Shocked By Roadside Search - And Response (3)

Friday, July 12, 2019

Good Lord, Jim Hammond must resign now, today. He described these deputies at the press conference as new, but well seasoned, well trained?  

This is not Iraq. Someone high up should go to jail. Do not blame this on the good employees of the HCSO.  This is obviously trained behavior.

In total shock, you white guys think it could not happen to you?

This is bad. I'm in shock. If you are not, we live in different realities.

Brian Wood

* * *

Mr. Wood, I'm more surprised people are finding taking notice than shocked these type injustices are still taking place. They've been going on for quite a number of years now. The only differences are they're being caught on camera. Either by citizens videotaping them or by to cops on body or dash cams. 

I expected to be attacked from outsiders when I first began to speak out over fifteen years ago, but not by some members of the black community who came at me with their claws drawn, and accused me of lying, being a cop hater, crazy, having 'issues', even mocking and laughing at me. That was the greatest disappointment of all. 

For some of us, the problem is, we have to experience the injustice personally before taking action. Or wait til someone from not even connected steps up to the plate. Then the rest of us jump in as if we were out there fighting injustices all along. By then it's too late. 

I'm not even shocked that Sheriff Hammond would defend these two deputies. These types have been defended for decades, by their superiors, I.A., the public, media and DAs. and judges even. 

For sure, Sheriff Hammond already know bad cops who start out bad don't mellow and become good cops over time. They just become more experienced at what they commit, like the serial killers/serial rapists/child molesters, and fine tune their practices and learn to better cover their tracks. They learn to pick their victims wisely. Those they know, out of fear of retaliation, won't speak out and won't be believed if they do. 

You mention Iraq....perhaps insinuating this is a cause/effect of part-time soldiers/full-time cops picked up these practices from how some treated Iraqi/Afghani citizens while deployed. The truth is, this isn't being brought back from Iraq or Afghanistan. It was taken into those and other countries, because it was already going on long before America even went into Iraq or Afghanistan. They may have fine tuned it there, but they certainly didn't learn it there. 

Again, I'm not shocked, or even saddened anymore. It's been going on for so long that after a while, for survival purposes, a person actually can become numb to it all. I watch, and watch and say to myself, I've seen/known of/heard of this many times before. 

Brenda Washington
* * *

This is not anything new. Hamilton County, Red Bank and especially Soddy Daisy do whatever they want to people when they come into contact with them for whatever reason. They literally beat the crap out of people and it's because they think they can do whatever they want to people.

They are the cops, they have no laws to follow and do as they please. They write pep[;e tickets and arrest them daily for stuff they never done and then laugh about it cause they are not going to jail, They don't have to bond out with money they don't have, or get an attorney they can't afford. Their life's not getting  ruined. It's funny to them.

I've been beaten by them, arrested for stuff I never did, don't have a license for traffic offenses that were false but who cares. The cops do what they want around here and it's been happening for years, keeps happening and seems to be getting worse.

People can't even defend themselves or family from police. If you try, then you go to jail for assault on an officer and, no matter if you were in the right, you spend the next 5 to 10 years in jail. The cop that's beating you gets nothing done to him and goes home to his family laughing like he did something.

It's sad. It use to be " to protect and serve " Now it's "harassing, assaulting, putting fear into people, using a badge to do whatever they want to whoever they want." It's truly sad - especially in Soddy Daisy.

Patrick Harlow

* * *

Let me get this straight. A car is stopped for an illegal infraction. From that car, an odor resembling marijuana is emitting from out its window. 
(1) Probable Cause to investigate. 
The passenger admits he has marijuana on him. 
(2) Citation or Arrest can be made. 
**Well trained police know this is a popular statement because the person hopes the search will stop there and not continue and find what their really hiding. Which in this case appears to be cocaine for resale.
(3) Police Handcuff Defendant. 
The police cuff the man and then following proper police procedure, they conduct a search. 
The seasoned police knows a very popular area to hide dope is in the (a) Crotch (b) Butt (c) Breasts. 
It’s obvious the Deputy felt the obstacle and the defendant knew it to because that’s when he started squirming. He also knew it meant he was headed back to years in jail, even told the female that. 
(4) Resisting Police. 
Well the now desperate Def is making it difficult for the police to pull that baggie full of a *WHITE POWDERY SUBSTANCE from his the butt and while thats going on , the driver is tossing the little bags of a *GREEN PLANT LIKE MATERIAL on the ground. 
(5) In Custody / No injuries 
(6) Evidence Obtained. 
(7) Conducting a vehicle stop involving illegal drugs with an unruly , resisting full grown man then removing said drugs from his private place and not having a dressing room available and without no one getting hurt. Priceless. Good job. 
Meanwhile, we’re all tucked away in our homes knowing our warriors are keeping the criminals at bay. Thank You. 

If this is upsetting to you then.....
Drive a legal vehicle. 
Don’t be ingesting an illegal mind altering drug. 
Don’t lie to the police. 
Don’t resist the police. 
And if you really don’t want your butt exposed on the roadside, then don’t keep a butt load of crack cocaine in your, well you get the picture - literally. 

Thank you Mr Sheriff, but yes it is time for retirement. 
Austin, you were a good Cop. Please remember where you came from and what the streets are like. 
Prosecute the idiots in uniform but stand up for your honorable men and women doing that tough job and getting even harder to do. 

That was not an anal search. 

Michael Burns

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