coming to Chatt. where he died Feb. 22, 1936. Baptist. Mason. [CT Feb. 23.36]

SPECKLE, Edward Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born c1832 and was a butcher at Chatt. prior to and after the war. He was from France and his wife, Christiana, from Wurtemburg, Germany. A gray mare was shot from under him at Rowena, Ky., on Nov. 27, 1861. He reported the mare's value at $250. Sick at Chatt., July 5, 1862. Deserted July 9, 1862.

Detailed by CSA to superintend mines at Tennessee Island, AL

SPENCER, Webb Co. A, 2TN Cav. Bn.
Died in prison Aug. Sept. 1864

SPICER, Benjamin F. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

SPILLER, Lt. Col. Collins C. Co. B, 5TN Cav. Bn.; Co. H, 4TN Cav. (Murray's)
Prior to the war, Spiller was a prosperous farmer in HC. His worth in 1860 is listed at $25,000. He and his wife, Sarah, were natives of VA. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861 at Chatt. In the Kentucky campaign, Capt. Spiller was detached by Gen. George B. Crittenden for scouting duty near the mouth of Yellow Creek. It is said of Capt. Spiller in the Confederate loss at Fishing Creek that "due to his skill and energy may be attributed in a great measure the safety of that division of the army." The company lost all its wagons in that battle that occurred Jan. 19, 1862. Afterwards, Capt. Spiller plead with Confederate authorities for replacements, saying "the only wagon we have is broken down." Later, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. July 13, 1862 in Forrest's attack on Murfreesboro, "our beloved young Captain [Spiller], while leading a charge, was killed." [Yeary, Rems of Boys in Gray, pp. 373-74]

SPRADLING, Andrew A. Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
Born about 1833, he and his wife, Jane, had a farm at Soddy prior to the war. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt.. He fought at Murfreesboro.[1860HC]

SPRADLING, Robert Co. I, 19TN
1903 res. of Chatt.

SPRAY, Thomas M. Co. F, 35TN
Apr. 29, 1861, 1Lt. Chatt. Home Guard

SPRINGER, William Franklin Co. H, 45AL.
Born 1837, Lafayette, AL. Enl. Jan., 1862. Atlanta Camp. Wounded Jonesboro and Franklin and imprisoned Camp Chase at end of war. Employee of U.S. Pipe and Foundry; Policeman in Chatt. c1893. Wife (2) Martha A. Married 1868. Died in Jacksonville, FL.[TP12983;1910HC]

SPRINGFIELD, E. C. Co. B, Hillyer's Railroad Bn.
Born Greenville, SC, 1833. With Georgia State Road (W & A) in Macon when workers organized into a battalion and were sent to meet Stoneman's raid, 1864. Fought at Griswoldville. To TN in 1879. [TP9065]

SPRINGFIELD, Hiram Jackson "Jack" Ord. Sgt., Co. D, 25AL
Born Sept. 15, 1841, Murray Co., GA, son of Solomon Langston and Catherine Bradley Springfield. Moved to AL after war and took active part in Republican Party, becoming state legislator from St. Clair County. To HC when Grant pres. and settled at Tyner's Station. Owned there H. J. Springfield & Bro. merchandising. Served 3 terms as sheriff. County Court. Married (1) Mary C. Masteller (1861), Joicey L. Simpson (1866), Mary E. Franklin. Died Apr. 1, 1906 and buried FH.

SPRINGFIELD, 4Lt. John S. Barry's Btry.
1Lt., HC Home Guard, May 3, 1861; Enl. May 15, 1862 at Chatt.

STAFFORD, Daniel Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861., Knoxville. Detached as orderly to Gen. Marmaduke, Aug. 24, 1862.

STAFFORD, Frederick McKee 4MS
Born Jan. 24, 1842 in Tuscaloosa, AL. Received military training at VMI and entered CSA with Corps of Cadets. Stationed in Richmond three months then sent to Columbus, KY, as drill master of 4MS. Became adjutant of 4MS and captured at Ft. D. and imprisoned 7 months. When exchanged became AAG on Pemberton's staff at Vicksburg. Again captured and when exchanged sent to Gen. Johnston at Dalton who assigned him as staff officer for Gen. C. H. Stevens of SC. Also on staff of W. H. Jackson. Wounded at Franklin and returned home till war over. Married Alice Rix, June 16, 1872 in Keokuak, IA. In 1890 they moved to Chatt. where Stafford engaged in banking and bond business. He died in Chatt. Dec. 9, 1920 and buried in FH. [FHR; CT Dec. 10.20]

STAFFORD, J. Henry Co. D, 37TN
Born 1845 in GA. Enl. Sept. 1.61, Knoxville. Disch. Nov. 24, 1862.

STAFFORD, James Brennan Co. A, 8GA
From Spartanburg, SC. Married Sarah Hammonds (1848, Rome, GA). Enl. at Rome, GA, 1862. ANV. Severely wounded but returned after recovery. Capt. at Wilderness, May 6, 1864 and imprisoned at Elmira, NY. Paroled March 2, 1865. Moved to Chatt., 1890, and died here May 1, 1900. [TWP2872]

STANDIFER, Leroy Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 15, 1861 at Ooltewah; killed during one of shellings of Chatt., June 8, 1862; [2nd source: Mortally wounded at Murfreesboro, Jan. 1, 1863; died in Nashville soon after]; body brought to HC and buried in family cemetery of his father, William Standifer, Sr., two miles from Silverdale. Mother was Mary Moore. Cousin of Leonidas Standifer who was also son of a William. [JW, Feb. 25, 1895; Lindsley, 528; Z.]

STANDIFER, Luke Leonidas Co. F, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born Bledsoe Co. May 9, 1842, he enl. July 8, 1861 in Pikeville in Tulloss Rangers. Perryville, Murfreesboro. Capt. at Big Hill, KY, July 30, 1863; imprisoned at Camp Chase and Fort Delaware. Exchanged and surrendered at Morgantown, NC. Resided since the war in TN and TX. Died May 6, 1931 at King's Pond and buried Mt. Airy Cem.[NBFM2]

STANDIFER, Samuel Co. H, 37TN
Born 1845, son of Leroy and Mary of Zion Hill. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, Morristown. Sick in hosp. and deserted from there May 15, 1863

STANDIFER, W. L. Co. F, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Enl. July 6, 1861 at Knoxville.

STANDIFER, William Isaac
Born, probably in VA, in 1801, son of James and Patsy Standifer of Bledsoe Co. Graduate of Blount College. He was past fighting age, but he was an adherent of the Confederacy. He was visiting with Samuel Williams at the time of the escape of James Andrews of the Andrews Raiders. Standifer helped in his capture. Afterwards, he was a wanted man. He was able to escape from town when friends loaded him in a rowboat with food and put him off in the night at the old wharf at the foot of Market Street. He had first come to Chatt. in 1837 when it was still Ross's Landing. William I. Standifer was pvt. in the Seminole War (Lauderdale's Regt.), and he raised a company (1st TN, 2nd Brigade) to fight in the Mexican War. Mason. Father of CSA Pvt. Leroy Standifer who was killed June 7-8, 1862 at Chatt. [BDTA, 1:692-93]

Born Jan. 28, 1839 in Heard Co., GA. Captured at Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863 and imprisoned at Rock Island where he remained until May, 1865. Living in St. Elmo in 1902.[RI ledger]

Born 1834 in Troup Co., GA. Shoemaker in Ooltewah, 1860. Wife, Mary J. Enl. June, 1862. Shoemaker in Chatt. c1893. [1860 HC Census]

STANLEY, Allen R. Co. F, 59AL
Born Aug. 17, 1837 Robeson Co., NC. Enl. April 7, 1862. Peddler in Chatt., ca. 1905. [TP6925]

STANLEY, John T. Co. I, 13GA Cav.
Born 1846 in Gwinett Co., GA. Gunshot wound broke his right arm at Morristown, TN, Oct. 28, 1864. Capt. and imp. at Camp Douglas, IL. Residing in Hill City in 1903, but moved to Chavies, AL shortly after. [TP5683]

Enl. March 13, 1862 at Tunnel Hill, GA. Car inspector, W&A in Chatt., 1890. [NBFM1]

STEEL (STEELE), Isaac Barry's Btry.
Enl. May 29, 1862 at Chatt.; paroled May 11, 1865
at Meridian, MS.; Res. DeKalb Co., AL

STEEL, John B. Co. F, 2KY
Buried CSA Cem.

