Moxy Hotel, Naked River Brewing Opening Soon

Thursday, October 18, 2018 - by Gail Perry

The new Moxy Hotel on King Street near South Market that will be opening Nov. 1 received a consumer beer license Thursday at the beer board meeting.


General Manager Dwayne Massengale said this is a brand of Marriott and this hotel is one of seven in the country, the others being in large metropolitan cities. Beer sales will be available in the bar not from room service. The bar and restaurant are open to the public.


The Naked River Brewing Co., 1701 Reggie White Blvd., also plans to open Nov.

1. While several details related to city building and fire codes are being completed, owners of the business applied to the beer board and received a manufacturer’s/distributor license in order to start brewing beer so it will be available when the business opens. They will be back at the next beer board meeting on Nov. 1 to get a consumer / carry-out license for the sale of beer in the bar.


A special celebration, EPB Big Gig will take place Oct. 20 at Miller Park, 928 Market St. Original projections were that 30,000 customers would sign up for the cable service provided by EPB by now, but that number has been greatly surpassed. This event on Saturday will be celebrating signing up 100,000 EPB users. Entertainment will start at 11 a.m. and continue until 4:30 p.m. There will also be a lumberjack demonstration, a cooking demonstration, food, concessions including beer and a Halloween costume contest for dogs and kids. At the Thursday morning meeting of the Chattanooga Beer Board a special events beer permit was approved for the event.  


Two fundraisers for the Tennessee River Gorge Trust were also given special events licenses to sell beer. ChattaJack, a paddleboard and kayak race will be held for the fifth year on Oct. 27. The course is 31 miles long starting at the Market St. Bridge and ending at Hale’s Bar. Beer will be available for participants age 21 and up, at the awards / after party from 6-10 p.m. at Ross Landing Park.


The Barrel Bash on Nov. 3 will also benefit the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. It is being held in collaboration with Chattanooga Whiskey. At their riverfront headquarters at 890 Riverfront Parkway, there will be eight breweries present for whisky and beer sampling along with food trucks. For this first time event, organizers are expecting 1,000 people.


The 10th annual Three Blind Wines will take place at Stratton Hall, 3146 Broad St. on Nov. 16. From 5-11:30 p.m. there will be a food and wine gala with beer also available, along with entertainment. Money raised will support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Davis Wayne’s, 9454 Bradmore Lane, Suite #100, received a consumer beer license at the board meeting on Oct. 5. Antonia Poland, an owner returned to the board on Thursday and got a caterer permit to be able to serve beer at events and parties that will be held off-site.


The Great American Filling Station, 8701 E. Brainerd Rd. was described by owner Robert Schiavo as “a nice friendly local restaurant.” Everything served will be fresh, no canned or frozen food will be used, he said. It will be “making burgers great again.”  He received a beer license and also has an ABC license to sell alcohol. Expectations are to open the restaurant next week.


Sunrise Market, 6506 Bonny Oaks Dr. is a convenience store that received a carry-out beer permit on Thursday. Nirmal S. Patel will take over ownership next week.


The opening of Aldi’s newest location in the Chattanooga area is today at 680 Signal Mountain Road. Attorney Tyler Hand, representing the business came to the beer board meeting applying for a carry-out beer license. Mr. Hand was unable to give the board a land line phone number for the new grocery store, which is required in order to have a beer permit. This left the board unable to issue a beer license on Thursday. Aldi will come to the meeting on Nov. 1 with the application and a phone number.


An application from Raymond Hunter, Jr. for a consumer license to re-open Boo Coe’s Sports Bar & Grill, was discussed. This location is one of the event halls that prompted the city to create a “special gathering permit.” The M-2 zoning that the building is in, does not allow the sale of beer. In the past, it was allowed only because the business had been in consecutive use as a bar and was grandfathered in to allow it. Now the business has been closed for over 100 days and that gap of use has caused a loss of the non-conforming use. The application hearing was passed until the Nov. 1 beer board meeting.


Gary Ball a business and property owner in the Main Street neighborhood and a community leader spoke to the beer board about the former Boo Coe’s. He said that when the event hall was opened, he would receive calls, all through the early morning hours about problems. There were two murders in the parking lot when it was open, he said. At the time, the neighborhood association had discussions with the mayor, the police chief and city attorneys, asking the city of Chattanooga to look into event halls and they established a plan to regulate that type of establishment. He said the two event halls located on Main Street have been magnets for problematic behavior.


Mr. Ball said there have not been problems since they were closed, and he said the perception is that the area is changing.  The business that has now been closed three or four years and his group would like them to stay closed. If the application is heard again, he said that he would bring more neighbors to that meeting.


The Southside Social was found twice in a matter of two months, to have an employee consuming alcohol in the business where they were worked, which is not allowed in the Chattanooga beer code. For the second offense that took place, the bar was given a choice of suspending sales of beer for three days or paying a $1,000 fine. The fine was chosen, yet 14 days later, payment of the fine had not been received. At the time, Assistant City Attorney Keith Reisman told Chattanooga Police Officer John Collins to cite the business and stop sales for three days beginning that day. Since that time, it was found, that payment of  the fine had been mailed to the wrong address, and Mr. Reisman told the board that he had withdrawn the suspension.


Ron Smith, chairman of the beer board announced the resignation of long time beer board member Andre Harriman, due to family matters. He served on the board for seven years, said Mr. Smith and we will miss him and we appreciate what he has done.











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