Local Habitat For Humanity Contributes To Habitat In Haiti

  • Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga has tithed more than $400,000 since 1986, allowing families to stand on their own and build stronger, more stable communities around the globe, said officials. 

Tithing is a part of Habitat for Humanity’s international program where affiliates are encouraged to contribute a portion of their undesignated cash contributions each year to international work with a sister affiliate. These annual contributions are used to better the lives of people living in poor communities. 

“Habitat is dedicated to transforming lives in Chattanooga, but we recognize that there is a tremendous need outside of our city limits,” said Madison Bradford, development and communications manager of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga. “If we are to live out our mission that everyone has a safe, decent, affordable place to call home then tithing is a component of our mission.”

Chattanooga’s local Habitat chapter partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Haiti in order to assist with the overwhelming need of affordable and safe shelter that the country faces. 

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country’s lack of affordable and safe shelter compounds rampant disease and lack of access to safe water, perpetuating a cycle of generational poverty.

“Last year, Habitat Chattanooga tithed $4,000 to Haiti,” said Ms. Bradford. “Prior to the tithing partnership with Haiti, we tithed to countries in Africa.”

Habitat Chattanooga’s tithing has led to the construction of 146 homes to date, and along with other affiliates that tithe to Habitat Haiti, they have helped 60,000 families. 

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