STEEL (STEELE), Cpl. Levi Barry's Btry.
Enl. July 14, 1862 at Chatt.; deserted March 10, 1864; took USA oath March 19, 1864; Res. Jackson Co., AL; 5'5", brn.
hr; DK cmplx; gray eyes

STEEN, Samuel Hillyer's Railroad Bn.
Born White Co., TN, 1837. With Govt. Railroad (W&A) when mobilized as infantry bn. to meet Stoneman's raid. Fought at Griswoldville. Paroled at Atlanta at end of war. To TN, 1892. Res. in TN near Rossville, 1907. [TP8886]

STEGALL, Robert Blackwell Co. K, 14GA
Born June 15, 1842, Cartersville, GA, son of Emsly and Sarah Lachen Stegal. Schoolmaster who enl. May 1, 1862. and fought with ANV. Wounded June 26, 1863. RR business after war in Columbus, GA--brakeman, conductor, yardmaster with W&A. To Chatt. in 1879 and lived on McFarland Gap Rd. 50 years. Married 1) Mary Jefferson, 2) Bessie Lowry; Baptist. NBF. Died April 18, 1935 in Chatt. and buried FH.[CT March 2, 1910, April 18, 1935; NBFM6; TCVQ]

STEPHENS, James (Jackson) "Jack" Co. D, 39GA; Co. A, 19TN
Born Trenton, GA, 1832. Baker's Creek, siege of Vicksburg. Paroled at Vicksburg, sent home, never exchanged. Res. Jackson Co., AL, 1899. To TN, 1909. Res. Ridgedale Station. Married (in HC) Eva Harner. Died June 17, 1926 in Chatt., "age 105," and buried CSA Cem.[TWP, 263; CT June 18, 1926]

STEPHENS, N. Henry Co. F, 2SC Rifles
Born Aug. 10, 1845, Anderson Co., SC. Enl. Aug., '63. Wounded at Ft. Harrison, Oct., '64. Paroled at Appomattox. To TN 1883. Res. Ridgedale, 1909. Groceryman res. on Douglas St. with wife Georgia. Married 1870. [TP11329; 1910HC]

Enl. Aug. 28, 1861, Knoxville. Sick in hosp., Cumberland City, TN, Feb.

STEPHENSON, Samuel F. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. Aug. 28, 1861., Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Morton. Sick in hosp., Jackson, MS, Sept. 26, 1862. Deserted at Dalton, Feb. 14, 1864 and took USA oath. res. Jackson Co., AL.

STEVENSON, Benjamin F. Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born Whitfield Co., GA. Enl. Dec., 1861: Shiloh, Chickamauga, Knoxville, Atlanta Camp. Deserted July 5, 1864 at Atlanta. Carpenter. Res. Chatt. 1912.[TP 13,451]

STEWART, Alexander Harvey Co. B, 6GA
Born Rising Fawn, GA, Dec. 31, 1840. Enl. at Trenton, May 20, 1861. Wounded 1863 at Ft. Sumter and again by bushwacker. Married Theresa Wood (1877). Moved to Chatt. April, 1910 and res. on Cherry St. Indigent, left arm atrophied from shoulder to elbow. Lived later years in St. Elmo where he died April 16, 1919. [TP3232]

STEWART, Lt. Gen. Alexander Peter
Known to his soldiers as "Old Straight," he lived in Chatt. for a number of years after the war. A statue to his memory was erected at the grounds of the HC Courthouse. It was unveiled April 22, 1913, as a gift of the A. P. Stewart Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The sculptor was Mollie Kavanaugh. One of the speakers, Lapsley G. Walker, referred to Gen. Stewart as "a man with no guile in his heart, but with the courage of a lion."
Born in 1821, he taught mathematics at West Point and resigned in 1845 to teach at Cumberland University and the University of Nashville. With the outbreak of the war, he was commissioned a major and commanded artillery at Columbus, Ky. His appointment as brigadier general came Nov. 8, 1861. He led a Brigade at Shiloh and in the Kentucky campaign. He fought not only at Perryville but, Stones River, the battles around Chatt. and throughout the Atlanta campaign, rising to division command. He was promoted major general on June 5, 1863, then, after the death of Gen. Leonidas Polk, was named lieutenant general on June 23, 1864. He commanded the Army of Tennessee in North Carolina at the time of the surrender. Following the war he again taught at Cumberland University and he was in the insurance business. He also served as chancellor of the University of Mississippi. He was a park commissioner of Chickamauga and Chatt. National Military Park. He died Aug. 30, 1908 in Biloxi, MS and is buried in St. Louis.

STEWART, Charles Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; died Dec. 1, 1861 at hospital in Knoxville. [Lindsley, 528]

STEWART, George Henry 23Bn. GA Home Guards
To Chatt. 1911. Res. 4217 Dodds Ave. Died Jan. 26, 1937 and buried Greenwood Cem. [CT Jan. 27, 1937]

Member NBFC, April, 1907; connected with Chatt. Evening News.

STEWART, James 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. in HC Sept. 12, 1862. He deserted June 21, 1863.

STEWART, JAMES A. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. in HC Sept. 19, 1862. He was killed in action at Dover (Ft. Donelson) Feb. 3, 1863.

STEWART, John H. 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1841. Enl. Aug. 28, 1861 in Knoxville. Captured Dec. 16, 1864 at Nashville and imprisoned at Camp Douglas. Enl. 5USA Vols, April 18, 1865. 1870 res. Bradley Co. [Henderson1:113]

STEWART, Robert C. Co. F, 35th TN
Enl. Jan. 1, 1863 in Co. F, 35TN at Chatt.;
captured at Ingoe's Ferry, Nov. 26, 1863 and imprisoned at Rock Island. Enl. in USN and sent to rendezvous Jan. 25, 1864.[CSR; RI ledger]

STEWART, William K. Co. L, 36th TN; Co. L, 35TN
Enl.Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transferred to Co. F, 35TN; fought at Murfreesboro; wounded in hand at Chickamauga.

STIFF, John C.
Born in Dallas, TN, Dec. 15, 1839, he spent his younger life in Lafayette, GA. After serving in the CSA he located in Chatt. in 1865 and became a partner of G. H. Jarnigan in a mercantile business. He died at his home on Lookout Mt. March 14, 1894. [CTS] [CSA photo in CTS]

STINGELL, R. H. Co. C, 21VA.
Born Dec. June 1840 in Lee Co., VA. Enl. March 25, 1862 in Wytheville, VA in an artillery company, then in 21VA. Captured at Moorefield, VA and imprisoned at Camp Chase. Blacksmith in East Chatt. in 1900.[NBF Camp applications]

Born 1854, Ga., of SC parents. Blacksmith, 1910, boarding on Market St. [1910HC]

STONE, Francis Irvine Oglethorpe Arty, 12 GA Bn.
Born June 6, 1844 near Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA. Enl. April, 1862 in Augusta, GA in 12GA Bn., then Oglethorpe Btry. Served summer, 1862 in front of Buell above Chatt. & in an indep. command above Knoxville. Fall, 1862 transf. to Savannah, remaining 18 months till regt. transf. to Johnston's army in spring, 1864. Participated in all battles of Atlanta Camp. and Hood's TN camp. Made color-bearer for last six months of war and wounded three times in charge on breastworks at Bentonville as Oglethorpes served as infantry. Manufacturer and commission merchant in Chatt. who moved to Atlanta in 1897. Died June 22, 1920, in Auburndale, FL. Resident of Chatt. almost 20 years. [CT June 26, 1920; NBFM2]

STONE, SPENCER C. Co. F, 2nd TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born Sept. 21, 1825 in Delphi, TN, the son of Gen. William N. Stone, he was a successful lawyer in Sequatchie County before the war. He raised a cavalry company known as the Tulloss Rangers (Co. F, 2nd TN Cav.). He lived in Chatt. during the 1870's then moved to Ocala, FL where he died in December, 1905. [CT, Dec. 19, 1905]

STONE, William F. Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born in Virginia about 1815, he was a farmer at Ooltewah prior to the start of the war and enl. on Aug. 11, 1861. He was a farrier for the unit. Stone was arrested on Dec. 8, 1861, for shooting a prisoner taken in a skirmish near Somerset, Ky. Wounded at Fishing Creek, KY.

STOPHEL, David Co. H, 26TN; 63TN
Born c1837. Enl. Oct. 1, 1862, Zollicof, fer. Wounded on picket
June 29, 1864 and died July 17, 1864 at hosp., Forsyth, GA.

STOUT, Charles Co. A, 4TN Cav.
Captured in battle of Somerset, KY; imprisoned at Johnson's Island.

STOUT, Thomas Edmond CSN
Born in Nashville, TN, Jan. 24, 1849. Enl. 3 Feb. 1865 in Richmond, VA and was appt. midshipman, CSN. Aboard CSS Patrick Henry. Served as part of naval brigade as guard of Treasury Dept. and Pres. Davis on retreat from Richmond. Command disbanded at Wash. GA and paroled at Atlanta. To TN, March, 1907. Southern Express agent in Chatt. Died Aug. 31, 1920 in Atlanta and buried there. [CT Sept. 1, 1920; NBFM2; TP15373]

STRADLEY, W. W. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Sick in hosp., Cumberland City, Feb., 1862. Absent in Howard's Bn., AL Cav., Dec. 31, 1862.

