Trump's Irresponsibility - And Response (2)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The United States is no longer a world leader, and the Republican Party has lost its soul.  Over the years (really going all the way back to the Civil War where two of my great, great-grandfathers were line officers in Mr. Lincoln’s Army), I unapologetically considered myself a true Republican.  I attended Republican rallies (which back in those days were not particularly well attended in the South), but we discussed balancing the budget, minding our own business, a strong defense, expanding the economy, and we were concerned the democrats would steal another election.  I was a true believer.

In my law office, you will see autographed portraits of Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Bush, and oh yes, I even have a portrait of Richard Nixon whom I thought was one of the greatest Geo political strategists in the last 100 years.  I repeat I was a true believer.

Over the years, I have heard the phrase “elections matter”.  I now understand the meaning of this phrase.  Simply stated, in the past three and a half years, under Donald Trump’s presidency, the United States is no longer a world leader, the world is a more dangerous place, we got nothing for this giveaway and the Republican party sits mute.

Every day, under the Trump administration, there is an absolute embarrassment.  I understand when I write “Letters to the Editor”, I am supposed to limit the size of my content; however, let me just hit a few high spots: I could say much more---this being only the tip of the iceberg.

1. Befuddled & Discouraged:  The military and the Pentagon are absolutely befuddled by Trump’s conduct. In the past month, 15 former generals publicly have expressed disapproval or lack of confidence in Trump. I was in the Army once. The thought of bad-mouthing superiors did not happen. Repeatedly, there have been expressions of lack of confidence and questioning his understanding of The Constitution, concerns about his mental stability and most important openly questioning his integrity. Abandoning our Syrian allies was immoral causing the deaths of thousands of faithful allies and solders. There seems to be no plan or vision whatsoever from the United Stated. This should astound every citizen.

2. Department of State:  The Department of State is discouraged and in absolute disarray. I have read the Department of State does not have all jobs filled. America’s allies’ despair as Trump abandons America’s leadership role and nothing was gained. America has no foreign policy.

3. The Economy and the 1.5 Trillion-Dollar Deficit:  For several years, Trump has been talking about the great economy and this is the greatest economy the world has ever known, and he takes all the credit.  This statement is untrue! There is absolutely no mention of the fact that prior to the coronavirus we continued to run a 1.5 trillion-dollar a year deficit.  I have never known of running a giant deficit when the economy is doing well.  It has never been done this way.  When I was young, we went to Republican rallies and talked about how the Democrats were running up such a big deficit.  The Republican Party now says absolutely nothing.

4. Paris Accord:  Trump says climate change is a hoax – I totally disagree.  When every major teaching institution in the entire world that has addressed  the climate issue  says that global warming is a serious problem, not to mention NASA  says it is a problem--- How in the world can reasonable people  ignore these warnings?  The Republican Party says absolutely nothing. We are doing our children a giant disservice. I cannot overstate the risk we are placing on our children.

5. Immigration Problem: The immigration problem is an absolute mess.  There is no happy solution to this issue which has been around for decades.  Many people came to America for safety.  Trump wants to deport children and young adults whose parents brought them to America when they were children.  Many of these children who were brought here by their parents, decades ago, can barely speak their native language if they can speak it at all.  To send them back to some foreign country would be a death sentence.  The Republican Party says absolutely nothing, and the calloused disregard is immoral.  I remind the readers that everybody has a coming to America story.

6. White Collar Districts in America:  The white-collar districts in America are rapidly trending Democratic. Young people, college-educated white women, our former South American constituency are all starting to trend Democratic.

7. Black Vote:  The black, American vote has absolutely become calcified as Democratic.  I know this will come as a great surprise, but many of our black citizens are conservative.  They are not a bunch of potted plants.  The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln. The Republican Party says nothing. The Republican party has lost its soul.

8. Giuliani’s Incoherency – Drunkenness:  Several months ago, Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, comes on National Television making allegations.  Not only was he incoherent, but I thought he was drunk. Andrew Cuomo even looks embarrassed   The Republican Party sits back and says nothing, acting like he is a brilliant lawyer!

9. Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un:  These two men have absolutely pimped the President of the United States in foreign affairs.  The United States of America now has the reputation that we will cut and run and not back our word.  Simply stated (among other embarrassments), that is what our allies think.  I am embarrassed!!  America was the nation that saved the world three times in the last 100 years.  To say the United States has lost its direction and no longer a world leader is an understatement.

10. Trump on TV:  Trump gets on television and referred to himself as “the chosen one”.  One would have thought he confused himself with Abraham, King David, or the Apostle Paul.  If Barack Obama had made such a statement, the Republican Party would have gone bat-shit crazy. As tolerant as my mother was with me, I would have never gotten away with such a sacrilege.

