Roy Exum: Pelosi Stalls The Stimulus Bill

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - by Roy Exum
Roy Exum
Roy Exum

One week from today, rents and mortgages and promissory notes will come due all across the United States. Next Wednesday in the first of a new month, and the hands-down winner of this year’s April Fool Hall of Shame is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She has held up a Stimulus Act that hopefully will soon ease the burden on every man, woman and child in our entire nation. Yet this I-could-not-care-less woman has stalled the bill, on her own accord, in order to infuse it with so much left-wing partisan “pork” that candidly has nothing to do with people who are dying. She cares not for those who struggle, but instead has used her unsportsmanlike greed, her insatiable ego, and her evil heart to spread her relentless rancor.

You saw what she did, her immaturity pathetically retarded while tearing up the President’s speech at his last State of the Union address, but to stall desperately need monetary relief to millions of American “for her party” should lead to instant impeachment.

Further, if it were up to me, I would ask for her resignation immediately and, that failing, would find cause for her to work on a COVId-19 crew to finally face reality in its most-basic setting.

This woman’s presence is a personal tragedy so counter-productive her fellow Democrats should bear her shame. Pelosi’s twisted values are all self-centered and her compassion falls woefully short, all self-sacrificial if she can utter the least smear towards Donald Trump. Fifty years from now Trump will have not been forgotten – whether good nor bad is still up to the historians, but Nancy Pelosi, like so many others in life who have attempted to matter but only hastened their tag as a loser, will be remembered 50 years ago in the worst possible way – “Who?”

In short, she is putting our nation’s most urgent needs on standby so she can use her might for Democratic gain. The American people are her pawn, as she is openly using our nation’s most-urgent needs for her wretched political gains. My view of what this Cruella de Vil has ordered is unspeakable, unthinkable, and most un-American. It is certainly not a long reach that by stalling an entire nation in somewhat peril, she is not a patriot but … really, the truth is, in my option, she is evil.

This terrible “public servant,” for example, has inserted in the bill a provision that $35 million of the magnanimous stimulus effort should go to upgrade the Lincoln Center, a performing arts venue, where none but the liberal elite listen to violins, an occasional tenor, but far more, to each other as they grouse and grumble after they are consistently proven to be so stupid. They don’t always know they are stupid but have mastered the ability to deflect the blame to a Republican as if he has acne.

Why have you not gotten stimulus money to help your family? Nancy Pelosi, and anyone who is an avowed Democrat. Remember that on every election day.

The Democratic Party’s bent is undeniable. America just passed the first of many gruesome, but virtually guaranteed, milestones when we exceeded the 500 mark (just jumped to 615) in deaths. As of yesterday at noon, there are 49,619 cases in the U.S. as the virus is still in its early-infant stages, yet the Pelosi-led Congress wants to include in the stimulus bill that our failing labor unions have more concessions at the bargaining table. Are you okay with that? Yes, a bill to help American citizens is being watered down for her grossly-liberal means. It is absolutely preposterous. On March 1, there were three cases in the U.S., all from foreign travel, and in just three weeks we jump to over 50,000. And the Dems want all manner of new gender and racial rules when both of those singular groups are, instead, worried only about getting sick. This minutiae should have no inclusion in the bill.

Rahm Emanuel, the Chief of Staff for Obama before he became Chicago’s mayor and “The Father of Street Shootings,” birthed what is now “Rahm’s Rule.” It dictated in times of extraordinary crisis, the Democratic Party should seize the devious opportunity of putting every possible, idiotic, leftist, and terribly marginal idea as a wish list into the bill because the presentation soon swells to the size of a phone book and none of the loggerheads in Congress take the time to read it. What better a chance to reduce student loans by $10,000 for everyone who got suckered by higher education? “We won’t even charge tuition,” the carnival college presidents laugh and slap your back, knowing the gorilla is going to clobber you with incredible debt on graduation day and you ain’t got a sniff at a job.

In the last scant days, “The Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act,” was so wonderfully sincere and bipartisan at first, but it has evolved to a mincemeat jumble that includes the liberal theme of “The American Coronavirus/Covid-19 Election, Safety, and Security” Act (or, shortened, ‘The ACCESS Act’” The Dems, for example, want to offer the Juvenile Courts $100 million, this to handle the aftermath of 30,000 Chattanooga inner city kids who are still being fed by the schools every day this week, and the next, and the next..

Many of the bill’s 1,119 pages are devoted to state control on voting (that’s a real biggie for the Dems as they will soon be dinosaurs) and heightens hourly pay for many to $15. The Capital Hill reasoning? Please, with $2.5 trillion now on hand, “ … relax, let’s meet the needs found on both sides of the aisle. Let’s be friends,” the Dems will coo as they are heavily criticized by the most liberal press corps that has made “False News” a mockery.

There is hardly an item on Pelosi’s “Christmas-in-March” wish list that has a thing to do with fighting the COVID-19 battle or its ambushed victims. Nothing she added will get you helped in any better way. Its additions aren’t about helping people with next week’s bills, or the unseen fact the Democrats are re-electing Trump by their antagonistic actions. Originally the bill was about the people. It should have been signed last week but the Democrats stalled, if only to heighten its urgency. Every day we watch Trump’s bashers hard at work and each have seen the could-care-less attitudes of the Leftists. The ulterior motive is to make Trump “the bad guy,” and in November the Dems will harshly criticize this last week of pandemonium, when the voters must remember the loathsome Dems created it, and we, the taxpayers, know the truth.

You ask how the Democrats accomplished such a ruse: Darn near perfectly.

The catastrophic coronavirus is something no one saw coming … except for maybe Bill Gates, yet in the still far-away aftermath, this disease will completely alter our political parties as well as every other area of life as we know it. Right now, there are about 275 million of our 330 million total who want to know what’s holding up the help we were promised. It was coming to feed our children, pay the utility bills, and for the granny’s medicine. Short answer – Nancy Pelosi, the most antagonistic Speaker of the House who long ago lost her moral and ethical vow to the American people. There is not any doubt she is the most reviled woman in America and that’s out of a challenging field.

The long answer is the Democratic Party. They do not represent any group who has credence in this country. “Uncle Joe” uses the only saying, “I’m a union man from my a** h*** to my shoe sole,” but today the country, to cop a phrase, “uses computers, proper English, and each real man stands on his own feet.” Biden doesn’t get that. Nationally, anywhere you look or read, the party is in such a disarray the Republicans will feast this election cycle on “low-hanging fruit.”

Yes sir, a change this way is coming. Wash your hands, and pray common sense comes with it.

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