STRATTON, John M. Co. F, 35TN
Died April, 1863; [Lindsley] Killed in action [Z]
STREAKER, J. E. 4TN Cav. Bn. (Ragsdale's)
Res. HC, 1908 [TP 10,470]

STRICKLAND, George W. Co. E, 19AL
Born Cherokee Co., GA, 1836. Enl. Aug., 1861. Disch. June, 1862, disability. To TN, 1867. Res. Sale Creek, 1907, 1910. [TP9218; 1910HC]

STROTHER, George E. Co. A, 19TN; Co. H, Cons. 3TN
Enl. June, 1861. He was at Yandell Hospital at Columbus, MS, in May, 1862. From there he was sent to a hospital in Atlanta. Joined Co. H, Cons. 3TN, Apr. 9, 1865. Paroled at Greensboro, N.C., May 1, 1865.

STUART, Nathan
Died on double quick march to Nashville (there is a Nathaniel Stewert, age 21, in 1860 census)

STUART, Thomas A. Co. G, 26TN
Enl. Aug. 28.61, Knoxville. Died Nov. 27, 1861 at hosp., Bowling Green.

STUART, W. A. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. Aug. 28, 1861, Knoxville. Absent in 36GA.

STURGIL, Robert Henry Oliver's Btry.; Co. C, 21VA Cav.
Born Dec. 6, 1840 in Lee Co., VA, son of William and Sarah Osborn Sturgil. Boyhood in KY and NC. Enl. at Abington, VA in spring of '61 in J. M. Oliver's Btry. and sent to Wytheville and was in small battle near there. Later in Co. C, 21 VA Cav. Fought at Piedmont, Lynchburg, second battle of Winchester and Frederick City. Captured Moorefield, VA, Aug. 7, 1864 imprisoned Camp Chase. Released March, 1865 in Nashville and "nearly beat to death by a mob of Yankees that didn't like my uniform." Married Mary Ann McKendrie Smith (1870). Blacksmith and in railraod construction work for 19 years and then moved to East Chatt., 1898. Res. VA and TN. To East Chatt., 1898 and employed by Chatt. Implement Co. until 1919. Also U. S. deputy marshal six years. Baptist. Died Nov. 24, 1937 at home on Searle St. and buried CSA Cem.[NBFM3; CT Nov. 25, 1937; TP10375; TCVQ; 1910HC]

SU--SON, R. H.
Born Jan. 1, 1850 in Spartanburg Dist., SC. Enl. in Pendleton, SC, Feb., 1864 in Pendleton Co. Mounted Inf., Russell's Bn. Engaged in guarding mountain passes along the lines of SC and E. TN. "After Johnston's surrender I with several others under Lt. Bartlett struck out for Trans Miss. Dept until finding all hope gone, we returned to our homes." [NBFM2]

SUBLETT, Capt. David L. Co. E, 4TX
Born 1837 in Sublettsville, Powhatan Co., VA. Graduated VMI, 1858. Served as Lt. in US Army in Texas until war began when resigned and became Lt. and ADC to Gen. J. B. Hood, 1862. He served as ordnance officer with Hood in 1863-1864 and chief of ordnance for S.D. Lee with rank of colonel. After war joined US Engineers and came to TN in 1877 to build improvements on the Tennessee River near Knoxville. From 1880-1887 designing and building locks and dams on the Kentucky River. To Chatt. in 1887 where he entered real estate business (Sublett and Carson). Once again entered US Engineer service as assistant to Capt. G.W. Goethals. Returned to Chatt. as civil engineer. Member NBF Camp, 1895. Died at his home in Highland Park, March 24, 1896, and was buried at St. Luke's Church, Sublettsville, VA. Married Mattie Owen in 1871. [CT March 25, 1896; NBFM2]

SUDDATH (Suddreth), Sgt. Frank K. Co. A, 4TN Cav.
Born c1835, he was a clerk for the merchant A.D. Taylor before the war. Enl. June 17, 1861, Knoxville. Disch. June 23, 1862 and sick at home. Re-enl. and capt. Sept. 1, 1862. near Clinton, at Lenoir Station. Imp. Johnson's Island. Released June 12, 1865. Res. listed as Talbottom, GA.

SULLINS, David Chaplain, 19TN
Born near Athens, McMinn Co., TN, July, 1827, son of Nathan and Rebecca Mitchell. Attended Emory & Henry College. Became Meth. preacher and held pastorates at Jonesboro (1852-54), Centenary Church in Chatt., 1857. Married May 3, 1855. Ann Rebecca Blair. Chaplain for 19TN and Quartermaster for brigade and later qm for Breckinridge's Div. Fishing Creek, Shiloh, Baton Rouge. Resigned from army and refugeed to Jonesboro, TN and Wytheville, VA. In Bristol, TN, 1868-80 as head of Sulllins College. Became president of Emory and Henry. Died 1918.[NBFM1]

SULLY, John J.
Lived in Chatt. 48 years, during which time he was engaged in tailoring. Died June 15, 1920, age 85, in Nashville. [CT June 17, 1920]

SUMMERS, Cpl. George P. Co. F, 35TN;
Born in 1836 in Iredell County, NC, he was a laborer in
HC when he enl. Oct. 20, 1862. Severely wounded at Chickamauga, he was sent home to recuperate and was captured; took USA oath Dec. 11, 1863; blue eyes, sandy hair, fair complexion, 5'8" tall.
SUTTON, James Montraville Co. B, 6GA
Born near Trenton, GA, Aug. 24, 1841. Enl. July, 1861 at Yorktown, VA. Wounded at Drewry's Bluff, May, 1864. A fellow soldier, H. H. Moreland, said, "We were all on our knees in front of the enemy. A ball entered the inside of his leg just below the knee and came out the ankle. The bone was shattered and muscle was hanging out. I think it was the ugliest wound I ever saw. He was sent home and was crippled." Returned to Trenton after war and became county office holder. To Chatt. in 1878 where he became an agent for Memphis and Charleston RR; Married Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Carmichael. Died Aug. 4, 1899 at res. on E. 8th St. and buried in Trenton. [NBFM2,7; TWP5206;CT Aug. 5, 1899]

SUTTON, Uriah R. Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Born 1839 in HC, son of Isaac and Elizabeth Sutton. They had a farm at Harrison. His father died at the start of the war. Uriah Sutton enl. at Chatt. on Aug. 11, 1861. He died Feb. 18, 1862. Sutton had never married. He had yellow eyes, light hair and a light complexion and was six feet tall.

Born 1834, TN. 1910 res. Rossville Rd with wife Sarah whom he married in 1860 with four grown daughters and grandchildren. [1910HC]

SWAFFORD, George Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TN
He enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt.. He fought at Murfreesboro. He deserted Sept. 10, 1863, at Tyner's Station. Before the war, he lived on the farm of Sampson Ballard at Harrison. He was born c1843. 1870 farmer at Harrison. [1860HC]

SWAN, J. L. Barry's Battery
Robert J. Woody enl. Oct. 14, 1862. in Barry's Btry. at Knox. as substit. for J. L. Swan.

SWEENEY, George W. 14MS
Black soldier. [TP#129]

SWEETS, Isaac J. Barry's Btry.
Deserted. [Brown's Diary]

SWENNY, F. Barry's Battery

SWETT (SWEAT), John Co. G, 21GA
Born Aug. 28, 1834 in Fulton Co., GA. Enl. April, 1861. Served in ANV under Stonewall Jackson. Wounded twice. Paroled May 8, 1865. Became watchman in Chatt. Died Dec. 24, 1896 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2, 7]

SWICK, Henry M. Co. E, 4GA Cav.(Avery's Squadron, GA Dragoons)
Born c1833, Staunton, Augusta Co., VA. He and three of his brothers came to Chatt. before the war. They were painters. HMS and wife Mary members of 1st Presby. Church, but they moved to Dalton where he enl. May 15, 1862. Sick in the Dalton hosp., Nov., 1863 but rejoined his unit. Mason. Returned to Chatt. and res. at 512 W. 7th St. He died Nov. 10, 1915 in Chatt. and was buried in Dalton.[CT Nov. 12, 1915; JW Swick Fam.]

SWICK, Micajah T. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Staunton, VA. To Chatt. with his 3 brothers: H.M., D. P. and William L. Swick. Married (Jan. 15, 1861) in Chatt. Lizzie P. Fyffe. Enl. Oct. 5, 1862. He had hazel eyes, black hair, a dark complexion and was six feet tall. Became contractor after war. Oldest member of 1st Presby. at his death, Aug. 28, 1911. [CT Aug. 29, 1911; JW Swick Fam.]