11. America’s Clean Air & Tariffs:  Trump boasted that America has the cleanest air, China will pay tariffs and Mexico will pay for the wall. These statements are preposterous!  The Republican Party sits mute.

12. Divisive:  Trump has a pattern of trying to turn us against one another or against another group, making baseless accusations and engendering divisive hatred of others. He does nothing to try to bring us together. He would rather sow hatred. I am of the opinion, in the long arc of history, this might be Trump’s greatest blunder.

13. CIA & Foreign State Officials Thoughts on Trump: Uniformly, the heads of the CIA and foreign state officials think Trump is crazy, unpredictable, not to mention, dangerous and unstable with no coherent plan.  The Republican Party and our Republican leaders (other than Mitt Romney and the former Senator John McCain) say absolutely nothing. Read John Bolton’s book.  Folks, if only 10 percent of the book is true and the rest total fiction, I shake with fear. I am of the opinion Bolton’s book is not fiction.

14. Impeachment “A Hoax”:  Trump says impeachment was a hoax.  That is simply untrue as a matter of law.  Trump asked a foreign government to criminally investigate a political opponent involving a criminal matter for his own shameless benefit. It is apparent that Trump was tying foreign aid to oppose Russia as part if not all the deal.  Folks, I have been practicing law for 44 years.  I can spot a “shakedown” when I see one.  The impeachment was absolutely no hoax.

15. Speech Regarding John Dingle:  Trump gave a speech and said that John Dingle (deceased), who was a former United States Congressman and Civil Rights Leader, is looking up from Hell.  I was offended. This statement was craven beyond shameless.

16. Speech Bullying Greta Thunderburg:  Trump gave a speech bullying Greta Thunderburg, the little girl expressing concerns about global warming.  I learned a long time ago, you “keep your hands off the children”.  In my opinion, not only was this a lack of class, but if Trump had a brain in his head, he would invite the young lady to the White House.  I learned long ago you keep your hands off the children.

17. Interference with the 2016 Election:  Trump accused Ukraine for interfering with the 2016 election.  He said, “Putin told him” (of all people not to believe).  Not only can you not believe such a statement, but the reality is that every intelligence agency in the United States Government says that “Russia was involved, and they are still involved” in our elections.  The embarrassment is that the Republican Party says absolutely nothing. And by the way, for academic integrity, the Ukrainians have been fighting Russia and the United States has given the Ukrainian government support. 

18. No Moral Character:  Christianity Today, a magazine started by none other than Billy Graham said that Trump should be removed from office indicating no moral character.  The Republican Party says nothing, but, as we all know, the Republican Party is the Christian party.

19. Iranian Disaster:  Trump pulled the United States from the Iranian Nuclear Deal.  Simply stated, the world is a far more dangerous place because of his actions.  Once again, absolutely no Plan B and the Republican Party says nothing! This might turn out to be the most dangerous mistake ever made by a President.

20. The Republican Party:  The Republican Party is no longer the party of principle, but the party of Trump totally robbed of any ideological center.  Howard Baker, George H.W. Bush, Everette Dirksen, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford would turn over in their graves.  The Republican Party says nothing. I believe Trump will damage the Republican Party far beyond what happened after Watergate.

21. Belittling Immigrants:  Trump viciously belittles immigrants.  I gently point out two of Trump’s string of wives are non-American.  I remind each of you, everybody has a “Coming to America” story.

22. Nancy Pelosi:  Nancy Pelosi absolutely rubbed Trump’s nose in the mud, particularly when she said, “All roads lead to Putin”.  Since 1945, the Republican Party is the party that stood up against Russia.  Nothing has benefited world stability and benefited this country more than standing up against Russia for the past 75 years. The Republican Party says absolutely nothing (except for Mitt Romney and the late John McCain!)  I cannot help but suspect (and I believe) Russia has something on Trump.

23. Lies, Accusations, Bullying, etc.: Trump has issued a long string of outright lies, mischaracterizations, bullying, and smears.  He starts off accusing Obama of not being an American.  If that doesn’t beat the band, he has accused Senator Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination.  Recently, Trump has accused a CNN reporter for being involved in a murder --- no whopper is too big.  Does the Republican Party or the administration have any shame?

24. Doing Nothing & Blaming Everyone But Himself:  Prior to the coronavirus, the United States was enjoying the fruits of a tremendous economic recovery.  Trump did nothing for infrastructure; did nothing for the 23-trillion-dollar deficit, did nothing about climate change, and blames the coronavirus on everyone but himself. The deficit will go out the ceiling because of the coronavirus. If the deficit is not addressed our children will ultimately live in a Banana Republic.  The Republican Party sits mute!  The Republican Party has lost its soul.

