Caution Pulling From Side Roads

Friday, November 8, 2019

It's happened on at least two occasions at the intersection of 500 Workman and 4500 block of Wilson Roads. Workman being the main road with drivers having the right of way. Today it happened again. I was at the stop sign waiting for traffic to clear when a large van or SUV turned on its right turn signal at only about three feet as if preparing to turn right onto Wilson Road. Then at the very last minute the vehicle actually sped up and shot right pass me with the driver inside I could see clearly laughing as if it was some kind of sordid joke or game he was playing. His vehicle went barreling straight on down Workman Road heading towards Rossville.

If I hadn't listened to instinct and pulled out thinking he was going to actually turn, the crash would have likely been a deadly one.

Over the years, there have been other accidents at that location. I'm not sure how many. There's also overgrowth at that intersection to the right at what appears to be an abandoned car junkyard which force drivers having to sometimes pull out closer onto Workman just to see around the oncoming traffic heading in the opposite direction towards Central. 

I don't know if this is some new game some drivers are playing or if the person today was just being mean, or perhaps wanting to earn a few bucks for the holidays--but if a game, it's a very dangerous and deadly one. I have a mounted camera inside my car. They're cheap and easy to install. I just want to caution drivers at any similar or same intersecting road to always wait until the vehicle makes a complete turn before pulling out, even if they turn on their turn signal at the last minute. Just wait until you see those wheels actually turning and the turning vehicle has actually made a complete turn in such away that if they change their minds at the last minute they'll actually have to come into the opposite lane and basically make a u-turn, placing them in your lane. 

The first time it happened, at this same location, was not long after a deadly accident happened where I believe an elderly missionary lady was turning out onto a road at another location somewhere in the Chattanooga area, Amnicola(?). Her car was hit and she was killed. After that first encounter I had I've always wondered if that's what may have happened to her? That is, the driver of the other vehicle turned on his/her turn signal giving the impression of turning then at the last minute continue to drive straight.  

Be careful. There are nuts. There are distracted drivers, and then there are just mean, hateful and desperate people looking to make a few bucks at another person's expense. 

Brenda Washington

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