SWIFT, R. B. Co. G, 1MS
Born 1843 in Noxubee Co., MS. Enl. at Macon, MS, May, 1861 in 1MS., then Co. G, 1MS Cav. Paroled May 1865. Clerk in Chatt. in 1893. [NBFM2]

SWISHER, Sgt. Elbert W. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1834. AL, son of H. R. and Elizabeth Swisher, natives of Alabama. Prior to the war, the Swishers lived at Zion Hill south of Ooltewah. Enl. along with his younger brother, James H. Swisher, on Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. Both were captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. Paroled Washington, GA, May, 1865. H. R. Swisher was a farmer and minister. 1870 res. near Red Clay, GA, wife Martha. 1870 res. next to Samuel R., 60y, school-teacher. Res. Apison, TN where he died Sept. 30, 1906. [TP8079]

SWISHER, Sgt. James Henegar Co. K, 43TN
Born Jan. 27, 1835 in McMinn Co., son of H.R. and Elizabeth Swisher, he lived all his life in Tennessee. Before the war, he lived at Zion Hill south of Ooltewah. He enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. After being paroled, he was again captured on Sept. 4, 1864, in Green County, TN but exchanged. Res. in Apison, James Co., in 1904

SYLAR, Houston H. Sgt. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's); 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born Jan. 16, 1835 in Roane Co., son Peter H. (from VA) and Sarah Syler (from SC). Farmer at Ooltewah, 1860 with wife Sarah A. Enl. in HC July 14, 1862. He deserted at Shelbyville, Feb. 14, 1863. 1870 res. in HC with wife Martha A. at Ooltewah near his parents.; 1891 unemployed but still living in Ooltewah, now in James Co.[TP494]

TABLER, J. H. Wise's Legion
Born Wytheville, VA. Enl. May, 1861. Railroader in Chatt., 1888. Moved to Paducah, KY in 1902 and died there July 20, 1902.[NBFM2,7]

Born 1841 in HC he enl. in Co. A, 5TN Cav.; Served also in Co. B, 2TN Cav.; Also Osborne's Scouts for Gen. Longstreet. After the war he was arrigned for treason but the charges were dropped. He succeeded in organizing the Acme Kitchen Furniture Co. and was a director of the American Textile and Woolen Co. He married Margaret Queener. He died Aug. 19, 1914 at his home in East Chatt. and was buried in FH. [CT Aug. 20-22, 1914]

TALIAFFERRO, George W. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's).
Born 1843, Tenn. 1910 Res. with wife (2) Eliza J. on 2d St.


TALIAFFERRO, Richard J. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
A bugler with Co. B, he deserted at Bristol, TN, on April 4, 1865, and took the oath of allegiance on April 15, 1865. Fair complected with light hair and blue eyes he was 5'8". Before the war, he lived at Limestone near Ooltewah with wife, Martha J. Born c1836, his residence in 1865 is listed as Blount Co.

TALIAFERRO, W. F. Co. D, 60GA; Co. I, 1GA State Troops; Co. A, 34GA
Born Feb. 8, 1845 in Surry Co., NC. Enl. at Dalton, GA, Sept. 19, 1861 in Co. D, 60GA. Disch. May, 1862 and reenl. Disch. again from Co. I, 1GA State in May, 1863 from Co. A, 34GA. Wounded 3 times at Battle of Missionary Ridge and imprisoned at Rock Isl. Res. Sherman Hts, occup. farmer and dairyman. Wife Jemima G. Baptist. Died Dec. 27, 1916 at residence in East Chatt. and buried Greenwood Cem. [CT Dec. 29, 1916; NBFM2; TP12254; 1910HC]

Born 1837 in TN. Farmer at Ooltewah who enl. Nov. 15, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, and took the oath of allegiance, Dec. 11, 1863. Wife was A. C. Fair complexion, brown hair, black eyes, 6' tall. [1860 HC.]

TALLANT, JAMES 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born 1842 in TN, son of Enoch and Catharine Tallant. Enl. Sept. 23, 1862 in HC Captured near Charleston, TN, Dec. 28, 1863. Imp. Rock Island, IL. Exch. Jan. 17, 1864. [1860 HC.]

TALLANT, John Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)

TALLANT, RICHARD 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. in HC Sept. 23, 1862. He was capt. Linden, TN, May 12, 1863 and exch. June 12, 1863.

TALLEY, Benjamin D. Co. H, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1838 in TN, son of Robert and Rachel of Ooltewah

TALLY, Floyd Co. A, 5TN Cav. (McKenzie's)
Born GA, 1836, son of Stephen and Eliza Talley. To HC from Gordon Co. GA before war with half-brothers Wm. B. and Berry. 1860 farm laborer in hh of J. B. Peters in Ooltewah. Enl. Aug. 24 at Camp Cummings. By end of Feb., 1863, had been mounted 164 days and due $50 bounty. Listed as AWOL 1864. Married Nancy Jane Shull, 1870. She died 1896. Res. 1910 in hh of son-in-law Mike Stewart. He died 1912 and buried Concord Baptist Church Cem. [1910HC]

TALLY, William B. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1818, Laurens Co., SC, son of Stephen and Polly Pool Talley. Family moved to Gordon Co., GA, 1832, and he and two brothers moved to HC c1856. Talley Rd. in Brainerd named for family and old home still stands at 4212 Howell Rd. Served in Creek War and assisted in Indian removal. His horse was killed by the enemy Dec. 30, 1862. Carpenter in Chatt. before and after war. [1860,1870 HC Censuses]

TANKESLEY, Major Rufus Miller Co. D, 37TN
Born June 10, 1836 in Dandridge, TN, son of Reuben and Sarah Emmeline Miller Tankesley, he moved to Chatt. with his parents in 1852 and worked as a clerk. He was known as an Union man prior to the war, however he enl. in Co. D, 37TN. He became ill in Aug., 1862 and was furloughed to the CSA Army Hosp. at Catoosa Springs near Ringgold, GA. Though he almost died, he recovered after four months and was given command of the Catoosa Springs facility. He ended his tenure at the hospital on April 30, 1863, and rejoined his unit. At Chickamauga, he rallied on troops after the company's lieutenant colonel was struck down. He fought at Missionary Ridge and throughout the Atlanta campaign. On Dec. 1, 1863, he was promoted to major. At Jonesboro, GA, he was wounded in the side and hospitalized two months. He returned to fight at Franklin and Nashville. He was at the final surrender in North Carolina.
Afterwards, he returned to Chatt. and was general agent for the Southern Express Co. He also served as constable and was Circuit Court clerk. He was in the grocery business, real estate and had a medicine company. His wife was Addie R. Fouts. He died April 18, 1905 in Chatt.[CT, April 19, 1905; Robin Rudd, "City's Rufus Tankesley Survived Civil War Hardship,"]

TANNER, John Q. Co. A, 18GA
Born in Campbell Co. GA, 23 June 1840. Enl. at McDonald, GA, June, 1861. Served in ANV in Wofford's Brigade, Hood's Div. Fought at Seven Pines and Gettysburg. Wounded at Wilderness. Capt. at Sailor's Creek. Merchant in Chatt. Baptist. Died Dec. 17, 1912, at home on Kirby Ave. and buried FH. [CT Dec. 18.12; NBFM2; FHR; TP9356]

TANNER, L. H. Co. A, 18GA
Born Aug. 18, 1832 in Walton, GA. Enl. at Big Shanty, GA June 11, 1861. ANV. Capt. at Cedar Run, VA;, Oct. 18, 1864. Res. of Chatt. in 1895. Merchant and member of Board of Health. Died March 15, 1910 in Stockton, CA and buried FH. [FHR; NBFM2; CT3.22.1910]

TARVER, Benjamin Marcus Co. E, Phillips GA Legion
Born June 20, 1846 in Twiggs Co., GA, he enl. Sept., 1864, in Macon and served in VA. In fighting at White Oak swamp. He was paroled at Greensboro, NC, May 2, 1865. Lived in GA and TN after war. Real Estate. Baptist. Died Oct. 20, 1928 in Selma, AL and buried FH.[NBFM2,8; TP 16,371]

TARWATER, James M. Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, at Knoxville. Capt. near Franklin on Dec. 17, 1864, and imp. Camp Douglas, Ill. Before the war, he lived with his father, David Tarwater, a farm laborer near Chatt.. He was born about 1844. He had a dark complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes and was 5'7'' tall.

TARWATER, William Co. D, 37TN
Born 1842 in TN, son of David. Enl. Nov. 2, 1861, Knoxville. Trans. to Pioneer Service June 26, 1862. Capt. on picket at Big Shanty, June 1, 1864. and imp. Rock Island. Gave res. to USA as Knoxville. [1860HC]

TATE, Elisha Co. I, 26TN 3d Lt.