25. The Coronavirus:  Speaking of the coronavirus, clearly in January, February and March 2020, Trump and his administration were “missing in action”.  Now, Trump blames everything on his predecessors (not to mention Hillary Clinton) and says he was not warned.  I can say with absolute certainty Trump was warned.  When Graham Swafford, from Jasper, Tennessee, knows about the potential for viruses, don’t say there was no warning. The coronavirus has been a complete disaster, and Trump has lied about and mishandled everything.  I repeat everything! By the way, poor Hillary is blamed on so much I have almost become sympathetic.

26. Trump’s Previous Secretary:  Trump’s previous press secretary never had a press conference.  Why doesn’t the Republican Party explain no press conferences. If Obama gave no press conferences, the Republican Party would have gone apoplectic.

27. The Verge of War:  Last Summer, the United States was on the verge of a war with Iran.  The Republican Party says absolutely nothing! In my opinion we don’t know how close we came.

28. Lies vs. Truth:  Trump would rather tell a lie even when the truth helps him.  A few months ago, the United States droned/killed an Iranian general.  Trump had absolutely no proof of a clear and imminent danger which is required for an American President to go out and assassinate some individual.  Here is the tragedy:  The general that was killed (Qasem Soleimani) was a murderous thug that had killed Americans before and was planning additional mischief.  All Trump had to say was that he had a murderous thug in his crosshairs, the guy was planning to kill additional American servicemen and he unapologetically pulled the trigger, there being no time to get Congressional approval.  America, not to mention most of the world, would have applauded his character.   There was no need to lie.

29. Michael Flynn:  Here is another unforgettable friend of Trump.  Remember Michael Flynn?  The guy that stood up at the last Republican convention and referring to Hillary, screamed “Lock her up”?  At the time Flynn made these comments, I knew “this will come back to haunt him” and it sure did.  Flynn went on to become the National Security Advisor for a few days and then gets indicted for lies about his contacts with (yes you guessed it) Trump’s friend, Russia.  Michael Flynn then pleads guilty.  Then, out of the wild blue, the Department of Justice dismissed the charges. Folks, he had already plead guilty! This gets more unbelievable. Twenty-five hundred former United States’ attorneys signed a petition of disapproval.  Over the years, I have practiced criminal law in the United States Federal Court. I did well in law school.  I have never even heard of dismissing a case in either state or federal courts after someone has already entered a guilty plea.  I repeat never.

30. Roger Stone:  If all of this doesn’t beat the band, Trump has a buddy named Roger Stone who was convicted of perjury by a jury. I repeat by a jury. The United States Attorneys filed a sentencing brief which is pretty much standard operating procedure and then the Trump Administration got involved in trying to get the sentence reduced.  All the United States district attorneys involved in the case simply resigned (they quit their jobs) as U.S. Attorneys in indignation and contempt for the unheard-of interference. I have never heard of quitting such a job.  Now, tell me why people should not question the uniform administration of criminal justice and equal treatment in America.  The Republican Party says absolutely nothing!  Folks this is a big deal. Equal justice for all is a cornerstone of our democracy.  I cannot express how big a deal this is. And when you watch recent protests ----you don’t need to wonder why some think the United States does not have equal justice.

31. Authority:  Trump stands up in a press conference and says he has complete authority to do pretty much what he wants to do.  Trump has a complete misunderstanding of the United States Constitution.

32. Laughing at the President:  Trump pulls out of the Paris Accord, the World Health Organization, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, for all practical purposes, NATO.  Three months ago, at a NATO conference in Europe the cameras were scanning Justin Trudeau of Canada, Angela Merkel of Germany, the Prime Minister of France, and they were laughing at the President of the United States of America.  For all the boys that went over there in World War II and saved the world, not to mention, saved Europe, you cannot tell me they are not outraged, and the Republican Party says absolutely nothing!!  Folks, the United States of America is no longer a world leader.  Nothing has benefited the stability of the world more than NATO and the fact that the United States of America has been a world leader and stood up against Russia.  I am beyond embarrassed --- I am frightened.

33. World Health Organization: Trump withdrew from the World Health Organization, then cut the United States worldwide staff and ignored the pandemic coronavirus until March 2020.  Why would the United States withdraw from the World Health Organization in the middle of the greatest health crisis since 1918? During the Trump years the United States, for no discernable reason (or benefit whatsoever), has abandoned its leadership position in the world.  Do not tell me the world is not a more dangerous place. The Republican Party is shamelessly mute.

