What Is Going On In Minneapolis? - And Response (3)

Saturday, May 30, 2020

What in the name of Hubert Humphrey is going on in Minneapolis, one of the most liberal cities in the country in one of the most liberal states? You want diversity; how about a white governor, a black Muslim as lt. governor, a Jewish mayor, a black police chief and Ilhan Omar, a Somalian, as their U.S. representative. Even one of the cops accused in the police brutality case is oriental. If there is one place one would expect racial harmony it would be the progressive city of Minneapolis.

I have not talked to one white person who is not outraged by the actions of the officers involved. However now all 275,000,000 white people in the country are branded as racist; even Randy Smith is embarrassed to be white. Funny, when a Muslim commits a terrorist act the media can't wait to point out that all Muslims aren't terrorists but just the opposite when an idiotic white person commits a crime.

Meanwhile, the MSM completely ignore the fact that 18 people were murdered in the progressive cities of Baltimore and Chicago over Memorial Day weekend and I would hazard a guess that 90 percent of them were minorities. Or the fact that black people make up 13 percent of the population and commit 40 percent of the murders of which the overwhelming majority are victims of their own race. 

I would suggest that every person of any demographic take a deep breath and let the justice system run its course. The officer has already been charged with 3rd degree murder.

Douglas Jones

* * * 

I humbly suggest to the person that offered his opinion on the riots in Minneapolis in particular that the more helpful posture is to consider “What in the world has happened in my country that riots are the thing turned to in trying to be heard?!!” 

Because you see, quoting MLK, Jr., “Riots are the language of the unheard.”  In order for real and lasting change to occur, white men and women and children need to be willing to look into the reality of a failing justice system that systematically incarcerates young black men for profit and highly disproportionate levels compared to whites. 

Letting the justice system do its job as the writer suggests is continuing to support a system that has over and over again shown its inability to work for the black man.  White America must ask the hard questions about the systematic and institutional racism that still affects this nation like a cancer.  Then we must respond with open ears to the answers that we hear from our black brothers and sisters; no matter how difficult it may be to hear. 

Until we name what is happening by attaching the names of those lost, we cannot work toward unity.  And I suggest that the movement and impetus for change has to come from white America. 

If we do not move, we are responsible for the outcomes;  yes, even the riots.

Todd Rudolph

* * * 

Douglas,on your diversity remark. I think the mother of the young man who murdered Ennis Cosby, son of Bill Cosby, who went back to his friends and allegedly bragged he'd shot him a ____, explained it best. His mother said her son knew nothing about racism before they came to America. People coming from other countries where as a separate racial, ethnic, religious group have been persecuted themselves come to America and sometimes get caught up in the racism, depending upon the environment they're in. 

On the violence that's erupted across the nation: investigators are said to be looking into the possibility of right-wing extremist involvement. It happened quite often in the days of Dr. King and the civil rights movement, where there were paid agitators and those "dedicated to the southern cause" would purposely show up at speaking engagements of Dr. King and civil rights marches to incite violence and create chaos on behalf of staunch segregationists in an effort to sabotage, destroy and make both Dr. King and the movement out to be a violent group and enemy to the nation that needed to be brought down. 

Not long ago a group of protesters in another incident became aware that one of the individuals pretending to be a protester and trying to encourage others to become violent and riot, was actually a cop in plainclothes embedded with them. When exposed, he drew a gun on the protesters. All caught on camera. 

A revisiting of an old strategy and breathing life into it, you might say? 

Peaceful protesters, my advice is to be aware. Be vigilant. Be mindful. Don't fall into an obvious trap and strategy that will do more harm than good to your intentions. 

Brenda Washington 

* * * 

Blacks accusing Whites
Whites accusing Blacks
and every diversity in between whether it be Muslim, Hispanic, LGBT or Asian.

So much anger and hatred is destroying our nation and those who feel most wronged are lashing out in unacceptable ways causing far more harm than good.

If the people they are accusing were not  racist before, they sure will be now.

Parents- you have ONE job- to teach your children to respect every living thing regardless of what they look like or where they come from. They may not always agree but they should be taught how to make a difference in a positive way and hold their heads up proudly while trying.

The current rioters have nothing to be proud of and have done more to promote racism and inequality than to show why it is wrong.

Dignity and peace would be so much more impressive and people would actually listen- why not give it a try.

Because no one is listening now.

We as a nation are disgusted and are not going to stand for such idiocy.

Dawn Devine

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