TATE, Perryman M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Jan. 19, 1863. at Chatt.; daily duty was making oil for harness; capt. Spanish Fort, April 8, 1865; imprisoned Ship Island, MS. [there is a 53-year-old Perryman Tate, farm laborer born in SC, at Tynerville in 1860 HC census)

TAYLOR, A. C. 7TN Cav. Bn. (Lt. Col. James D. Bennett)
Buried CSA Cem.

TAYLOR, Capt. Alfred D. Co. F, 19TN
A prominent merchant at Chatt. for many years prior to the start of the war, he was appointed Sept. 11, 1861, assistant quartermaster and served in the campaign in Mississippi, then was with the unit as it returned to Tennessee. He was elected captain in October, 1864 when the troops were at Eatonton, Ga.
Taylor was known as "Doctor" and he may have been a medical
doctor, perhaps a regimental assistant surgeon. He married
Catherine Glass, daughter of John Glass. She died at the start of
the war. Dr. Taylor resumed business in Chatt. after the
war. He also served as city treasurer and tax collector.

Born Fayetteville, TN. Died Dec., 1914, age 84, and buried in Fayetteville. [CT Dec. 13, 1914]

TAYLOR, J. H. Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Dec. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Listed as deserter,Jan. 5, 1863,

TAYLOR, JAMES Co. A, 5th TN Cav. (McKenzie's)
Enl. Aug. 24, 1861, Camp Cumming. Age 34 on March 11, 1864 roll. Deserted Feb. 24, 1864. Took USA oath at Chatt., Feb. 26, 1864.

TAYLOR, Lt. John R. Co. F, 35Tn
He "served gallantly from the beginning to the end of the war and was never wounded." He enl. in the "volunteer regiment headed by Col. Hill, which later became part of Bragg's army." He took part in the invasion of Kentucky and fought at Cumberland Gap and Chickamauga. He defended Missionary Ridge and was in the Georgia campaign. Taylor was "still wearing the gray when Richmond fell." Born Nov. 20, 1821, in Rutherford Co., NC, he lived on his father's farm and walked a long distance to a log schoolhouse. He made his way to Chatt. in 1844 and followed the trade of carpenter. He resided with the family of Dr. Joseph Reeves and married into that family in 1850. He and his wife had no children, and she died in 1889. After the war, Taylor was in the insurance business, living at 521 Lookout St. He died Jan. 28, 1900 and buried CSA Cem. [CT Jan. 29, 1900; TP1790;NBFM7]

TAYLOR, Thomas Daniel Co. C, Walker's Bn., Thomas NC Legion.
Born June 9, 1844 in Grainger Co., TN and res. Blount Co.; enl. Sept. 29, 1862, Maryville, TN. Capt. at Piedmont, VA, June 5, 1864; imp. Camp Morton, IN; tranf. to Pt. Lookout, MD where exchanged Feb. 28, 1865 and finally paroled June 26, 1865. After war became a tinsmith and grocery clerk at Chatt. Married Julia Ames. Died in FL after 1906. Buried CSA Cem.[NBFM2; TP8320]

TAYLOR, W. L. Co. A, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born Monroe Co., TN, Feb. 17, 1843; cousin of R. L. Taylor. In fight at Big Creek Gap had to wade across creek in ice and snow and developed rheumatism which ended his service. "Too fleshy and large to serve as a soldier. Became "Minister of the Gospel," 1877. Wife was Gertrude. Res. Ooltewah, 1916. [TP15,102]

TEENOR, 1Lt. John A. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's).
Born 1836 in TN. He was on sick furlough in October, 1864. His younger brother, Jacob Teenor, married a daughter of the company captain, William Snow. The Teenors were sons of Eliza Teenor, who had a farm at Long Savannah.

TEMPLE, Sgt. Charles Co. K, 43TN
He enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. His father, Daniel Temple, was a farmer at Harrison and was also superintendent of the Asylum for the Poor. The Temples were originally from North Carolina. Charles Temple was born about 1837.

Born 1820. Clergyman. Exec. Committee, Soldiers Relief Society at Chatt., Aug. 29, 1861. Wife was Mahala. [1860HC]

Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Chatt. Last paid by Capt. Brown, Oct. 31, 1863.

TEMPLETON, John C. Co. A, 19TN
He fought at Missionary Ridge and the Atlanta Campaign, but he was killed July 22, 1864, at the Battle of Atlanta. [Worsham, 129]

TERRELL, Sgt. Cicero W. Co. F, 16GA; Co. G, 42GA
Born Jan. 1, 1834 in Walton Co., GA. Enl. at Monroe, GA, Feb. 1, 1862. Perryville. Captured at Vicksburg, imp. Camp Morton, and parolled. Wounded 4 times: Atlanta Camp., Nashville, Kingston (NC) and Bentonville. To Chatt., July, 1873 as lineman for Western Union Teleg. Co. In Chatt., 1900. Married (1875) Margaret. Christian Church. Died at res. on Cherry St., Dec. 19, 1928 and buried FH. [NBFM2,8; TP12851;1910HC]

TERRELL, William Alexander Co. F, 3VA Cav.
Born 1844, Henrico Co., VA, son of William Alexander and Clarasy Dickinson Terrell. His mother was daughter of William Dickinson of Goochland Co. W. A. Terrell was living in Goochland Co. when he enl. in New Kent Co. in Co. F, 3VA Cav. in June, 1863. He participated in "all the raids, battles, skirmishes, and campaigns of his regiment" until Spotsylvania Court House when he was wounded and captured. He was hospitalized in Washington, then imprisoned at the Old Capitol prison and Elmira, NY. After his release at the time of surrender he returned to VA and became a merchant in Powhatan Co. until 1890 when he moved to Chatt. and became an insurance agent. On Chatt. City Council for 9th Ward in 1905 and was in Tenn. Genl. Assembly, 1911-1913. Democrat. Episcopalian. Married (2) Mary A., 1870. Died at his home on Chamberlain Ave. 25 Jan. 1923 and buried FH. [NBFM2; TP15,316; TCVQ; CT Jan. 26, 1923; Biog Directory of TN Gen'l Assembly,

TERRY, Charles A. Co. I, 19TN
Enl. at Knoxville and proceeded to Camp Cumberland Gap, Va. He died in Vicksburg, August, 1861.[Worsham, 201.]

TERRY, Capt. F. B. Co. A, 17TN
Born Oct. 19, 1839 in Bedford Co., TN, son of R. H. and Elizabeth Terry. Enl. May 16, 1861 at Estill Springs. Elected captain May 16, 1862. Wounded Chickamauga. Became ADC for B.R. Johnson. Capt. May 16, 1864 near Petersburg, VA. Paroled at Ft. Delaware, May 16, 1865. Married Martha Landess (1868). Died at East Lake Aug. 20, 1919 and buried at Griffin, GA. [NBFM2; TP10124; CT Aug. 21.19]

TERRY, John Co. F, 4TN Cav. Bn. (Branner's)
Black soldier, born 1826, Bledsoe Co., slave of Scott Terry of Bledsoe, and was waiter at Painter Hotel in Pikeville. Served with Terry's grandson, Maj. John M. Bridgeman. "I was with General Zollicoffer who was Kild at Fishing Creek." CT article (and photo) about Terry when he was 105 (1931). Res. 10th St., Chatt., 1930. Died August, 1935. James A. Tulloss of Bledsoe gave the men commanded by Capt. John N. Bridgeman their uniforms and they in turn named their unit ("Tulloss Rangers") for him. They received at Big Creek Gap their flag from Miss Finley who accompanied Mr. Tulloss. [TN CSA Pension Applications; TP#255;NBFM10]

THACKER, James Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He was the youngest of three brothers who joined the same company on Oct. 4, 1862. The brothers deserted on May 6, 1863, and were captured at Cowan, TN, on July 23, 1863. He was sent as a prisoner to Louisville, Ky. The son of Joel and Eda Thacker, he was born about 1841. The Thackers lived in Lookout Valley at the start of the war.

THACKER, Solomon Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born 1836 in TN, son of Joel and Eda. Promoted to sergeant, but he resigned that post prior to deserting and being captured at Cowan, TN, on July 23, 1863. He took the USA oath of allegiance. He was born about 1836.

THACKER, William Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born 1839 in TN, son of Joel and Eda. Promoted to corporal, but he resigned that post prior to deserting and being captured at Cowan, TN on July 23, 1863. 1870 res. Wauhathie, wife Lucy. Died May 7, 1914, age 77, at home on Campbell St. and buried FH. [CT May 8, 1914]

THATCH, Samuel G. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Detached to company of Miners and Sappers, Nov. 12, 1861 (CSA Engineeers), Co. A, Pioneer Bn. for work on TN River at Chatt.