34. Nancy Pelosi: Trump tries to belittle Nancy Pelosi calling her “Nervous Nancy – an inherently dumb person”.  Nancy Pelosi has “cleaned Trumps clock” and continues to “clean Trump’s clock” with predictable regularity.  I am embarrassed by the fact that my Democratic friends have repeatedly asked me “Where is the Republican Party?”  About all I can say is: “Thank God for Nancy!”  The Republican Party is and remains “missing in action”! And by the way, if any of you run into Nancy, tell her she has a great admiring friend in Jasper, Tennessee.

35. Press Conferences: Trump’s staff has tried to keep him from press conferences.  His former third communications director simply did not give press conferences at all.  Last month, Trump gave a press conference and indicated that injecting oneself with a disinfectant or ultraviolet ray might cure the coronavirus.  Not to be outdone, he then says, “Hydroxychloroquine might cure the coronavirus – why not try it. There can be no harm”.  With no medical authority in the entire world, Trump made these reckless not to mention dangerous representations. The Republican Party, whom I have supported for over 60 years, says absolutely nothing about such inaccurate, not to mention, dangerous comments!  There is no medical source in the world that would even remotely support such a suggestion that “injecting oneself with Lysol might solve the problem”.  And again, the Republican Party says absolutely nothing!

36. Medical Care:  At one time Trump announced that America will have “a beautiful medical plan”.  There is no health care plan on the horizon and quite frankly he never had a plan.  Then last week the Trump Administration filed suit in Federal Court to do away with Obama Care, which would take 20 million people off medical benefits in the middle of a health crisis.  Would the Republican Party please attempt to explain this??

I could go on and on.  The reality is that every day, there is a “holy cow” embarrassment which will destroy the Republican Party.  A couple of weeks ago, the coronavirus reached record levels.  Over 140,000 people have died.  Over 3 million people have been infected.  Then I read that the Russians put a bounty on American Troops in Afghanistan.  As a former officer in the United States Army, words cannot express my outrage.  I wonder how the parents of a child in a combat infantry platoon in Afghanistan feels when the Commander in Chief allows such to happen and does nothing or sort of pleads ignorance.  If this is not treason beyond a doubt it is malfeasance by any standards in the world.  If a cabinet member or a member of the administration tells the truth, if for no other reason than to avoid  criminal perjury, he subjects himself to being fired (just ask Col Vindman who I point out for academic accuracy was a Purple Heart winner and was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge.)  Simply stated, I could go on forever., I am saddened by the fact that the Republican Party (the Party of Lincoln) has lost its soul saying absolutely nothing  and the United States of America, who has saved the world three times in the last 100 years, is no longer a world leader.  

H. Graham Swafford, Jr.

Marion County, Tn.

* * *

Thank You, Thank You Mr. Swafford for your article. You laid out enough discrepancies in the Trumps administration that maybe someone will finally listen to the facts. I also have tried to get people to see the horrible person this man is in articles I have previously written, maybe not as long as yours, but I tried.

I am amazed at how many people vehemently deny how this egotistical narcissist's ways are wrong and just say "He tells it like it is." It only proves to me that they will go along with anyone if they are a Republican. That's fine, I don't have a problem with the Republican party at all and, like you, I remember how it used to be even in the Reagan years. Sometimes I fear some people would vote for Satan if he was a Republican and just say "maybe he is not as bad of a guy as we thought he was."

I am embarrassed as you are of this president and ashamed at what America looks like now in the world view. Your article has brought to the forefront the things that this man has done that hurts our standing in the world and here at home. But, even with your article new things happen everyday so you can't cover them all unless you just have a daily running commentary. As of today he is pulling 12,000 troops from Germany, a country he says does not pay their share of dues to countries that pay even less. Mr. Putin will be very proud of him to get those mean old troops away from his border.

How's everyone liking the nightly coronavirus briefings where there is no doctor anywhere and even his VP Pence who was put in charge is nowhere to be seen. And, oh yeah, the doctor who he trusts and posted the video of who said we have a cure, no masks needed. All you have to do is take hydroxychloroquine {hard word to spell} and you're cured and to prove it Trump took it for 14 days and he is fine. He never had the coronavirus in the first place but it works according to that doctor. So she is so smart that maybe we should take heed that she says Wiccans can impregnate ladies through an astral path and she has proof. A woman came to her church service and sat on the front row and she knows exactly what seat and began screaming and swelling right there and then and had the baby before the church service was over.

Trump needs to get rid of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx (amateurs) and let this lady lead the task force. I mean he took her advice and it worked for him. 

Clifton W, Duggan

Dayton, Tn.

* * *

As a conservative Republican, I reject Mr. Swaffords absurd opinion and allegations. Period. 

Joey Blevins

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