United Methodist Conference Draws Hundreds To Chattanooga This Week

  • Monday, April 15, 2024

Nearly 500 women from the southeast region will meet at the Chattanooga Convention Center to elect officers, organize for mission work and discuss how they can help other women and children.
United Women In Faith will host their 2024 Southeastern Jurisdiction Quadrennial Meeting Friday - Sunday.

“The weekend’s focus is on the transformative power of love and the potential to achieve more, be more and change the world through united action,” said Sue Owens, president of The Southeastern Jurisdiction United Women in Faith.

United Women in Faith focuses on advocating for social justice, particularly for the needs of women, children and youth. It calls on other women to participate in social engagement against climate change, and interrupting the school to prison pipeline.

“As women of faith, we are called into action to envision and enact a future where all of God’s people are protected from environmental threat, social injustices and racism,” said Holston Conference United Women In Faith President Donna Mosby, who plans to attend the conference.  

“Considering the Charter for Racial Justice and reflecting on the Racial Justice Timeline of United Women in Faith, fighting racism is at the core of our 155 years legacy," said Donna M. Mosby, president of the Holston Conference United Women in Faith. "Doing the work of United Women in Faith presents challenges related to racism, which can rob individuals of their wholeness and serve as a justification for social, economic, environmental, and political exploitation. Embracing racial and cultural diversity is crucial in this context, as the struggle for justice must be rooted in new attitudes, understandings, and relationships. It is essential that these principles are reflected in the laws, policies, structures and systems, and practices of both church and state to address systemic racism effectively."

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