THOMAS, A. J. Co. D, 37TN
Born 1825 in TN. Res. Harrison with wife Louiza. Enl. March 27, 1863, Chatt. Conscript. Deserted Catoosa Springs, March 29, 1863.

THOMAS, Archer D. Barry's Btry.
He and his brother, David D., joined Barry's Battery at Chatt. on May 15, 1862. They were sons of William Adam Thomas, a native of Wales who arrived in Chatt. about 1848. The mother was Mary Williams. Archer Thomas became sick during the war and was hospitalized for a lengthy period at Greenville, AL. He returned to action in early 1864, but in September at Atlanta he deserted and took the oath of allegiance on Oct. 26, 1864. He had hazel eyes, light hair, a light complexion and was 5'6" tall. After the war, he resided in Walker Co., Ga. He died in 1915 at the age of 74.

THOMAS, Arthur Reece
Born in Wales, Feb. 4, 1845, one of the sons of William Adam Thomas, he joined the Watts Cadets, an Alabama infantry unit, when he was 19. The Watts Cadets were organized at Montgomery, AL. He was later transf. to a cavalry unit. Finally he was paroled by Federal forces and returned to Chatt. He and his brother, I. W. Thomas, opened a general store on Market Street in 1867. A. R. Thomas served as a second ward alderman at Chatt., was on the school board and was secretary of the city park commission. After I.W. Thomas moved to Oregon, A.R. Thomas became proprietor of the Natural Bridge Hotel on Lookout Mountain. He later resided at St. Elmo and was its first mayor. He was also president of the South Chatt. Business League. Methodist. Mason. His residence was at 4202 St. Elmo Ave. He was married and divorced. He was living with his niece, Mrs. W.S. Weatherford, on Kelley Street in Chatt. when he died March 14, 1935 at the age of 90 and buried FH. [CT March 15.35;NBFM7]

THOMAS, Benjamin F. Co. I, 3TN (Vaughan's)
Born 1842 in AL and brought to TN as child. Enl. 1861. Paroled Washington, GA, May, 1865. Married (1865) Evaline Price. Res. 1907 in East Chatt. 1910 farm laborer[TP9538; 1910HC]

THOMAS, Cpl. David Dyer Barry's Btry.
Another of the sons of William Adam Thomas, he enl. May 15, 1862, at Chatt. He was wounded in the fighting at Resaca and was captured at Spanish Fort, April 8, 1865. Imprisoned at Ship Island, Miss. After the war, he lived at Dry Valley in Walker County, GA, and at Mountain Junction at the south end of St. Elmo. He married Sarah Caroline Williams. Their sons were Randolph William, A. Lawrence, David W. and George. The family had a grocery store on Whiteside (South Broad) Street and resided nearby at 1203 Whiteside.

THOMAS, Iltid W. 2d Co. K, 26TN; 1CSA(GA)
Born in Wales in 1839, son of William A. Thomas, he emigrated to the US in 1849 and settled at Blowing Springs. He enl. July 8, 1861 in Co. G, 26TN at Knoxville; Captured at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imprisoned at Camp Douglas. Evidently exchanged, he won promotions to cpl., Feb. 28, 1863, and sgt., Sept. 16, 1864. Thomas participated in the battles of Murfreesboro, Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, Tunnel Hill, Rocky Face and Atlanta. He was wounded in the latter struggle. At the battle of Franklin, all Thomas' company except 12 were shot down. He took charge of the remaining soldiers and charged the third line of the enemy's breastworks. A ball went through his left arm, shattering the bone. It passed into his body and lodged against the spinal column. This leaden missile was never removed. Captured in this battle, Thomas was hospitalized at Nashville and later imp. at Camp Chase, Ohio, then Point Lookout, Md. He was released June 5, 1865.
After the war, he operated a store on Market Street with his brother, A. R. Thomas. I. W. Thomas in 1876 moved to Medford, Ore., where he accumulated a large estate. His wife was Catherine Anderson, daughter of Congressman Josiah Anderson of Sequatchie Valley, who had been killed at the start of the war. Catherine Anderson Thomas died in Ore. in 1902. Thomas married a second time in 1906. He died in Ore. in January, 1916. [JWilson Thomas family, CNews Jan. 29, 1916]

THOMAS, John Co. H, 1TN Cav.
Born Cumberland Co., TN, 1816, he was wounded at Murfreesboro. In 1891 was living near Sale Creek where he had supported himself by fishing and truck farming since the war. [TP598]

THOMAS, John Jenkins Barry's Battery He enl. along with his brothers in 1862, but resigned after 10 months due to ill health. He was one of the sons of William Adam Thomas. He married Elizabeth Jane Willis, sister of the wife of his brother, David Dyer Thomas. After her death, he married another Willis sister, Georgia Anna. John Jenkins Thomas and his first wife are buried in unmarked graves in the old McFarland Cem. about two miles south of the Rossville, GA Post Office. [United Daughters of the Confederacy application of Mrs. W.S. Weatherford; JWilson Thomas family]

THOMAS, L. M. Co. F, 3TN Mtd. Inf.
Captured Vicksburg. [TP10,686]

THOMAS, Thomas Lafayette Co. B, 31GA
Born Muscogee Co., GA. Enl. Oct. 5, 1861, and was in battles around Richmond, 1863. At Columbus, GA, 1864, he was wounded in left hip. "The top of his hip joint was gone and he could only hobble around with the aid of a cane" afterward. Married (1866) Adaline Bird and died in Chatt., Easter Sunday, 1904. [TWP, 4780]

THOMAS, N. C. Co. C, Phillips Legion, GA Inf.
Born Aug. 5, 1837, Habersham Co., GA. 2Manassas (wounded), Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Knoxville, Wilderness. Capt. Andersonville, GA, May 3, 1865 and paroled. Returned home to Clarksville, GA. To TN 1880. Wife was Rebecca. Carried the mail in North. Chatt. many years. In 1911 res. Signal Mtn. where he died Sept. 11, 1925 and buried Memorial Park. [TP 13,150;CT Sept. 12, 1925]

THOMAS, Nicolis G. Co. A, 2KY Cav.
Born Dec. 9, 1845 in Montgomery Co., TN. Enl. in north AL, Sept., 1864. Paroled May 12, 1865 at Washington, GA. Married (1869) Mildred Amelia Gilmer. Physican. Res-Appison, James Co. where he died Nov. 8, 1909. Buried Clarksville, TN.[CT Nov. 9, 1909; TWP, p. 196; NBFM2]]

THOMPSON, David Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Died "at home near the suck 1862"

THOMPSON, Eriah [Enid] Co. G, 4AL
Born in Rhea Co. Enl. Sept., 1862. Res. Chatt. Farmer, but had moved away by 1893. [NBFM2,7]

THOMPSON, Frank Blevins 5TN Cav.
Born March 14, 1847, Blount Co., TN. To Chatt., 1868. Employed by govt. in TN River work. On commisson which built county bridge across the Tennessee, member of County Court, and for sev. years manager of Chatt. Co., Ltd. Married (1869) Josephine Gurley. Mason. Died at home in Hill City, Aug. 17, 1903 and buried White Oak Cem. [CT Aug. 18, 1903]

THOMPSON, George W. Co. B, 8GA Bn.; Co. F, 39GA
Born Apr. 17, 1842, Cass Co., GA. Enl. July June 1861. Wounded Secessionville, Kennesaw Mtn., Franklin. Paroled at Salisbury, NC, Apr., 1865. Carpenter in Chatt., 1887 but unable to work because of dent in skull and palsied walk from wounds. Died at residence, on Montgomery Ave., August, 29, 1906. [CT Aug. 30.06; NBFM2;TP4062; 1890Vet Census]

THOMPSON, H. W. 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. Nov. 11, 1862, Chatt.. Prom. Sgt. Killed at Peachtree Creek, July 20, 1864.

THOMPSON, Henry B. Co. G, 3AL
Born 1833, Chester Dist., SC, he enl. 1862. 2 Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (wounded in jaw), Gettysburg (wounded in head). To TN in 1884 and 1909 res. Shepherd, "old and needy and very infirm." Res. Bird's Mill Rd., 1910. [TP10769; 1910HC]

THOMPSON, Isaac Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; deserted Aug. 1, 1862.

THOMPSON, J. W. Co. B, 1TN Cav.
He was captured Sept. 23, 1864, at Strasburg, Va. and taken to Point Lookout, Md. He was exchanged on Feb. 17, 1865, at Camp Lee near Richmond.

