Say No On $60 Wheel Tax - And Response (3)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
A $60 wheel tax - yet another tax option proposed by liberal Democrat County Commissioner David Sharpe. This time the caveat being a proposal to be voted on by the people. On the surface that sounds fair and reasonable until the new wears off and the taxpayers realize the real and negative impact it would have.
Let's begin with his annual $60 wheel tax proposal for teachers. Why stop there? Why not give cafeteria workers a seven percent increase or even maintenance and janitorial school employees. 
While we're at it don't all government employees deserve raises. Now that would and should be seven percent for each group which now totals by my count a $240 wheel tax. This probably sounds unrealistic until one looks at the record of the commissioner who hasn't met a tax increase he doesn't like.
Hamilton County Commissioners, I cannot urge you strongly enough to dismiss this liberal tax and spend commissioner's proposal outright. He should have proposed a voluntary donation from his white privilege class of friends.
Mr. Sharpe, do all of us a favor and resign. Donate your stay at home daddy salary to the schools.
Ron Ray

* * * 

NO.  NO WAY.  NO HOW.  No wheel tax, no other kind of tax, no tax increase, no amount at all, none.  Not now, not ever.  You were absolutely wrong in your vote for the 34 cents tax increase back in June, and you're seriously wrong on this ridiculous idea now.

As Jeremy Duncan, the kid in the ZITS cartoon once said, there are not enough letters in the word NO to express the NO-ness of my response to your proposal.

You weren't elected to perpetrate this kind of foolishness on the people in District 6, or anywhere else in the county.

Are you unaware that property tax bills are going out right now, and the great majority of that money supposedly goes for the county schools?  Good grief, man, pay attention; we're not made out of money!

Considering the present abysmal state of the schools' operation, morals and morale, which has clearly been brought about by the very folks in charge of running the schools, it is sheer idiocy to ask for more money for anything even remotely related to the schools -- or anything else the county wizards may think desirable, for that matter. 

In case you might have misunderstood me, I'll say it again slowly:  N O   W A Y !

Larry Cloud
Lookout Valley   

* * *

A wheel tax is ludicrous! Mr. Sharp wants the Hamilton County voters to vote on it?  We the voters have spoken out against a property tax to our county commissioners. Has Mr. Sharp not been reading the opinion letters publicized by the Chattanoogan? Is he not aware the citizens are extremely displeased with the lack of good stewardship shown by the superintendent in mishandling the funds of the budget?

I can only imagine this is a political move by Mr. Sharp to superficially demonstrate support for HCDE all the while knowing there will be a resounding defeat of his unpopular proposition. We voters have spoken, a ballot issue is not needed.

HCDE must demonstrate better use of the resources we the taxpayers have already provided. Further funding at this juncture will only grant the superintendent more money to spend while thumbing his nose at the taxpayers (and teachers).

We taxpayers do not have bottomless pockets. A wheel tax, that is not a joke, it is a childish threat from someone who does not want to hold the superintendent accountable. On top of all the financial misappropriation and lack of good judgment the superintendent is now jockeying for an early contract extension. There are far too many areas of concern within the education system for an early extension to even be discussed.

Our county commissioners have heard our voice.

Tom Wheatley
Soddy Daisy

* * *

I am on disability and have two old cars. I can barely afford all my property taxes and all the other taxes that I have to pay. A $60 wheel tax for my cars will almost break me. Why not give the elderly, retired and disabled people some type of break on this. We live on limited incomes and this will take food out of my family's mouths. NO, NO, NO!

Michael Martin

Bravo, Robin Smith

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