The Adams Family Of Chattanooga

Friday, September 13, 2019 - by Earl Freudenberg and Tom Sneed

George Jones wrote a song one time, "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes". Tom Sneed and myself thought we'd have a little fun and call this the Adams Family of Chattanooga.  Who's gonna fill the shoes of Curtis Adams. 

All of the individuals on this list were good friends of the retired senior commissioner. 

Curtis passed away July 2, 2019.  He was 86. So here we go. 

Curtis loved Southern gospel music.  That job goes to Carl Human. Curtis always said Carl might be a little over qualified.  Curtis admitted Carl was good. 

Curtis had a "love a thon" every year at the Trade Center on Valentine's Day. We've named Marlin Pendergrass to head up that committee. Curtis' favorite gospel singing group was Marlin and the Premiers.  He loved the song, "Press on". 

Curtis had a favorite table at the Epicurean, the round one to the left of the entrance.  He always wanted to sit where he could see everyone that came in. and speak to them.  (Probably asking for their vote). No one better to fill that role than Jon Rector. He'll be assisted by Nancy Alloway, a great friend of the commissioner. 

His dress for success seminars were always sold out.  We tapped Jerry Mathesis for this job. Curtis liked Jerry but couldn't stand it when he wore white socks, especially when he led the singing at Highland Park Baptist Church. WDEF's James Howard was one of Curtis' star students.  Curtis always said Howard was an example of how not to dress.

Curtis led the first song at the Hullander third Sunday night signing at the Hullander Farm.  That job goes to Richard Floyd. Curtis always said Richard is still learning but will eventually make it. We think Richard can handle the task. 

Curtis always wore a black suit.  We don't know how many he had. I really don't know if they were all paid for. His suit was always pressed and his shoes shined.  With a little work his barber Ken Davis will continue in the Adams tradition.  Ken's suits have been a little wrinkled lately.  Ken, you'll have to do better to live up to Curtis' standard.

Curtis drank a lot of coffee when he visited WDOD and WDYN. That job goes to Linda Hullander.  She made it just right for Curtis at the singing, black and strong.  I think Linda's coffee is always a little weak.

Curtis married dozens of couples in his office.  His friend Jeff Greer will continue in the Adams tradition.  Curtis helped the newly weds with their finances. That's the truth. We think Jeff can handle that too. 

Curtis was famous for his one liners.  Many didn't know it but he got all his material from Judge Russell Bean. Never paid him a dime. It was a big task.  We just learned the judge couldn't do it by himself.  The judge sought out help from Ben Cagle and Jerry Pond.  They always thought they were comedians.  We understand why some of Curtis's jokes were corny.  His writers did the best they could.

Television and newspaper, boys is this a tough one.  Curtis never saw a TV camera he didn't like.  David Carroll gets this honor.  Curtis wasn't camera shy and he wouldn't avoid a newspaper photographer either. David has a big task ahead of him but Tom and I feel he is well qualified. David might call Bill Mitchell since he's the senior TV anchor.  Curtis loved David Carroll.

Curtis liked to run and ride his bicycle with famous people, people like Dalton Roberts and Harold Coker.  We had a hard time finding someone that could run as fast as Curtis.  We can't be sure about this. We decided to give this task to his close friend Trustee Bill Hullander.  Bill may have to trim a few pounds. I understand he can't wear some of his big orange running shorts. We don't think Bill will come close to Curtis' speed.  We'll see. 

Public relations, this was a tough one.  Curtis wrote lots of letters.  I've got a drawer full.  You may have some too.  We've tapped Rhonda Thurman.  She'll be assisted by Dr. Tom Hammett.  We see both names on the at least once a week.

We've saved the best for last, marriage counseling.  No one is better qualified than broadcaster, the famous Charlie Nicholson. He was a regular and Curtis' favorite customer. Curtis often said it was very hard but Charlie finally made it. Curtis also taught Charlie how to play golf.  Curtis didn't brag about it. 

On a serious note, one of his favorite individuals was the late Roy McDonald, publisher of the News Free Press.  It was hard to have a conversation with Curtis that he didn't mention, "Mr. Roy." 

Curtis loved John Wilson.  He was so proud when John started and succeeded with the 

Curtis Adams would have loved something like this. All of those named were his close friends.  We miss Curtis so much but know he wouldn't trade places with any of us.  He's enjoying his new home with the Lord, Dot and his two boys.  This makes up the Adams family of Chattanooga. 

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