THOMPSON, Joseph Co. I, 19TN
Born c1836 in TN. At outbreak of the war was a day laborer living at Chatt. with his wife, Lucinda. Enl. May 20, 1861 in Knoxville. He was named to the Roll of Honor for his conspicious bravery at the battle of Murfreesboro. Yet, when he was severly wounded and taken prisoner at Chickamauga, he told Union authorities that he had enl. with the rebels "through false means." At Camp Douglas, IL, he claimed to have been loyal and took the oath of allegiance, and enl. in 6th U.S. Volunteers. [1860HC]

THOMPSON, Joseph M. Co. B, 39NC
Born Macon Co., NC, 1841. Enl. Buncombe Co., age 19. At Chickamauga when musket ball hit his rifle and shattered it wounding him severely in face and chin. Deserted May 12, 1864 and cited as having piloted Federal Officers who were escaping from imprisonment in NC. To TN very soon after war and res. in Chatt., 1905. [TP7726; NC Troops, 10:128]

THOMPSON, Newcomb Frierson Forrest's Escort
Born Dec. 25, 1844 in Bedford Co., TN and enl. at Shelbyville about June, 1863. Paroled at Gainesville, AL, June 10, 1865. Res. Walnut St. in 1888. [NBFM2]

THOMPSON, William H. Co. C, 51VA
Born Franklin Co., VA, 1844. Enl. July, '61. Winchester, New Market (wounded). Imp. Ft. Delaware, released July, '65. [TP11,068]

THORN, Edward D. Co. B, 8GA BN.
Born near Spartanburg, SC, Aug. 18.1845, son of Robert Thorn. Enl. about Christmas, 1861. The unit remained in Charleston until May, 1863 when it went to MS to fight at Jackson. Subsequently he took part in the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin and Nashville. He surrendered at Kingston, GA and soon moved to Chatt. where he became a grocer in Ridgedale. Member of NBF Camp, 1895. He married Candis Wofford. He died June 11, 1911 at Boynton, GA and was buried in CSA Cem.[CT June 12, 1911; NBFM2; CSA Mil. Hist., pp. 748-49]

Presbyterian. Died July 31, 1916, age 77, and buried Silverdale. [CT Aug. 2.16]

THORNTON, John W. Co. B, 3VA
Enl. April, 1863; color bearer. After war was bookkeeper for Betterton, Ford & Co. and officer in Lookout Iron Co. Member of NBF Camp, 1885. Moved away prior to 1893 and died Cape Girardeau, MO.[NBFM1,2,7]

THRAILKILL, Isaac P. Co. B, 36GA (Broyles) Sgt.
Born c1839, Ga. Res, 1910 hh of grandson James Johnson.[1910HC]

THRASHER, Jesse Scaife Co. K, 7GA; Co. A, 64GA
Born Jan. 27, 1845, Fulton Co., GA, at old Adam Poole place, several miles from Atlanta, son of J. J. Thrasher and Margaret Bethuel. Contracted pneumonia following battle of First Manassas and discharged. Returned home and organized Co. A, 64GA, becoming 2Lt., and sent to Fla. Wounded in battle of Olustee. To Petersburg and promoted to capt. following Battle of Crater. Cmdg. regt. in closing days of War. Married (Oct. 8, 1876, Gainesville, GA) Lilly James Wilkes. To TN, 1894. Baptist preacher. Manufacturer of germ Killer in HC, 1910. Res. Hill City but moved to Atlanta where he died June 22, 1927. His son Wilkes became Hamilton County judge.[NBFM2,7; TP9817; TWP10598; 1910HC; CT June 23, 1927]

THURMAN, Cpl. John B. Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Born Feb. 9, 1845 on a farm where South St. Elmo was later located, his family was living in a log cabin on Missionary Ridge in Nov., 1863 which became Bragg's headquarters. Enl. Nov. 15, 1863. Fought at Missionary Ridge and in the Atlanta campaign. After the battle of Jonesboro, his company was sent to MS to bring a drove of cattle to Hood's army at Tuscumbia, AL. He surrendered at Kingston, GA, on May 12, 1865. He married (1871 in HC) Margaret Jane Hamill. A son of Elijah Thurman and Minerva Rice, he had an older brother Monroe Rawlings Thurman who fought with the Union. After the war, JBT had a farm south of Ooltewah. He was a member of the St. Elmo Methodist Episcopal Church South. When he died on Feb. 27, 1933, he was buried in the Thurman family plot at St. Elmo. [JWilson Thurman family; CT Feb. 28.1933; TWP, 305; TCVQ; CSA Mil. Hist., 750-51]

TIDWELL, Capt. William M. Co. B, 6GA
Born March 7, 1832. Married Georgia Anne. Died June 5, 1890 in Chatt. and buried in Citizens Cem. [TWP3477]

TILLERY, Richard C. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Enl. June 17, 18.61, Knoxville. Transf. to 26TN. Capt. Somerset, Ky., March 30, 1863 and sent to City Point, VA for exch. Sept. 13, 1863.

TIMMONS, William Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn. (Branner's);
Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born 1837 in HC, son of Matthew and Rosannah Timmons, who had emigrated from Ireland. The family lived at Tynerville before the war. Enl. Oct. 4, 1862. Joined 4GA Cav. after Fishing Creek disaster. Chickamauga, Miss. Ridge. 1910 res with wife Martha J. (m. 1870) on Roanoke St. Worked at odd jobs. Died Feb. 8, 1924 on W. 38th St. and bured in Ooltewah Cem.[TP10,470; 1910HC; CT 9Feb.1924]

TINKER, Henderson "Henry" Co. H, 21GA; Barry's Btry.
Enl. July 30, 1862 at Chatt.; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS; res. Trenton, GA.

TIPPS, Barny M. Co. D, 37TN
Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Made Drum Major, Oct. 10.61. Also served as 4th and 5th Sgts.

TIPPS, Drummer W. P. Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt.; chief musician; paroled May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.

TIPTON, Andrew H. Co. E, 3CSA (GA) Cav.
Born Walker Co., GA, 1845. Enl. early '63: Philadelphia, TN (wounded), Catlett's Gap, GA. Capt. near Lafayette, GA during Atl. Camp. and imp. Chatt. Wife was Lizzie. To TN 1889. Pension disallowed because no record found. 1913 in Chatt. [TP 13,882]

TIPTON, George Washington Co. C, 60GA
Born Walker Co., GA, 1841. Enl. Sept. 19, 1861. Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Petersburg (wounded). Imp. at Chatt.; released Apr., 1865. To TN from TX, 1914. Sometime carpenter. Wife was Mattie Kleason. 1916 res. East Lake. [TP 15, 039]

TITTLE, George Washington Co. F., 34GA
Born April 30, 1846 in Dade. Res. Wauhatchie, HC, TN. Enl. at Lick Skillet near Atlanta, July 9, 1864. Wounded in siege of Atlanta by cannon ball which broke his left hip. Paroled near Greensboro, NC. April 27, 1865. Married Mary Elizabeth. Died at Wauhatchie, Feb. 21, 1904 and buried in Wauhatchie. [NBFM2]

TODD, Charles M. Co. E, 1AL Cav. (Wheeler's Escort)
Born June 16, 1839 in Laurens Co., SC. Enl. June 13, 1861 at Huntsville. Wounded at Munfordville, KY. Capt. at Shelbyville, TN in 1864. Paroled at Kingston, GA. One time sheriff of Rhea Co. and three times postmaster of Dayton, TN. NBF Camp. Salesman res. Chamberlain Ave. Died in North Chatt. June 27, 1915 and buried CSA Cem.[NBFM7]

TODD, James M. Co. G, 10SC
Buried CSA Cem.

TODD, Lemuel M. Co. G, 10SC
Buried CSA Cem.

TODD, Samuel C. Barry's Btry.
Born c1840, he enl. Sept. 23, 1862, at Chatt.. Suffered loss of fingers on his left hand due to a gunshot wound that occured before October, 1863. He was paroled May 25, 1865, at Selma, Ala. His parents, J. H. and Mary Todd, Virginia natives, farmed in the vicinity of Lookout Mountain. [1860HC]

TOLER, Joseph Marion "Joe" Co. A, 25VA Bn.; Co. E, 4VA
Born Hanover Co., VA, Sept. 25, 1843. Enl. March 1861 and reenl. Jan. 1864. Wounded & capt. Ft. Harrison, Sept. 29, 1864 and imp. Point Lookout where exchanged Nov. 15, '64. To TN, 1872. Carpenter in Chatt., 1891. Member NBF Camp, 1895-96. Res. E. 8th St. Married Katherine Engledow. Died July 12, 1918 on visit to Richmond, VA. Buried FH. [FHR; CT July 13.1918; NBFM2]

TOLLEY, William P. 1Sgt., Co. E, 1TN (Turney's)[NBFM4]

TOMMEY, James W. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Ireland, he was a laborer in Hamilton County who
enl. Oct. 1, 1862 at Chatt. Capt. April 20, 1865 in Macon, GA; gray eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5'6" tall.

TORBITT, S. M. B. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 23, 1862 in HC Became teamster at brigade headquarters.

