TDOE Releases 2023-24 3rd And 4th Grade ELA TCAP State-Level Results

  • Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Tennessee Department of Education on Thursday released statewide average 3rd grade and 4th grade results for the ELA portion of the spring 2024 Tennessee Comprehensive Academic Program assessment. Third grade student scores remained steady as 4th grade student scores showed significant improvement, thanks to the nation-leading, comprehensive statewide literacy strategy for Tennessee public schools, said officials. 

"Tennessee's strategic education investments have resulted in significant gains in reading for students across the state," said Governor Bill Lee. "As we continue our work to ensure that all Tennessee students can read at grade level, we remain committed to supporting teachers and empowering families with multiple pathways to achievement so every student can thrive in their academic journey."

On the ELA portion of the spring 2024 TCAP, 3rd grade improvement remained steady with a slight increase to 40.9 percent proficient. Overall, 4th grade students achieved a 2.9 percentage point increase in their proficiency rate to 46.4 percent proficient, demonstrating the year-over-year gains for this cohort of students who reached an historic achievement level last year. Additionally, the fewest number of 4th grade students scored in the “below expectations” proficiency performance level than ever before, meaning more 4th grade students are meeting or are within reach of meeting expectations.

"Due to the hard work of students, teachers, districts, and families, the investments and initiatives to improve literacy rates in Tennessee have resulted in year-after-year gains, thanks to the dedication of Governor Lee and the Tennessee General Assembly,” said Lizzette Reynolds, commissioner of Education. “With the partnership of our districts and schools, we will continue the course to ensure all students are provided with opportunities and resources to be successful readers and learners.”


Statewide Averages of 3rd Grade ELA Performance, 2017-2024

Statewide Averages of 4th Grade ELA Performance, 2017-2024

Solutions to Boost Literacy

Reading is the foundation to all learning, and 3rd grade is a critical milestone. Before 2020, only one-third of 3rd graders in Tennessee had met expectations on the TCAP in ELA. The department’s Reading 360 initiative coupled with other supports have created a comprehensive approach, boosting reading skills for kindergarten through 3rd grade students to read on grade level and empowering them to excel in 4th grade and beyond, said officials.

Governor Lee and the Tennessee General Assembly convened a special legislative session in January 2021 to pass legislation to mitigate learning loss and strengthen Tennessee’s K-3 literacy strategy, including the Tennessee Literacy Success Act and the Tennessee Learning Loss Remediation and Student Acceleration Act, which established early literacy interventions, high-dosage, low-ratio tutoring, and summer learning camps.

Statewide TCAP data shows the positive impact of enhanced ELA academic standards driven by Tennessee teachers that went into effect in 2017 and the emphasis of early literacy supports, propelling the state to reach the highest rates of 3rd and 4th grade ELA proficiency.

Third grade and 4th grade students who may need extra learning supports have multiple pathways available to them. Families can find essential promotion pathways information here and should coordinate with their student’s school to ensure they can make informed decisions about their student’s education.

For additional information about Tennessee’s 3rd and 4th grade learning acceleration strategy, including high-dosage, low-ratio tutoring and summer learning camps, click here.

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