Chattanooga Engineering Firm Celebrates A Decade In Business

Announces New CEO And Local VP

  • Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lamar Dunn & Associates (LD&A) is celebrating its 10th year of business in the Scenic City by announcing a new company president & CEO and promoting a local man as the vice president of its Chattanooga office.

LD&A, a full-service engineering firm with headquarters in Knoxville and offices in Johnson City in addition to Chattanooga, has been in business 30 years serving clients in the Tennessee Valley region and throughout the U.S. and internationally.  Their local office is on Marlin Road in East Brainerd.

During LD&A’s 10 years in Chattanooga and Hamilton County, the company’s most noteworthy project has been the design of the Riverstreet Extension, adjacent to Coolidge Park.  This area featured pervious pavement to reduce runoff, and a rain garden to improve stormwater quality. LD&A has also provided wastewater collection system and pumping station design services to the Chattanooga area and surrounding communities. Currently the company has three projects underway in the region dealing with the rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer systems.

Eddie Wade, a six-year veteran of LD&A’s Chattanooga office, has been promoted to company vice president with responsibility for management of the local office. “My father worked in local government and I have a passion for assisting municipalities with their infrastructure needs," he said. "Chattanooga is a progressive city, focused on its citizens and the environment, and I am excited about LD&A’s dedication to the Chattanooga/Hamilton County area."  

Mr. Wade is a graduate of Auburn University and began his career in the Knoxville office of Lamar Dunn & Associates. 

Jason Brooks has been named the new president and CEO of LD&A. Mr. Brooks joins LD&A after working 15 years for the Knoxville Utilities Board, including serving as the manager of wastewater collection. Mr. Brooks is a professional engineer in Tennessee with a primary focus in water and environmental engineering. He received his BA in Mathematics from Maryville College, his BS/MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and his MBA from Tennessee Tech University.

“We are making a major corporate commitment to Chattanooga and Hamilton County,” said Mr. Brooks. “Our goal is to continue providing exceptional and award winning engineering services to this community by listening to our clients, developing an understanding of their challenges and expectations, and then driving hard to exceed our client’s objectives.” 

Founder Lamar Dunn will continue in a senior management position for the firm and will serve as the chairman of the board for LD&A.  “Our company has a history of assisting our clients with complex problems that require innovative solutions,” said Mr. Dunn.  “Jason brings a client’s perspective to our firm. He is an industry leader, with experience that is relevant to our clients in so many ways.”

Since 1982, when the company began operations with three clients, two of whom remain clients to this day, LD&A has completed projects for approximately 500 clients in a variety of fields.  Through its innovative approaches to its clients’ problems, LD&A has achieved several engineering “firsts,” and it has been honored with numerous distinguished awards.  The company has also worked with clients around the world, including clients in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Korea, Canada, China and Nepal.

A few of LD&A’s award winning achievements include: the first granular activated carbon (GAC) water treatment process, pipe-bursting project, and ultra filtration membrane water system in the State of Tennessee, and the membrane used in the project was the first to be used in America.  Additionally, Dunn has been awarded a patent for treating water in a poultry processing plant.  The company is currently assisting several cities across Tennessee as they deal with Federal and state mandated rehabilitation of their wastewater systems.

Lamar Dunn & Associates is an employee-owned, Civil and Environmental Engineering firm with offices in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Johnson City. The company offers services including water, wastewater, sanitary, civil, process, permitting, storm water, assessments, audits, landfills, wetlands, master planning, program management and operations.  For more information about LD&A, please call 423 855-0400.


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