Born July 31, 1843 in Gordon Co., GA. Enl. in 1861. Paroled Apr. 12, 1865. Market gardener in Chatt., 1890. [NBFM2]

TOWRY, Henry M. 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav. (GA)
Born c1837, son of John and Nancy Towry. Enl. Sept. 23, 1862 in HC "Deserted." Enl. Feb. 12, 1863, at Chatt., by J. L. Hopkins in Co. A, 5TN Cav. Age 25 on March 11, 1864 roll. Deserted Feb. 25, 1864 and took USA oath following day in Chatt.

TOWRY, JOHN K. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Born c1844 in TN, son of George Towry. Enl. Sept. 23, 1862 in HC. Died March 1, 1863 near Shelbyville, TN. He was unmarried at time of death.[CSR]

Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN; fought at Murfreesboro.

TRAVIS, Joseph V. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born c1837, he was a carpenter's apprentice, 1861, in Chatt. with wife Josephine. Enl. 6.17.61, Knoxville. Wounded in action, Aug. 31, 1862, and died of wounds.

TREW, Thomas J. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born in McMinn Co., TN in 1844; enl. at Knoxville; captured at Vicksburg July 4, 1863; wounded, disabled; fair cmplx, light hair; gray eyes; 5'11". Reported KIA, Somerset, Ky., 1862. Res. 1870, McMinn Co.

TRIGG, Guy S. Co. G, 22VA Cav. Orderly Sgt.
Born Wythe Co., VA, Oct. 7, 1845. Enl. 1862 in Wytheville, VA. Real Estate agent in Chatt., 1887. Methodist. Died April 1, 1920 at res. on Georgia Ave. and buried FH. [FHR; CT April 2.20; NBFM1; TP14762]

TROUSDALE, James Henry Co. E, 7TN Cav. Bn.
Born Maury Co., TN. Married (1884 in Maury) Alice Eugenia Lentz. Died 1925 or 1926 in HC. [TWP, 317]

TRUEHEART, William A. Co. A, 46VA
Born Richmond, VA, Dec. 19, 1834. Enl. in Richmond, May 10, 1861. Came to Chatt. in 1887. Saddler. Left Chatt. in 1897 for Fairburn, GA, then to Buford, GA, then to Paducah, KY where he died July 20, 1902. Buried Buford, GA.[NBFM3,7;CT July 21, 1902]

TRUNDLE, Robert T. 4GA Cav.
Born c1845. Died June 9, 1917 at 72 yrs. near Ringgold and buried Bethel Cem.

TRUHART, W. A. Co. A, 46VA
Born in Hanover Co. VA. Enl. May 10, 1861. Honeymaker. Member NBF Camp, 1896. Lived at 427 High St. Died July 20, 1902 in Paducah, KY and buried Buford, GA.[NBFM2]

Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN; fought at Murfreesboro; sent home sick, Jan. 15, 1863, and "has since died."

TRY, M. M. 3TN; 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born Linnville, TN, Aug. 19, 1844. Surrendered with Ashby's Cav. at Charlotte, NC, April, 1865.

TSCHUDY, Matthias Co. I, 19TN
Born 1833 in Switzerland. Railroad laborer res. in Chatt. with wife Mary and infant dau.[1860HC]

TUCKER, George Livingston Barry's Btry.
Born Apr. 24, 1831, son of Joseph and Mary Isbell Tucker. Married (July 18, 1863) Minerva M. Frazier. Enl. Feb. 2, 1864 at Decatur, GA; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS; res-Newnan, GA. Died Dec. 14, 1878 and buried Mynatt (Washington) Cem., Rhea Co.

TUCKER, Gustavus Adolpus Rose
Born Feb. 16,1828, Amherst Co., VA. Univ. of VA. and Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Practiced medicine 30 yrs. Wife was Sally Brown Coleman of Amherst Co. Collector for Times, 1910, and had been for 31 yrs. Died Feb. 10, 1911 in Hill City and buried FH.[1910HC;Lusk;CT Feb. 10, 1911]

TUCKER, J. L. Co. E, 13GA
Born in Randolph Co., GA. Enl. May 16, 1862. Paroled at Appamattox. Bookkeeper in Chatt., 1888. Member NBF Camp, 1896. [NBFM2]

TUCKER, William H. "Bill" Co. C, 60GA
Born Walker Co., GA, c1835. Enl. Sept., 1861: Hilton Head, 7 Days, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Winchester, Mine Run, VA (wounded). Took USA oath, April 19, 1864. Wife was Elizabeth. To TN 1903. 1910 res. hh of son on Rossville Rd. [TP 13,852; 1910HC]

TURNER, Albert J. Co. K, 43TN
Though he was only 15 at the time of the 1860 census, he enl. Dec. 1, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. His parents were William and Charlotte Turner. William Turner was a farm laborer residing at Harrison prior to the war. He was a native of SC. The family moved to HC from GA. [1860HC]

TYE, John Barry's Btry.
Born c1842 in TN. Enl. Oct. 1, 1862. at Knox.; deserted Sept. 1, 1864; captured Sept. 10, 1864 on retreat from Atlanta-Brown Diary; took USA oath Oct. 26, 1864; 5'7"; blue eyes, lt. hr., lt. cmplx.

TYE, William M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Oct. 1, 1862. at Knox.; bugler; deserted Sept. 1, 1864 at Atlanta; Captured Sept. 10, 1864 on retreat from Atlanta-Brown Diary; took USA oath Oct. 26, 1864; 5'9", blue eyes, lt. cmplx., lt. hr.

TYLER, William Thaddeus Co. E, 16MS
Born Tylertown, Pike Co., MS, Nov. 23, 1838. Enl. in Quitman Guards and fought in the ANV from Bull Run to Appomatox, holding ranks including commissary sgt. and captain. To Chatt. in early 1880's. Manager of Magic Food Co. Member NBF Camp, 1895. Baptist. Married (1869) Miss Mary Elizabeth Quin. Moved to Chatt. in 1887. Died Dec. 17, 1918 and buried FH. [FHR; CT Dec. 18.1918; TWP10,113.]

TYMES, A. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Res. Harrison. Enl. Dec. 31, 1863, Chatt. Paroled Apr., 1865.

TYMES (TYMS), George Washington Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Enl. June 11, 1861 at Chatt. Capt. July 31, 1863. Big Hill near Lancaster, KY and imp. Camp Chase and Fort Delaware. At Chimborago Hosp. Oct., 1864, suffering from chronic diarrhea. Given passport to Macon, GA.

TYMES, James Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Enl. June 17, 1861, Knoxville. At Floyd House and Ocmulgee Hosp., Macon, suffering from syphillis, 9, 1863. Sick in hosp. at Augusta, GA, Dec. 4, 1864.


TYNER, James Sevier Co. I, 19TN
Born Feb. 15, 1847 in HC, he was only 15 years old when he enl. in May, 1861. The authorities later found out, and he was discharged July 23, 1862, as being "underage." While with the army, he was a private and was a musician. Following the war he "took up steam-boating" in Nashville where he died July 4, 1935. He married (1902) Georgia Hunter. [TCWVQ 5:2085; Pension applications #13750, 10876; TWP, 310]

TYNER, Capt. John S., who organized the Second Co. K, 1CSA Cav., was an engineer living at Harrison at the start of the war. He was born c1827 and grew up in Macon, GA, the son of Reuben Jackson, a veteran of the Indian Wars, and Obedience Tyner. He was the grandson of Dempsey Tyner, a Revolutionary War veteran. 1860 census shows wife "S.C." and two sons.
Commanded Co. B, Bradshaw's Squadron, Oct. 7, 1862. Actually it was an independent command stationed at Chatt. that fall. Enl. for duration in HC, July 14, 1863. Several months after organizing his command Tyner applied to Gen. Beauregard for an engineering position at Charleston or to "dismount his command" and bring them to Charleston to man a battery. His application was supported by Col. Alfred Colquitt, commanding 6th Georgia, who stated, Tyner "comes with the highest recommendations as an Engineer and a man of integrity and influence."
Apparently unsuccessful, Tyner remained in the west and fought at Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Chickamauga. June 30, 1864 he and his command were detached as "Tyner's Sappers and Miners," becoming in effect the engineering department of Wheeler's Cavalry Corps. Oct. 31, 1864 he was on leave in Troup County, GA, then was assigned to special duty with Gen. J. B. Hood during the invasion of Tennessee, Nov., 1864. He was paroled at Gainesville, AL on May 12, 1865. [CSR; Chatt. Bi-C Clipping file; 1860HC; see also Hunter Nicholson, major and Asst. Chief, Conscript Barracks, personal papers, March 14, 1863, in NARS]

TYNER, William Co. D, 4GA Cav.
He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, but was listed as absent wihout leave the following Feb. 1 and as a deserter in Sept., 1863.

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